Very Concerning: More Predictive Programming From Designated Survivor

You won't believe what is playing on this show.   Believe me, I only watch the show for the predictive programming aspect. This show is championing the Cliinton/Obama agenda to a large extent and they are doing it in sheep's clothing. ' Here is what they are up and one can only where they [...]

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North Korea’s 3 Deadman Switches-Are We Ready?

to protect the grid from an EMP attack? North Korea has the ability to bring down holy hell on our country. There is no question that NK can be destroyed by the might of the US military, however, their ability to carry out assymetrical warfare is beyond compare to other rogue, terrorist leaning [...]

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Look Out Below- Oroville Dam Spring Run-Off Begins- 2 Million In Danger- Paul Preston Interview

    Major breaking story at the Oroville Dam. There are number of formidable challenges facing the Oroville Dam. First and foremost, the spring runoff has started and unless there is an usually dry spring, the dam is in very big trouble. Paul Preston is recommending that people evacuate for the next 2 months.  The [...]

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NYT Supports ISIS As An Instrument of US Foreign Policy

    The New York Times (NYT) is living proof that in the mainstream media, investigative journalism is dead and propaganda is King. You will not believe what the NYT said we should do with out foreign policy. They are advocating for the use of this kind of proxy forces....    The NYT can stand [...]

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The Number One Heinous Crime In America

  There is no more of a heinous crime than child sex trafficking.  From what I have observed, the media, with its deep state backers will bring extreme pressure to bear in order to cover up this heinous criminal empire that reaches into the upper echelon of corporate, finance and government. Make no mistake about [...]

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No Korea Can Now Hit the Continental United States with Nukes

  It is difficult to fathom how deep the threat runs from North Korea. This article will summarize only one of  the multitude of threats in an encapsulated form. The specific threat covered in this article is related to North Korea's (NK) nuclear and missile capabilities. The Ability to Destroy Does Not Prevent Retaliation The [...]

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Phase One: NASA Implies ET Disclosure-Why?

    The Pope talks about them, And now NASA talks about them.  NASA has mae some stunning revelations about  possible life beyond the earth.  What is the motivation?  After listening to the video, tell us what you think is behind this?     Please donate to the research efforts of The Common Sense Show [...]

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Why Is Gold Being Consfiscated? What Does It Mean for You?

  Turkey has begun to confiscate gold from its citizens. They say it is help the citizens ear money. What they should be saying is that the confiscation is designed to help the elite take money from the citizens. When governments confiscate gold, it can only mean one thing.  Find out what that is...   [...]

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Will the World be Divided Into 3 Parts?

  I am still marveling at the brilliance of Trump on how he has done what no American President has ever done, namely, align the United States military with the Chinese. MOAB President Trump’s brilliance in the art of making deal continued with the dropping of the Mother of all bombs (MOAB) on ISIS. This [...]

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Gestapo-Style Abuse of Passengers Defended by United Airlines CEO

United Airlines: Abusing Passengers One Paid Customer at a Time I have an update on the tragic events in which a doctor was dragged off a plane to make room for employees who were flying standby. The passenger was beaten and then dragged, unconscious, by the lapels of his shirt. What is almost as egregious [...]

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It is 1929 and 1941 At the Same Time

  The world is at 1929 and 1941 simultaneously.  We stand on the edge of an economic collapse caused by our war mongering ways. The two variables go hand in hand. The collapse of America, and the rest of the world may be unavoidable, but your personal collapse may be prevented. Economic Destruction-It is 1929 [...]

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Enter Syria, Exit Pedogate- Jared Kushner’s Great Disappearing Act

Donald Trump got instant relief when he bombed Syria. The media stopped talking about the contrived Russian conspiracy to hack the election with Trump's complicit participation. It all went away. Funny how that happens when one plays ball with the globalists. It works the other way too. What topic hs disappeared since the invocation of [...]

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Will the Watchers Stop WWIII? Ronnie McMullen Interview

        WELCOME TO THE HOME OF LIFE CHANGE TEA! Super Tea This special formula helps support people with problems such as digestion, ry brown, a, nausea and constipation. Helps support healthy cholesterol levels as well as normal blood pressure. Helps clean out nicotine and second hand smoke and keeps the liver, lungs [...]

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China Moves 150,000 Combat Troops to North Korea

Extremely important breaking news.  China has amassed 150,000 combat troops to the North Korean border. This is in response to the American carrier task force streaming toward North Korea.   Please donate to the research efforts of The Common Sense Show PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL AND DON’T FORGET TO “LIKE” US This is [...]

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EX-CIA Names McCain, McMaster, Brennan as Masterminds of Syrian False Flag

  This is the story of the day. The following represents the recent and public revelations of Robert David Steele. According to Mr. Steele, President Trump is a victim of treasonous disinformation, spawned by abject and deliberate treason against the people of the United States. This is causing the President to make faulty decisions which [...]

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