Intel Source Fears EMP From China,and N. Korea- Paul Martin

    I recently interviewed Paul Martin who had approached me with a stunning revelation. His best source, a proven deep cover sources says that either Russia, or,  China and North Korea are prepared to launch an EMP attack upon the US. Normally, I would not take this seriously, except this source of Martin's has [...]

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The Civil War Will Start In California-Mike Adams-CSS 2/19/17 (Hour 2)

    I just interviewed Mike Adams on The Common Sense Show.  The final 30 minutes of the interview were 30 of the most riveting minutes in the history of the show. Mike and I both believe that the coming civil war will have its genesis in California and Governor Jerry Brown will be a [...]

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The US and China on the Doorstep of War-Trump Challenges Beijing-Who Will Blink First?

  President Trump and Defense Secretary Mettes are not backing down to the Chinese. As I write these words Carrier Task Force 1, has sailed into the South China Sea as America calls the bluff of China to stay out of the region. South China Sea Tensions Resurface After months of relative calm, the events [...]

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Soros’ Led Civil War Is Unfolding – Paul Martin & Dave Hodges

  I recently interviewed Paul Martin and we explored the deep divisions within the country. When one considers the totality of the divisions in the country, it is hard to imagine that this is not going to end up in a civil war. In fact, Mike Adams and I were skyping back and forth and [...]

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Trump Confronts Putin on Iran

  The corporate controlled media has constantly accused Trump of being Russian-friendly to a fault. .   Trump has been gracious with the Russians because he has to negotiate with them. However, when it came to Iran, Trump pulled no punches when it came to what he accused Russia of doing. ,     Please [...]

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War with China is Inevitable Says Chief White House Strategist

  You read the title correctly, war with China is inevitable says a chief White House Strategist. Who said it? How will we be pulled into this war?  This is covered in the following video.     Please Donate to The Common Sense Show   PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL AND DON’T FORGET TO [...]

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There Is Only One Person Preventing World War III From Breaking Out

Every where you look and listen, the forces of war are lining up. World War III is inevitable. There is only obstacle in the way of World War III. That obstacle has a name and it is President Donald J. Trump. President Trump has offered an Olive Branch to Russia. He has relaxed some of [...]

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Are You Ready for 1861?

  Donald Trump is inheriting a country that is on the verge of civil war. There are those who want to be left alone and there are those who won't leave them alone. The left lost the election and they are determined create so much conflict that it spills over to a civil conflict.  ARE [...]

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US and Allies Close to Attacking Iran

Please note the strategic significance of Iran's location with regard to Soviet military strategy in the Middle East. IRan is daring the West, particulariliy the US to attack.  Iran's religious leaders would like a war because it would bring in Russia and China and would conceviable lead to World War III. Recently, the [...]

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Trump Knows the Invasion is Coming and Is Quietly Preparing

  Cleaning up Obama's mess.   The Heritage Foundation, as published in the Heritage 2017 Index of U.S. Military Strength took a look at our military strenght and called it  “marginal, trending towards weak” The report went on to say the following: Ship levels are at World War I levels Troop strength is pre--World War III [...]

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Putin Building Red Dawn Force in Latin America As You Read These Words

While you were sleeping, Putin has been busy, very busy. He is reconstituting the anti-US/Canada military alliance that has formed in Central and South America. After you view the short video, and if you have any doubts as to the validity of the danger, I would suggest reviewing this article which has 17 references in [...]

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Russians Practicing Touch’n Go Landings in N. Colorado-Paul Martin Interview

Paul Martin and I have documented the Gurka's and the Russian presence in No. Colorado and So. Wyoming. Russian commandos have been seen by many of the locals. The Gurka's were observed at a local gun range in LaPorte, CO. and they were spoken to by the locals. I received several emails everyday detailing the [...]

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The Red Dawn Invasion of the US Has Just Taken a Huge Step Forward

China and Russia have taken major steps closer to completing their Red Dawn invasion of the United States. This article is a combination of the old and the new and convincingly builds the case that the US better begin to prepare to be attacked. I have been asserting for three years that the signs of [...]

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Four Things You Need to Survive the Coming Civil War- Must Listen!

I recently interviewed prepper expert, Bob Griswold. He shared strategies for surviving in the America that is racing in our direction. Most feel that America is hopelessly divided. Some feel that civil war is inevitable. Bob Griswold shares with the audience how to survive what is coming. This is a must listen to interview-   [...]

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China Fears Russian-US Alliance- Moves Missiles to Russian Border

  China fears an alliance between Russia and the United States. They fear it so much, that the Chinese have moved missiles to the border with Russia in multiple locations. Some have erroneously reported that the missiles are meant for the U.S.   This is flawed logic and makes absolutely no sense. China is sending [...]

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