Over a million children under the age of six are currently on psychiatric drugs in America

   by: Isabelle Z. (Natural News) Psychiatric drug use is on the rise in the U.S., with one out of every six Americans now taking some type of medication in this category. This is highly concerning given the scary side effects and poor effectiveness of many of these drugs, but there is one particularly disturbing aspect of this [...]

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Boost your body’s regenerative potential with these healing foods and nutrients

 by: Zoey Sky (Natural News) Whether you’re in the pink of health or suffering from medical conditions, it’s best to read up on these foods and nutrients that can help regenerate body tissues. When we’re healthy, the body’s default state is that of ceaseless regeneration. However, when we’re sick, regenerative processes are overcome by degenerative ones. During times [...]

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World health chief stokes the panic fires by warning that a catastrophic global pandemic is imminent… humanity WIPEOUT foreshadowed?

by: Jhoanna Robinson (Natural News) Dr. Tedros Adhanom, director-general for the World Health Organization(WHO), has said that the next outbreak that will hit us will be a “terrible” one, causing huge amounts of death all over the world. Fears of a pandemic have been hovering lately after the worst flu outbreak in recent years devastated Australia, France, the United Kingdom, [...]

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Huge victory for natural medicine in Australia as nation rejects pharma-engineered attempt to outlaw nearly all herbs

  by: Mike Adams (Natural News) Australia is one of the most oppressive medical police state regimes in the world. The medical tyranny in Australia has even led to the government denying entitlement checks to parents who refuse to have their children subjected to an endless battery of dangerous vaccine injections. Deranged pharma trolls in Australia have been [...]

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Will Humanity Survive “Disease X”?

Is the world facing a pandemic similar to what we saw iin the TNT  TV show The Last Ship- All the indicators is that the human race may be facing its biggest challenge. What is most surprising is the mainstream media is embracing this wholeheartedly. The NY Post has dedicated a surprising amount of [...]

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Diets high in saturated fat contribute to anxiety and depression, new research finds

by: Jessica Dolores   (Natural News) Ever wondered why you feel anxious and depressed, even on a day that’s sunny and bright? Chances are, you ate something bad for your health. Your breakfast may have contained no-nos like excess saturated fat from fatty beef, lamb, pork, poultry with skin, beef fat (tallow), lard and cream, butter, cheese and other [...]

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ADHD is a FAKE disease invented by Big Pharma to drug children for profit

by: Vicki Batts (Natural News) ADHD, or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, is ubiquitous in the American classroom, there’s little debate about that. According to CDC statistics from 2012, 11 percent of children between the ages of four and 17 had been diagnosed with ADHD at some point. With over six million kids diagnosed, it’s hard not to wonder: [...]

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Probiotics found to reverse depression without the violent side effects of SSRI antidepressants

by: Earl Garcia Natural News (Natural News) Lactobacilli, beneficial bacteria commonly found in probiotics, proves to be a potential treatment for depression. Researchers at the University of Virginia School of Medicine examined the effects of stress in mice and noted a significant loss of Lactobacillus in the process. The scientists found that the loss in Lactobacillus results in the subsequent manifestation of symptoms [...]

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Memory Foam mattress WARNING: Chemical offgassing affecting customers

by: Mike Adams   (Natural News) We don’t yet know what chemicals are offgassing from memory foam mattresses, but we are seeing an increased number of reports from users who are experience what appear to be health effects from sleeping on new memory foam mattresses. Unlike natural latex rubber, memory foam is a synthetic creation. I [...]

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Many cases of “dementia” are actually side effects of prescription drugs or vaccines, according to research

 by: Isabelle Z.   (Natural News) The “quick facts” provided by the Alzheimer’s Association are pretty concerning: More than five million people in America are living with Alzheimer’s, and that number is projected to reach 16 million by the year 2050. As the sixth leading cause of death in our nation, it kills more Americans than prostate cancer [...]

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Opioid prescription drug deaths dwarf shooting deaths, yet there’s no call to ban Big Pharma

by: JD Heyes (Natural News) Americans continue to mourn the dozens of people who were killed and hundreds wounded by a crazed lunatic in Las Vegas on Sunday, and as is usually the case when guns are involved in a mass murder incident, the usual suspects are once more calling for gun bans. “Nowhere but America do [...]

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Vaccine industry in PANIC MODE as *vaccinated* children keep dying from the flu all across America

by: Mike Adams   (Natural News) Children are dying from the flu all across America, according to media reports. What the media isn’t reporting, however, is how many of the children who died were also vaccine recipients. Make no mistake: If only unvaccinated children were dying from the flu, that would be the headline everywhere: “Unvaccinated Children Dying Across America” or even [...]

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