Preparing for the NK Threat- James Wesley Rawles- The CSS 4/23/17 (Hour 3)

  I recently interviewed Jim Wesley Rawles regarding the multiple threats to the average America posed by the growing NK threat. This is the most succinct accounting of the NK threat that I have been exposed to. This is a must listen interview as Rawles brings his experience to the forefront in this very telling [...]

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Forget Korea, WW III to Begin In Syria

Sometimes, when is looking for trouble on the right, they get sucker punched from the left. The world is focused on Korea. However, the real action is taking place in Syria. The Russians have quietly escalated the conflict and Turkey and Israel have responded in kind. Russia Ready to Insert Combat Troops Into Syria Temporarily, [...]

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Tanks on Move Near Oroville Dam-Big Story Unfolding

  It started out as a simple story coming from Paul Preston of Agenda 21 Radio. Paul reported to me that there sightings of tanks in Marysville, CA., which is just south of the beleagured Oroville Dam. This is both unusual and unprecedented. What If the Oroville Dam Collapses? Paul and I exectuted a podcast [...]

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Russia Claiming “US Shoreline Lined w/ Nuclear Mole Missles”

  The following video assrts that the Russians have done what the title indicates which is to basically mine parts of the US shoreline with nuclear weapons. I took this issue to two experts on SOSUS. they say this impossible, unless this is at least, in part, an inside job. Along these lines, in a [...]

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Trump Is Using China Like a Long Lost Friend

      Russia is still wondering what happened as China prepares to attack North Korea on behalf of the United States. However, this development does not come without serious consequences. Get the entire story in the entire video:    

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War Is Coming- How to Tell When? Must Listen Broadcast

  The world is more than likely going to war.  Everyone wants to know when for all the obvious reasons. Do you know what to look for so you can step up your preparations? Here is what to look for, this is a must listen.   Please donate to the research efforts of The Common [...]

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North Korea’s 3 Deadman Switches-Are We Ready?

to protect the grid from an EMP attack? North Korea has the ability to bring down holy hell on our country. There is no question that NK can be destroyed by the might of the US military, however, their ability to carry out assymetrical warfare is beyond compare to other rogue, terrorist leaning [...]

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Will the World be Divided Into 3 Parts?

  I am still marveling at the brilliance of Trump on how he has done what no American President has ever done, namely, align the United States military with the Chinese. MOAB President Trump’s brilliance in the art of making deal continued with the dropping of the Mother of all bombs (MOAB) on ISIS. This [...]

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It is 1929 and 1941 At the Same Time

  The world is at 1929 and 1941 simultaneously.  We stand on the edge of an economic collapse caused by our war mongering ways. The two variables go hand in hand. The collapse of America, and the rest of the world may be unavoidable, but your personal collapse may be prevented. Economic Destruction-It is 1929 [...]

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China Moves 150,000 Combat Troops to North Korea

Extremely important breaking news.  China has amassed 150,000 combat troops to the North Korean border. This is in response to the American carrier task force streaming toward North Korea.   Please donate to the research efforts of The Common Sense Show PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL AND DON’T FORGET TO “LIKE” US This is [...]

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Increasing the Long Odds of Surviving a Nuclear War

  As the world moves toward World War III, we need to face the realization that we could have a nuclear exchange.  I predict that the first American carrier that is sunk wil trigger a nuclear war. What would that be like.  Where are the danger zones? The following map depicts the impacted area of [...]

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Sleepwalking toward World War III… like clockwork, the next 25-year cycle of mass human suffering and death begins NOW

  Sunday, April 09, 2017 by: Mike Adams  Natural News (Natural News) America has become a zombie nation of hypnotized, socially-obedient conformist who are so disconnected from reality that when the bombs start falling, they won’t have any idea how they’ve been programmed to celebrate it all. Heavily dosed with medication, fluoride and heavy metals [...]

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Wagging the Dog Jared Kushner Style

  Anyone who has followed American foreign policy for any length of time, is very familiar with the term "wag the dog". And anyone who has followed President Trump's abandonment of his campaign pledge of not being the world's policeman is intimately familiar with the anti-American policies of Jared Kushner. The combination of the two [...]

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Showdown with N Korea, China, Russia Is Imminent-Paul Martin and Dave Hodges

America has never been in a 3 front war, but it could be very soon. The enemies are lining up. The Vinson Carrier Task Force is steaming, full speed ahead, towards North Korea. China is responding. Russia is arming Syria in response to Trump's ordered attack on Syria. The world seems to be destined to [...]

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No Korea’s Kim In Extreme Danger- Must Go Into Hiding After Syrian Attack

    After Trump's strike on Syria, North Korean leaders must be leaving their cell phones at home and going into hiding as they are all marked men. America is coming and regime change and possibly WW III is in the air.   Please donate to the research efforts of The Common Sense Show PLEASE [...]

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