The greatest threat to America isn’t Russia, China or North Korea; it’s the corrupt deep state, and it must be drained

  By JD Heyes   Long before Donald Trump had declared himself a candidate for president, there was a “Deep State” which operated far outside the mainstream of America, in the shadows. Members of the Deep State include the Pravda media, U.S. intelligence agencies, and federal law enforcement, all of which sort of lay down the law [...]

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Why Putin and Trump Will Align Against the NWO

Author's note: The vast majority of the facts presented in this article have been repeatedly and publicly reported. There are only a couple instances where new confirming evicence is introduced and that is documented, but only done so to support the thesis of this report. This document is not meant to be a report with [...]

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Economic Collapse Warning! India, China, Russia Have Ditched the Dollar

The BRICS have attacked the sacred Federal Reserve by undermining the Petrodollar. The three BRICS leaders have totally ditched the dollar. This means war, following the total hording of gold. Nobody attacks the Federal Reserve and lives to tell about it, until now. Here's the complete story.   This economic move by Russia, [...]

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China and India Pushing the World Towards WW III

In a  stunning new development, China and India are pushing the world towards war as they announce that they are "ditching" the dollar, the petrodollar. This move, perpetrated by almost 40% of the planet's population will kill the fiat currencies of the Western banking establishment. Economically, the west is not going down with a [...]

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When Falling Gas Prices Are a Bad Sign

Normally, falling gas prices is good news. The prediction, now, is that gas prices are going to fall because of what Russia and Saudi Arabia are doing with their production of oil. However, in this case, falling prices is an ominous (bad) sign. What does it mean? That question is answered here.

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The Civil War Will Begin In California-Paul Preston with Dave Hodges- CSS Hour 3

  Middle and upper middle class people are fleeing California in droves. they are weary of high taxes and liberal policies befitting a communist country. What is California turning into? This interview with Paul Preston talks about the absolute state of rebellion that the Democrats have brought to the state of California. Will Trump [...]

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America’s Is In Her Final Days and This Is Her Last Line of Defense

America's Is In Her Final Days and This Is Her Last Line of Defense The Deep State controls virtually everything except your mind and they are working on that. They control the mainstream media and they are in the process of eliminating the alternative media. They control the military leadership. They control Wall Street and [...]

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Will America Be Around for Armageddon?

Whenever we are dealing with potential world war in the Middle East, we are dealing with the potential for Armageddon. The prospect of the final war is frightening indeed. Even though we could be living in the final days, we may not even realize it. Why? This is true because truth is often the first casualty [...]

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