The Extreme US Weather Is Controlled and Deliberately Targeting America

  The CSS has covered many examples of programs to control destructive weather patterns ranging from Air Force Controlling the Weather 2025 to the capabilities of Project HAARP. Today, extreme weather is triking the country in an unprecedented fashion. There are presently over 100 major fires across the United States. The globalists weather wars [...]

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China Fires On US Navy In the South China Sea

Ever since President Trump introduced tariffs on Chinese products, the Chinese have greatly increased their naval presence in the South China Sea. Countries from Vietnam, to the Philippines, to Taiwan and Australia are fearful of China's next move. China is in a similar position as to what Japan was in during 1929. They need [...]

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Europe is on the edge of calamity: Large European cities could soon become battlefields warns conservative Belgian leader

07/24/2018 / By News Editors In this recent story over at Zero Hedge they report that according to a top advisor of Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, he will now run the country singlehandedly with any and all dissenters fired in the wake of the recent presidential election which granted Erdogan sweeping new executive powers. (Article by [...]

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Russia and America Must Unite Against the Globalists If Humanity Is to Survive

  Russian and American troops at Fort Carson, May 2012. In 2018, the two countries better form a strong alliance because they will be attacked by the globalists through proxy, the United Nations. Under the Kigali Principles that UN can militarily enter any country that they deem to under "duress". The following paragraphs [...]

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Why you need to be armed: Deranged Leftists now calling for mass executions of Trump supporters in public venues

By JD Heyes For most of President Donald Trump’s first year in office we poked fun at angry Leftists afflicted with “Trump Derangement Syndrome.”  We dismissed groups like Antifa as disparate, insignificant, and manageable. But then something happened.  All of that anger has been taken to a new level. Now, groups like Antifa, Redneck Revolt, and other [...]

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The LEFT has declared war on America, and we are all about to be caught in the crossfire

By Mike Adams Kevin McCullough from has penned one of the most insightful summaries of the total disregard for civil society now viciously pursued by the deranged, lunatic Left. In essence, McCullough accurately describes the Left’s painful descent into a lunatic mob of screamers and hate-mongers, and why they have abandoned any pretext of civility in their [...]

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