Americans Are In Extreme Danger-Says Media Director of the Oathkeepers

  I recently interviewed Jason Vantatenhove, the Oathkeepers media director. Jason deals with all levels of military and law enforcement and their personnel. Oathkeepers is an organization that serves to remind  those who would protect us that they have a sacred oath to defend the people and the Constitution. Based on conversations that Jason has [...]

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Russia Is Deploying EMP Weapons- How Will You Get Water?

  Effects of An EMP Attack Most are familiar with the map listed above demonstrating the effects of a high altitude burst from two nuclear weapons. However, the use of Russian-based EMP weapons in the upcoming war are likely to be tactical, not covering an entire continent, and they will be delivered by Russian allies [...]

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The REAL Reason the US Is Bombing Libya

  Why is the US still bombing in Libya? Didn't Hillary claim, with regard to Gaddafi "We saw, we conquered, he died"? The REAL reason that we are in Libya has everything to do with the coming World War III. The REAL reason that we are in Libya will absolutely surprise you and that reason [...]

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Obama, Clinton & Russia’s 7 Pronged Attack Upon Amerika

Since I first reported on leaked information that American military leaders were expecting an attack from seven different areas/sources, more information has come to light. First, elements of the following scenarios have been repetitively practiced at the Naval War College. In each instance, America loses, badly. Here is an update on newly acquired information which [...]

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DEFCON 3 & An Unprepared US Military-Do You Have a Place To Hide?

The American military is posturing for war as best as it can. Of course I am referencing the tremendous handicap that Obama and his left win subversives have imposed on America. America is supposed to lose and our current Pr resident has done everything he can to ensure the outcome. In any other time in [...]

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Prelude to Launching a First Strike-FAA Restricts Montana Airspace

FAA has announced No fly zone over certain areas of Montana claiming that on Saturday afternoon they will launch rockets for some unknown and unannounced Space Operation. Sounds like a cover story so that we can have a clear path to launch if need be. There is large build up of bombers in the island of [...]

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Fuel Tankers to the Middle East-War Is Very Close

I can count on one hand the number of times I have ever issued an emergency alert based upon breaking news. However, the following has come to me from a most reliable source and I have partial confirmations. There is no time for embellishments, so I will get right to the point. War May Be [...]

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Alaska: Prepare to Defend Yourselves From Russian Invasion

Soon this will be a familiar sight in our communities only their helmets will be blue.   Hillary, or Obama will soon be taking us to war. The war will start in Syria with accompanying conflict in space in order to knock out each others surveillance and communications capabilities. However, the real danger [...]

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The United States of New Babylon: The First Major Casualty of WW III

  In the past week, these very disturbing events have happened in relationship with with the events in Syria Russia has put ground troops in Syria. Russia has completed several missile shields in Syria. Putin has threatened war if NATO does not vacate Eastern Europe. Russia ha moved tactical nukes into Estonia and Latvia. Clinton, [...]

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Emergency Announcement: Where You Are At Is Where You Will Soon Stay- WW3 Is Almost Here

One of my best sources has issued the most stern warning that I have ever received. You are going to awake on a lazy Sunday morning and realize that the world as you knew it, could be changed in a moment. Appearing on the The Common Sense Show about 6 months ago, Steve Quayle said [...]

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Putin Readies a Nation for Nuclear War as America Sleeps (Video)

  (N.Morgan) In this installment of the AMTV Report with Christopher Greene, Christopher discusses some of the developments currently taking place in the world as well as those happening in our backyard. Multiple reports have Vladimir Putin reportedly preparing Russian citizens for the possibility of a nuclear bombardment. Russia is coordinating a massive evacuation drill for [...]

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Russia’s Washington DC Embassy Issues War Threat Thru Twitter

Russian Embassy in DC You Can Learn A Lot By Paying Attention to Twitter For the second time in 24 hours, Russia has issued a threat to American interests and NATO to back down in yet, another theater of potential war. This is time the threat was issued by the Russian embassy and was in [...]

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Putin Issues War Ultimatum -NATO Must Stand Down in Eastern Europe or Be Attacked

  Paul Marin alerted me to a story from in which they are claiming the following: "Vladimir Putin asked the US to remove its defense infrastructure from Eastern Europe and from the territory of new NATO members in the Balkans and the Baltics (Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland) as well as its troops stationed [...]

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Can 40 Million Russians Be Wrong?

I have to congratulate President Putin. From October 3-October 7, 40 million Russians are safely tucked away in an underground bunker, preparing to survive an American first nuclear strike. I have on question, Mr. Obama, where is my bunkers? America should be asking "Where is my bunker and why isn't my government isn't doing anything [...]

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Russia & China Combining Forces in Syria

The Russians are preparing to win World War III. They have presently evacuated 40 million Russians who have been transported to a bunker in an effort to practice to survive and an American nuclear strike. Meanwhile, what has Obama done to protect the lives of American citizens? The answer is that he hate America/Americans and [...]

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