Holocaust In Venezuela-US Is Next-Are You Ready?

  A humanitarian crisis is exploding in Venezuela. The average person has lost 20lbs in under 3 weeks. As I have identified before, Hillary, when she served as Secretary of State set the stage for much of what is transpiring in Venezuela. If you think the human holocaust is going to stop over there, you [...]

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What the FDA Does Not Want You to Know- Dr. Ted Broer

Natural health care expert, Dr. Ted Broer, was my recent guest. do you have a health condition and/or bad eating habits?  It is very likely that Dr. Ted Broer has an answer. Why id the FDa discriminating against alternative health care? Simple, because it works. This show could literally save your life as you will [...]

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Shocking: How Long Should the Average Person Live? The Answer Will Anger You

  How long is the average person supposed to live?  So much of our environment is toxic. If we could reasonably reduce the toxins from our environment, how long would we live? I had a discussion with a group Cal-Berkley longevity researchers and that is what they calculate.  They madde another calculation that will get your [...]

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Drug overdose deaths now kill more Americans than the Vietnam War

SHOCK: Drug overdose deaths now kill more Americans every year than the entire Vietnam War… after Democrats refused to protect the border from drug cartels  Mike Adams (Natural News) For the last eight years, Democrats allowed drug smugglers and drug cartels to run rampant across the U.S. border, hoping to invite in a sufficient number [...]

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Before WW3 Sets In, Enjoy Your Life

As we head to the dark side, take time to enjoy the small, but important things in life. Here is a reminder and we ask the question, "Can mass consciousness bring about a change in the physical world"?     Please donate to the research efforts of The Common Sense Show PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO OUR [...]

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Dairy industry front group declares eating “clean food” promotes disease; tells youth to drink DIRTY MILK for lifelong health

  by: Mike Adams  Natural News (Natural News) In the latest hilarious example of fake science from a dirty, dishonest industry, the so-called National Osteoporosis Society — little more than a junk science front group for the dirty dairy industry — has declared clean eating to be a “dangerous timebomb.” According to the group, clean [...]

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Chemtrails Are Exponentially Increasing-Why?

    Multiple sourcesare confirming that chemtrails are about to increase exponentially! Why?  What will be the impact on health?   Please donate to the research efforts of The Common Sense Show PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL AND DON’T FORGET TO “LIKE” US This is the absolute best in food storage. Dave Hodges is [...]

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Confirmed: Bacteria in mouth can “ignite” cancer- oral health should be part of every prevention strategy

  Earl Garcia- NATURAL NEWS (Natural News) Oral bacteria may play a key role in the development of certain types of cancer, various studies have shown. A vast number of studies have long established a link between oral bacteria and cancer, and identifying the mechanism behind this connection may help health experts determine a person’s cancer [...]

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This court just ruled Coca-Cola products are POISON

  Amy Goodrich for Natural News (Natural News) Chances are you’ve seen some videos circulating the web showing Coke’s ability to take rust and paint off metal objects or clean toilet bowls. While deep down we all know that sodas aren’t healthy, many of us still drink liters of the sugary stuff on a daily basis. [...]

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Cannibalism, Vaccines, Chimera Are Destroying the Human Race- Mike Adams and Dave Hodges

  The globalists have weaponized the federal government and did so when the IRS illegally attacked the Tea Party members. The EPA, using the climate change myth attacks farmers and ranchers. These practices have reached a level where the federal government is the decided enemy of the people. The weaponization of the government in order [...]

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Vitamin C 1000% More Effective Than Cancer Drugs

  by: Mike Adams  (Natural News) An exciting medical breakthrough published in the science journal Oncotarget has discovered the astonishing ability of concentrated vitamin C to halt the growth of cancer tumor stem cells. The study, conducted at the University of Salford in Manchester — (see full text of the study at this link) — [...]

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Fukushima Officially Labeled An Extinction Level Event

  Fukushima, after nearly 6 years of coverups, is now offiically labeled an extinction level event.  Yes, that is right, many are taking notice that the cummlative effects of this disaster threatens all life on this planet. The details are in the following video.       PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL ANDDON’T FORGET [...]

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How Big Pharma gets away with selling crystal meth to children: By renaming it ‘Adderall’

 by: David Gutierrez, Natural News staff writer (NaturalNews) In a recent appearance on All In with Chris Hayes on MSNBC, drug abuse and addiction expert Carl Hart of Columbia University made a shocking claim: There isn't much difference between the demonized street drug methamphetamine (also known as meth or crystal meth) and the prescription drug [...]

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America Is Eating Itself to Death

Europeans get to make informed decisions about the consumption of GMO's because their foods are labeled. American are not allowed to know if they are consuming GMO's Europeans consume as much as one-third as many GMO's because they are permitted to make an informed choice. Americans are not afforded that luxury. Cancer rates in Europe [...]

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FDA;s Blocking Cancer and Diabetes Cures- FDA Is the Enemy of the People

  What else can the FDA hide from the people?   Our water is being poisoned. Our cell phones have scientifically been linked to brain cancer, despite the FDA’s best attempts to obfuscate the truth. We have witnessed the rise of mystery illnesses of which the government is fully aware. Federally mandated light bulbs [...]

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