Breaking: US Threatens War Over Syria

  From Sputnik. "Lt. Gen. Stephen Townsend, recently appointed US commander of American forces in Iraq and Syria, have told reporters that the coalition forces have officially informed Moscow and Damascus of possible countermeasures should the US forces "feel threatened" by Syrian forces." This is a de facto declaration of war bbecause Syrian forces are intewrined with Russian forces. [...]

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CHEMICAL WARFARE RED ALERT: Zika panic DEET chemical part of a brain damaging binary weapon being carpet bombed across America’s cities

  by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger Natural News   NaturalNews) With every ignorant news organization across America now pushing Americans to slather their skin with DEET chemicals as a defense against Zika mosquitoes, there's something every American needs to know: DEET is one chemical component of abinary chemical weapon system currently being carpet bombed [...]

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Can US Citizens Defeat UN Troops On America Soil?

The establishment is practicing to defeat rogue American units who will fight to defend the people in the coming martial law subjugation enforced by foreign troops from the United Nations in UWEX 16. Troops at Ft. Carson will be working with foreign troops to defeat civilian forces with COMBAT TROOPS. Foreign mercenaries are training in [...]

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World War III Edging Closer: Chinese Military to Join Forces with the Syrian Army

Chinese Military to Join Forces with the Syrian Army The Chinese government have announced plans to train the Syrian army inside of Syria. This is an ominous development for the US as this marks the possibility of joint military operations inside of Syria between the Russians and the Chinese. The details for this posturing for [...]

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Civil War Is Inevitable

  As previously covered onThe Common Sense Show, there are secret UN locations all across America with stockpiles of the traditional UN white vehicles, millions of body bags, as well as permanent and impromptu detention facilities that are prepared for the coming Civil War. This is not a case of abject paranoia, but a matter [...]

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Thailand Is the Next Syria-The TPP Will Lead to World War III

Vietnam was not enough to dissuade this administration from inserting itself into the internal affairs of another Southeast Asian nation. The present blood bath in Syria is not enough to discourage US involvement in a brewing civil war. In fact, this administration is up to its old tricks by fermenting a civil war in order [...]

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Breaking News: US Sends Nukes to Germany- WW III Is Near

  New Nukes to Germany Shows How Close We Are to War The US intends is modernizing its nuclear weapons stationed in Germany, according to media reports (i.e. Der Spiegel). Germany's air force is preparing to incorporate some of its Tornado warplanes to carry more up-to-date US nuclear bombs in light of plans by Washington to [...]

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World War III Will Start In Syria, Hillary Says- Make this go viral!

Ron Paul called her "The War President", meaning that she would be very likely to get us into World War III. She is the best friend of the military-industrial-complex. Hillary and her staff recently made comments regarding going to war in Syria, and Russia be damned! A Hillary Clinton presidency will undoubtedly put us into [...]

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World On Collision Course for WW III In the South China Sea

These two world leaders, plus Vietnam, are on a collision course for World War III The events in the South China sea are heating up and are threatening to bring chaos and war to the South China Sea. The major players in the territorial dispute are China, Vietnam and the United States. At [...]

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Russian Super Soldiers Will Dominate the US Military On the Battlefield

The US Military Is No Match For Russia's New Secret Weapons The Russians are surpassing the US in nuclear weapons, land-base military, and their submarine fleet. But nowhere is their dominance going to be felt more then in the arena of the super-soldier, in which the Russians have no equal. The details are in the video. [...]

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Who Is On the ISIS Kill List?

Have you heard about the ISIS kill list? New information that is surfacing is indicating that this is a real hit list on it with high priority targets. On the Hagmann and Hagmann Report, last Thursday, Doug and Joe talked about the ISIS kill list. You can see this starting at the 51 minute 54 [...]

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Does ISIS Possess Localized Russian EMP Weapons Capable of Bringing Down Aircraft?

  In June of 2015, I reported that Russian proxy forces, armed with Russian localalized EMP technology were responsible for bringing down an F-16 piloted by an Iraqi general flying near the Mexican border. I reported at that time that Russia had very possibly had fired the first shots of World War III through its [...]

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The Russians Have Bombed an US Air Base on the Syrian Border Reports the Wall Street Journal

Thw Wall Street Journal is reporting that Russia has bombed a US Air Base in Jorday near the Syria border.  There are no reports of casualties, but this is an ominous event. For years, this has been a proxy-led cold war conflict.  The Russians are backing Syria leader, Assad. The Americans are supporting the CIA [...]

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The Coming Russian and Chinese Invasion of America-Quayle, Hodges, Hagmann

After the completion of martial law, World War III will be upon us. We are being set up to be conquered! Under the blue-helmeted soldiers of the UN, we will be put upon by Russians and Chinese troops. When they come to our towns, they will not be coming to take prisoners. They want your [...]

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A Chemical/Biological Attack Upon America Has Been Planned by the Elite

Ex-federal officials belonging to virtually every alphabet soup agency are continuing to early retire and bug out from their present location. They know what is coming. The ground swell of Trump-led populism will not be tolerated by the criminal elite. Before they forfeit their free trade agreement and the benefits enjoyed by their multi-national corporations, [...]

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