2017China Look A Lot Like 1941 Japan

  2017 China is looking a lot like 1941 Japan     Please donate to offset the costs of The Common Sense Show PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL AND DON’T FORGET TO “LIKE” US     The official storable food of the CSS. Take 5% off with Promo Code “Hodges9”. Click here  Dave Hodges is [...]

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How the Bundy Ranch Affair Is Related to America’s Coming Red Dawn Invasion

I have one unnamed source as well as a source of Paul Martin's stating that high altitude nuclear bombers are amassing in Hawaii, presumably for dispersion to bases of operation related to, and in proximity of the North Korean pennisula. This strongly appears to be the mobilization of forces necessary to commence World War III. [...]

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America’s Going On High Alert-Paul Martin

  I am receiving a record number of reports regarding American troop movements. Paul Martin is receiving numerous reports of UN Peacekeepers on American soil. Neither Paul Martin nor myself believes this has anything to do with North Korea. The entire story is contained in the following short video.   Please donate to [...]

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The Threat of EMP Has Never Been Greater

The possibillity of an EMP attack against America has never been greater. The possibility of a Deep State coup, directed against America, culminating in an EMP attack is one of the very real possibilities that the Deep State may feel compelled to employ. Why? Because their mainstay operatives will, or already have been seved with [...]

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Water WARS erupting across our world as fresh water supplies collide with surging food demand

    by: Mike Adams (Natural News) Water is a precious commodity, and without it we can’t grow food and survive. Yet industrial agriculturewastes water on a shocking scale, using open air irrigation and relying on fossil water supplies to grow food inefficiently. If we hope to meet the demands of surging human population, we must conserve our water resources through sustainable [...]

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