Obama’s 60k Private Army-Will He Make a Move on the White House?

Is Obama Preparing to Lead a Coup Against President Trump? Why Does He Have a Private Army Consisting of Thousands? Why IS He Only a Short Way From the White House? What Is He Really Up To?   Ex-Presidents don't have a large private army, but Obama does. Ex-Presidents don't move just a [...]

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The Deep State Meets Pizzagate – Dave Hodges and Paul Preston Compare Insider Information

  The more child sex trafficking busts that are made (eg Canada, California, Sandusky and Penn State, etc), it is clear that all roads lead to Pizzagate. And as honest Federal officials close in on the ring leaders, it is clear that many people in our government and top corporations are participants.  The CIA is [...]

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Sacramento Is Being Flooded EVEN BEFORE 0ROVILLE DAM BREAKS- Paul Preston Interview

This picture was taken three days ago. Later in the article, you will see how much the water level has increased at this S. Sacramento levee. The pounding of the Oroville Dam area by a series of storms has begun in earnest. Rains are heavy and the stress on the dam is great. Governor Brown [...]

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Trump’s Breaking the CIA Into a 1000 Pieces – Last President to Try Was JFK

We all know the story when JFK was double crossed in the Bay of Pig fiasco and later was being undermined in the Cuban Missile Crisis. The CIA waas JFK's thorn in the side. He vowed to break them into a thousand pieces.  The CIA had the final word as JFK's journey came to an [...]

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Canada’s Pizzagate: Where’s the Media?

Project Spade: The Biggest Scandal In Canadian History   The biggest pedophile scandal in Canadian history has been going on since 2013 and continues to this day. Why, then have you not heard of it??? It is connected to Pizzagate and involves dozens of foreign countries where child-sex-trafficking is rampant. Yet, not a word in [...]

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What Is the Deep State?

Good and bad politicians come and go. However, the Deep State never dies. They serve president after president. and they may even kill one or two of them on the way.  The Deep State runs the country and they are not your friend. Deep State defined:  A body of people, typically influential members of government [...]

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Global Famine Spreading- Paul Martin Interview

I recently interviewed Paul Martin.   There are conditions in Africa which are going to lead a continentl famine and it is spreading into Europe. Food preparation should be the order of the day.  California's agriculture is in a precarious situation as well and could impact the US. Very serious food shortages are looming.  Here [...]

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Occupied FEMA Camps In Santa Ana, CA

    I have written about it before.  There was an emphasis, four years ago, to begin building mobile detention centers. There were funded by the Army and DHS.  This is what we are seeing in Santa Ana.  If you cannot take large numbers of people to prison, bring the prison to them. This is [...]

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What Exactly Are the Soros Gangsters Protesting?

  The Faces of Civil War   Forget the “build the wall” pledge by Donald Trump for just a moment. Everything else he is trying to do benefits the American people, even the most ardent Hillary Clinton supporters.  Even the rank and file, but misguided, members of the Democratic/Communist Party benefit from President Trump’s economic [...]

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Worsening Oroville Dam Crisis: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

Later tonight, the first of 3 major storms will hit the Oroville area. Will the Oroville Dam hold? We collectively pray that it does. During the present crisis and largely due to the fact that Paul Preston and I were among the first to report on this, we have both attracted people, in an offiical [...]

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Is Pence Setting Up Trump for Impeachment?

Recently fired NSA Director Michael Flynn. Is Donald Trump going to get impeached.  I think so.   Flynn and Trump have been isolated with regard to communicating with the Russians, while Obama was still President. Flynn supposedly negotiated with the Russians over the sanctions put on them by Obama. WHAT DID THE PRESIDENT [...]

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The Oroville Dam Crisis Is Not Over- Gov Brown Demonstrates Lack of Concern for Citizen Welfare

The Oroville Dam crisis is a long way from being over. The threat to life and property remains in place regardless of what Gov. Jerry Brown says.   As I reported on 2/14/2017, the National Weather Service is forecasting 7 straight days of rain beginning on February 16th.  This is when the first determination that [...]

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Eye Witness to Failing Oroville Dam Speaks Out

  Is the Sacremento Valley ready?   Can the Federal Government turn this dire situation around?   I just interviewed Paul Preston. Paul is a radio broadcaster on Agenda 21 Radio/Red State Radio and several AM stations Paul Preston has been to the  Oroville Dam and has seen, first hand, the impending disaster. [...]

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Mexican President Trying to Incite Riots In the US with Irresponsible Statements

  Mexican President Nieto issued a deportation warning for Mexican nationals living in the United States. He told them to prepare to be deported. The warning is deceptive and is designed to insight rioting. Trump is deporting felons who are illegal aliens. He is not randomly deporting Mexican nationals. Nieto is trying to panice Mexicans [...]

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Naming Names on Pizzagate-Doug Hagmann and Dave Hodges

I recently interviewed Doug Hagmann about the Pizzagate conspiracy. Doug did something that nobody is doing, he is naming names. In fact, Doug Hagmann has also identified the backgrounds of many of the leaders of the protests and riots across America and almost all of them have convictions, or are being prosecuted, for sex crimes [...]

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