Lyin’ Ted Has Become Dyin’ Ted: However, Trump Just Entered the Danger Zone

Trump may have won the nomination, but his darkest days lie ahead. Listen to Dave Hodges encapsulate the dangers that potentially lie ahead for the GOP Presidential Candidate, Donald Trump in this 7 minute no-holds-barred report.  

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Former ESPN Broadcaster and All-Star Baseball Pitcher, Curt Schilling Will Appear on the Common Sense Show on May 8

Curt Schilling suspended for daring to suggest that we should screen Muslims coming into the country. Curt Schilling fired by ESPN for daring to challenge the right a male to go into the restroom and frighten our daughters, sisters and mothers. Curt Schilling tells his story on The Common Sense Show on May 8, 2016. [...]

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The Planned Starvation of America

  It would appear that Alex Jones and Dave Hodges were serendipitously working on the same story. Someone who knew that I was releasing this story, today, sent me an Alex Jones' interview, yesterday afternoon. The point being is that two journalists with completely different sources,who have never spoken to each other,  are telling the [...]

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Operation Blue Beam Is the Trump Card to Stop Donald’s Run for the Presidency

Card to StopB The current pope is no stranger to the topic of ET's. We are all familiar with the notion of predictive programming which is designed to desensitize the people to coming trends and judge the reaction of the masses. There is a predictive trend going on right now and it involves [...]

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The Chemical Castration of Our Children’s Brains

  In the Vaxxed movie, we have seen how the power establishment not only endangers our children through unproven and dangerous vaccines, the power establishment, as reported to The Common Sense Show by Jon Rappoport, the movie was censored to an extreme degree. Despite the attempts from the criminal elite to maintain their power over [...]

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Goldman Sachs “Bail-in” Plot Designed to Steal Your Bank Account

Bail-outs, Bail-ins, the average consumer has trouble keeping these terms and their meanings straight. Both terms are relatively new on the American economic scene. Here is what these terms mean: "A bail-out is when outside investors rescue a borrower by injecting money to help service a debt. Bail-outs of failing banks in Greece, Portugal and [...]

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Chinese Cyber Attack On Grid Is Imminent Followed by a Chinese Red Dawn Invasion

Many have seen the following video circulating on the Internet. It is accurate, but only tells part of the story. What is coming is far worse than what is coming. The following Q-Alert, published yesterday by Steve Quayle, is highly accurate according to some of my sources. The remainder of this article will be providing [...]

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The Google World Order- Big Brother Google Is Everywhere

"They" will hear us even more clearly thanks to the fact that former Google CEO, now the head of Google's parent company, Alphabet,  Eric Schmidt has been appointed to run Pentagon on surveillance Defense Secretary Ash Carter announced his intention to establish what he’s calling a Defense Innovation Advisory Board, meant to provide advice [...]

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The Criminals Who Support Hillary Clinton

  Would that be for President or for President? In the aftermath of Benghazi combined with Aaron Klein's revelations that some of the illegal Clinton emails were transmitting his location prior to his death, should we not question the wisdom of anyone who would support Clinton's run for the Presidency? And when we [...]

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False Flag Attack Upon the GOP Convention In Cleveland

  Stealing the election from Donald Trump is not the only danger that accompanies the soon-to-be "mistake on the lake" GOP convention. A series of facts and events have coincided to give me great pause as to the potential for a major false flag event this summer at the GOP Convention to be held in [...]

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Fox News States That Trump Should Be the GOP Nominee

  It is clear that the Fox News "B Team" is throwing their support behind Donald Trump. A funny thing happened on the way to writing this morning's article, a monumental shift in Fox News coverage has occurred with regard to their treatment of Trump and his campaign. As I was watching Fox [...]

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Is Yellowstone a False-Flag, Extinction-Level-Event?

  In 2014 and again recently, I published geological findings which sheds light on why we should be concerned about Yellowstone erupting. In the past several months I have been receiving reports from many sources that claim that there is a false flag potential which could lead to an extinction level event. below are two letters, [...]

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Economic Collapse Is Only the First of Seven Steps on the Way to Total Subjugation

  Secret banker/government  meetings, UWEX 16 Civil War drills, the growth of foreign troops on American soil, do not represent the end game of the criminal elite. the stealing of the election from Trump is not an end game, it is a big step towards the criminal elite's final goal which is a 90% population [...]

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Genocide In the Gulf: Expected Lifespan of Children Reduced by 25%-Evacuate Now!

"We have it under control". Next week marks the sixth anniversary of the “Great Gulf Coast Holocaust”. The media would have you believe it is over. It is not! I guarantee that I am the only writer who is publishing a story on this subject. However, it is difficult to believe based upon the [...]

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Obama and Yellen Are Planning to Implement Debtor Prisons/FEMA Camps

We are living in a time when nearly every important banker and senior finance minister will/has been meeting in Washington, D.C., this week. The Federal Reserve in is an absolute state of panic. I have just found out that the Federal Reserve met secretly with Obama at the Pentagon and members of the Joint Chiefs. Vice-President [...]

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