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Tucson Police Officer Speaks Out-Black Lives Matter Is a Fraud-Most Blacks Respect the Police-

I recently had a police officer write to me about what they are discovering are the feelings of everyday black people toward whites as well as the police. I removed all the personally identifying information because the police can be so vindictive toward their own. Contrary to the MSM, Most Blacks Do Not Hate White People [...]

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America Is the Craziest, Worst Paid and Sickest of All the Modern Nations

The United States is a nation in severe decline and it is beginning to show up in our mental health which is a reflection of the troubled political and economic times that we find ourselves in. America’s General Mental Health Report In 2015, over 9.3 million Americans had serious thoughts of suicide during that year. During that [...]

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Medical FEMA Camps for Anti-Vax and Political Dissidents

With regard to self-granted federal regulations, the federally controlled medical management agencies in this country, have granted themselves the right to declare someone a medical threat for an absolutely harmless illness and then ship these people off to a FEMA camp which is operating under the guise as medical detainment facility, however, it operates with [...]

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Why Are So Many Asking If Trump Is Sabotaging His Campaign?

For a long time, I have been saying that I voting for the movement associated with Donald Trump, I am not voting, necessarily, for the man himself. This reason was in full display during the debates. Hillary Clinton, with her sociopathic criminality and debilitating health condition, should not have the presence and support to be [...]

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The US Has Entered the False Flag Window-Mike Adams-Banned by Youtube

  i interviewed Mike Adams. The interview was riveting. It is Mike's belief that no matter who wins the election, there is going to be a revolt from the other side. According to Mike Adams we are going to have multiple false flag events over the next several weeks.   Please Donate to The Common [...]

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How to Boycott the New World Order

  Michael Savage has been eliminated from the broadcasting landscape. More prominent broadcasters will surely follow. Youtube and Facebook have banned the work of The Common Sense Show, for daring to relate stories of how small communities have defeated the globalists. Complete censorship has entered the doorway of the Independent Media. Is there anything that [...]

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Deutsche Bank Collapsing? Is This Why Germans Warned to Prepare? (Videos)

  (N.Morgan) Since Germany issued the dire warning to its citizens to stock up on food and water, it is beginning to look as if Deutsche Bank may be collapsing. If the leading bank in Germany collapses, the effect on Europe would be devastating, and it would be highly unlikely that the US would remain unscathed by [...]

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Elmination of the Independent Media Has Started with the Banning of Michael Savage

  Recently, I wrote an article where I detailed that the Independent Media would be shut down within 6 months if the people did not push back. Well, it turns out that my prognostication was optimistic. In the past week, my Oathkeeper's interview with  media director,Jason Vantatonhove, was banned by Youtube. I posted to Facebook [...]

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Oathkeepers Remind the Soldiers to Disobey Illegal Orders- A CSS Special Report

  Oathkeepers Remind the Soldiers to Disobey Illegal Orders- A CSS Special Report Jason Vantatanhove, in a special follow up interview detailed how Oathkeepers is attempting remind all law enforcement and military to honor their oath to serve the Constitution. If America ever descends into revolution, the support of the military is crucial to success. [...]

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Oathkeepers Remind the Soldiers to Disobey Illegal Orders- A CSS Special Report

  I interviewed Jason Vantatenhove as a followup to Oathkeepers activities. Listen to Jason describe how they attempt to remind police officers and the military to uphold their Constitutional oath. If there is ever a planned genocide in this country, this is the group that will stand at the tip of the spear.     [...]

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How to Survive When You Run for Your Life: Bob Griswold and Dave Hodges

Survival expert, Bob Griswold, long considered one of the top prepping authorities in the world, educated Dave's audience on Sunday evening on how to bug out and survive.   Please Donate to The Common Sense Show   PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL AND DON’T FORGET TO “LIKE” US   This is the absolute best [...]

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Hillary Displayed Her True Hatred for America but Trump Failed to Finish Her Off

The kids are hiding under the bed as their parents are letting all hell break loose. The girls say that "mom is winning". The boys say that "dad is winning". They are both right and wrong. Whoever wins a debate is a matter of personal preference. However, the one and undeniable best one-liner belonged to Trump. [...]

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Doug and Joe Hagmann Become a Part of The Common Sense Show

The Common Sense Show is making a major change in programming. Doug and Joe Hagmann will join Dave in the third hour of each show as the Doug and Joe share their expertise with The Common Sense Show audience. Dave Hodges offered the following comment regarding the addition of Doug and Joe to The Common [...]

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An Analysis of the Debate: Chris Kitze and Dave Hodges

Immediately following the debate, I interviewed Before Its News owner and founder, Chris Kitze. Chris offered his insights about the debate which included his well-founded belief that Clinton was wearing an earpiece in violation of the debating rules. Additionally, Chris felt that Trump was "too soft " on Clinton. Here the rest of Chris' observations [...]

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What Happens During An EMP Attack? Can You Survive?

  This morning I published an article which detailed 4 different sources which leads on to conclude that an EMP may be used to derail the election. The previous story can be accessed here. This articles details the dangers associated with an EMP attack not including nuclear power plant meltdowns.  Top scientists and knowledgeable politicians (e.g. [...]

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