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Only One Step Away from Pizzagate-Fox News Covering Up Wiretap Scandal-Dumps Judge Napolitano

Fired by Fox for defending President Trump in the wiretapping accusations against Obama. There is no question that Napolitano is correct about the wiretapping scandal as I have reported here and here. To review, the Pizzagate scandal has implicated Podesta, Clinton and several other notables. Opening up the wiretapping scandal could reveal what [...]

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FBI Director Comey’s Criminal Affiliations with the Clintons Explains Why He Is Lying to Congress

  The noose around the neck of FBI's James Comey career is tightening. It is amazing that he is still the Director of the FBI. The following contains a multitude of allegations against Comey and anyone of them should be grounds for removal from office followed by criminal prosecution Comey and Obstruction of Justice Last [...]

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NSA Increases Electronic Censorship- Something Very Big Is Coming

  The NSA is interfering all communications between Dave Hodges and Josh Coy on critical issues. The following interview on NSA interference from our first interview, was also interfered with. WND is also reporting that popular tallk show host and frequent establishment critic, Michael Savage, has been spied upon and harassed by the [...]

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Want Proof of Obama’s Wiretapping?

  Angela Merkel and every German leader has been illegally surveilled under the authority of the President. Trump and Merkel recently met to discuss the one thing they have in common, they have both been victims of Obama's illegal surveillance program. Here is the entire story.   This is the absolute best in food storage. [...]

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Soros Funded Billboard Defames President in Phoenix

From NBC (Phoenix) "A menacing Donald Trump is gazing down on Phoenix's Grand Avenue. The president is flanked by mushroom clouds and swastikas configured like dollar signs. "I think a lot of people are feeling this way and I'm just trying to express what I think is on a lot of people's minds these days," [...]

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Trump In Danger- Secret Service Refusing to do Their Job

  The Secret Service is incapable or unwilling to protect Donald Trump. He needs to clean house immediately if he is going to survive his presidency. Is this the Deep State at work?  The questions and more are included in the following video.     Please Donate to the Research Efforts of The Common Sense [...]

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The Prime Directive: Project Blue Beam

  The Ultimate False Flag I previously did a series on current or recent TV shows that fall into the category of predictive programming. Included in this series was a brief examination of the TV show, Colony, an original production of USA Network. In the business of factual truth-telling in the face of incessant media [...]

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Globalists Pressuring YouTube to Censor Anything Free Speech

The British government is pressuring Google to control the "hate speech" being played on YouTube.  We all know what hate speech really is. Remember the admonition against book burning and this is exactly what we see here. The entire story as well as where there is headed is contained in the following video.     [...]

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New Climate Change Tax On Your House Courtesy of Obama

The King of Destruction    Courtesy of a last minute order, Obama has placed climate change restructions and taxes on all new developments and homes. This was Obama's parting gift to the American people. No doubt it was meant as punishment for electing Donald Trump. Certainly this is true because the grassroots of [...]

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Did the Daily Mail Just Reveal the Next False Flag?

  The Daily Mail, did the just warn us about a pending false flag attack. If I were in there shoes this is exactly what I would say and how I would handle it.       PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL ANDDON’T FORGET TO “LIKE” US   This is the absolute best in [...]

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Trump’s Poll Numbers Are On the Rise

As I predicted, Trump's legitimate poll numbers are rising despite the incessant attacks by the Deep State and the Fake News Media. Here is the complete story: PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL ANDDON’T FORGET TO “LIKE” US   This is the absolute best in food storage. Dave Hodges is a satisfied customer.  Listeners to [...]

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World War III Is Nearing As US-Chinese Talks Fail

I am more convinced that ever that the Chinese are going to join forces with Russia and attack the United States. The latest round of meetings between Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, is a living testimony to that belief. I recently wrote two articles which spelled out how a combination of Russian and Chinese forces [...]

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Fukushima Officially Labeled An Extinction Level Event

  Fukushima, after nearly 6 years of coverups, is now offiically labeled an extinction level event.  Yes, that is right, many are taking notice that the cummlative effects of this disaster threatens all life on this planet. The details are in the following video.       PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL ANDDON’T FORGET [...]

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Trump/JFK-The Deep State-It All Ends the Same

What is the difference between Trump and JFK? About as much difference as the establishment and the Deep State. Where exactly does assassination enter into the plans of the Deep State/Establishment?  Are you concerned for Donald Trump's safety? You might want to take a look at the following short video. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE [...]

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Why Some Patriots Think That Trump Is a Sell-Out

  I am receiving a fair amount of communications which suggets that a growing number of Patriots consider Donald Trump to be a New World Order  selouell-out. Why would an increasing number of people make that claim? Is there any merit to this position? We already know that Pence is his own Deep State terrorist [...]

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