Facebook Sued for Facilitating Terrorist Murder Plots

Facebook's new Community Standards Department Earlier in the week, I was criticized in some circles for having having the intestinal fortitude to call Facebook a terrorist organization. I received the same criticism when I also labeled Black Lives Matter as a terrorist organization. I stand by these statements and the in the past [...]

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Stanford Study Shows How Clinton Steals Elections

New Stanford electronic voting machine study cites probably fraud in favor of Clinton. The study covered the most recent Democratic primary election results. The fix is in.  A new Stanford study indicated which only use electronic voting machines give Hillary a 9% advance over Sanders in the Democratic Primary. The Stanford study demonstrated that [...]

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When the Election Is Stolen, Snipers Will Be on the Roof to Execute Peaceful Protesters

At the risk of sounding like Karl Marx, the super elite have simply been murdering protesters, around the world as the planet is falling under a de facto state of martial law. The super elite are clearly not serving the needs of the people, they are serving their selfish desires to help themselves to the resources [...]

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See the BS On CBS Where BLM Is Called an Heroic Organization

  The impetus behind the race riots both present and future, George Soros. CBS hails former Nazi collaborator and destroyer of nations, George Soros, and his BLM and Moveon.org as reputable. It is all right here, you will not believe your ears.     Please Donate to The Common Sense Show     [...]

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Dallas-Style False Flag Warning Issued for Shreveport, LA

Contrived race riots, tainted and false mainstream media reports and widespread provocation of violence across our country designed to usher in martial law dominates our lives for the moment. Just when we felt that Hillary might face justice before Congress, the Dallaa shooting and the Soros-inspired race riots have removed Clinton from the headlines as [...]

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The Anatomy of a False Flag Event

  This are article examines three critical aspects of a false flag event and then applies what is known, and typical of a false flag event to the murder of five Dallas police officers earlier in the week. By the way, the above picture strongly suggests that there is a lot more to the official [...]

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The Dallas Tragedy Is the Distraction That Clinton Needed

Here is Soros choice for President. He will see her elected at any cost. The Common Sense Show and its related personnel stand horrified at the tragic events in Dallas as at least five police officers have been assassinated by at least two snipers. Our deepest sympathies and hart-felt prayers go out to [...]

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The Muslim Brotherhood Takeover of the White House as Facilitated by Obama, Clinton and Lois Lerner

The above comment needs no elaboration. This article is not about casting aspersions on Muslims as a whole. It is about calling Muslims, with unmistakable ties to terrorist organizations. It is also about Muslims that have come to America who refuse to assimilate and advocate for Sharia Law over the U.S. Constitution. Lois [...]

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BREAKING: Romanian hacker with access to Clinton emails found dead in jail cell

   The trail of bodies left behind by the Clintons continues to grow to exponential levels. From the Christian Times Christian Times Newspaper has learned that Guccifer, the Romanian hacker currently being held on charges for hacking Hillary Clinton’s personal email server, has been found in his Virginia jail cell, dead of an apparent suicide. Guccifer, [...]

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George Carlin “The American Dream”- Happy Birthday America (strong language)

  This video has been claimed falsely by WMG several times, and I am arguing with Youtube about it's content, but here is a transcript also: "There's a reason education SUCKS, and it's the same reason that it will never, ever, ever be fixed. It's never going to get any better, don't look for it, [...]

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The Globalists Have Revealed How They Will Collapse America

  The world's economic tectonic plates are beginning to shift and soon the worlds economic system will soon come tumbling down. Will you be prepared? Have you converted your soon to be worthless cash into precious metals? For the past several years, the elite (e.g. George Soros) have been running from the dollar. In fact, [...]

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CSS Presents Doug Hagmann with New Hillary Revelations-8pm Eastern

  Doug Hagmann   For the first two hours of the CSS, Doug Hagmann will be Dave's guest. Doug will be presenting new information on the full extent of Hillary Clinton's serial criminality. This is a can't miss interview. Katy Whelan will also be hosting a special one hour segment of the Health [...]

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Patriotic Ex-Special Ops Are Killing Bankers and It Is Going to Accelerate According to Inside Sources

  Old information has become new again. New information points to the fact that ex-Special Ops are responsible for the murder of almost 50 bankers and the new reports say they are working their way up the food chain. Process with me the various theories behind the killing of the bankers, but it all comes [...]

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Expect NWO Assassinations of Pro-Brexit Foreign Leaders and Clinton Opponents

They are the worst Mafia on the face of the Earth. Nobody is safe from their reach. The people who oppose their New World Order do so at their own peril. They will assassinate any leader and even wipe out entire governments. Again, as I have stated on multiple occasions, this is the price the [...]

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A Chemical/Biological Attack Upon America Has Been Planned by the Elite

Ex-federal officials belonging to virtually every alphabet soup agency are continuing to early retire and bug out from their present location. They know what is coming. The ground swell of Trump-led populism will not be tolerated by the criminal elite. Before they forfeit their free trade agreement and the benefits enjoyed by their multi-national corporations, [...]

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