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The Fox News Prostitutes

  They say that a leopard can't change its spots. Well, that certainly does not hold true for the "pressitutes" from Fox News. Being it a given that real investigative journalism is dead, Fox takes it a whole new level. They change their political bent about as much as some people change their underwear. There [...]

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90% Population Reduction In Next 7 Years According to Major Think Tanks

  Major publications from to Deagel (CIA front group) are projecting that the United States will suffer a catastrophic reduction in population by 2024.  The projections call for a 90% reduction in total. How could this happen? What is behind it? The evolving story is in the following video:     Please donate to [...]

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When Alt Media Acts Like Mainstream Media, We Disgrace Ourselves

  Before I get the following off of my chest, I want to declare the priorities of The Common Sense Show. Inform and educate. Restore the founding principles of Christianity to our lost nation. To re-establish and preserve the Constitution as the law of the land. To provide a voice for those who are not [...]

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Trump Is Compromised Says Paul Craig Roberts- Is he Correct?

      PAul Craig Roberts, in a very serious and scathing analysis, stated the following:   "...Now all his opponents—the Deep State, the military/security complex, the CIA, the Hillary Democrats, the warmonger Republicans—have the New White House Fool under their control. If Trump doesn’t do as they want, they will impeach him for his [...]

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UN Activity in California-Paul Martin

  I recently interviewed Paul Martin of Revolution  He had heard reports from my previous report on reported and photographed UN activity near the Delaware River in Pennsylvania. Paul, too, is receiving reports of UN troops and vehicles, only this is in California.     Please donate to offset the costs of The Common Sense [...]

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Operation Megadeath -Is This a Live Jade Helm Event?

  For the past three days, I have allowed an email to quietly sit in my inbox without looking at it and as it turned out, it came from an old friend with a potentially serious warning about a set of events set to take place next week. Today, another email appeared and it is [...]

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Can’t Defend Say 1st Responders- America’s Compromised

One day after I relese, among other things, information which demonstrates UN military activity on American soil, I have been inundated with communications, mny from first-responders-in-training, which address the following themes? There is a decided uptick in training by federal officials of local authorities in the areas of first-responder techniques and training with regard to a [...]

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Is the UN Preparing for Mass Casualty Event On US Soil?

    Russian Insider is reporting that Korea is one giant distraction. The real action is on the other side of the world. I wrote an article yeasterday that contended that the real action for any potential conflict will begin in Syria. I may now have to make an adjustment to my thinking.  There is [...]

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Trump’s Tax Plan Can Restore the Economy

I have reviewed some of President Trump's ideas as it relates to tax reform. Presently, we are destroyong ourselves with a tax system that invites job defections and cutbacks. Trump has a brilliant plan and this may be the last time that we have a chance to make a major change in the economy in [...]

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Preparing for the NK Threat- James Wesley Rawles- The CSS 4/23/17 (Hour 3)

  I recently interviewed Jim Wesley Rawles regarding the multiple threats to the average America posed by the growing NK threat. This is the most succinct accounting of the NK threat that I have been exposed to. This is a must listen interview as Rawles brings his experience to the forefront in this very telling [...]

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Forget Korea, WW III to Begin In Syria

Sometimes, when is looking for trouble on the right, they get sucker punched from the left. The world is focused on Korea. However, the real action is taking place in Syria. The Russians have quietly escalated the conflict and Turkey and Israel have responded in kind. Russia Ready to Insert Combat Troops Into Syria Temporarily, [...]

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Time to Takedown Google- CSS- Hagmann and Hodges- 4/23/17 (Hour 1)

  I was recently joined by Joe Hagmann. It is apparent to anyone paying attention that Google is trying to takeover news and just as important, they are trying take over the planet. Google has morphed into one on the most evil corporations on the face of the earth.  Here is what can be done [...]

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Holocaust In Venezuela-US Is Next-Are You Ready?

  A humanitarian crisis is exploding in Venezuela. The average person has lost 20lbs in under 3 weeks. As I have identified before, Hillary, when she served as Secretary of State set the stage for much of what is transpiring in Venezuela. If you think the human holocaust is going to stop over there, you [...]

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What the FDA Does Not Want You to Know- Dr. Ted Broer

Natural health care expert, Dr. Ted Broer, was my recent guest. do you have a health condition and/or bad eating habits?  It is very likely that Dr. Ted Broer has an answer. Why id the FDa discriminating against alternative health care? Simple, because it works. This show could literally save your life as you will [...]

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Le Pen’s Election Will Shock the World!

      Firstit was the Brits and Brexit. Then we see the defiance of people in Italy, Spain and Greece. Then came along Donald Trump and American populism. What's the message? The people of the modern world are tired of corrupt elitism  Now it is the turn of the French.  Le Pen's potential election [...]

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