US Military Preparing for Large-Scale Civilian Unrest- Trigger Event? -Paul Martin

  I recently interviewed Paul Martin and he revealed that his most reliable force said that segments of the American military are preparing to subjugate the American population. My sources tell me that this is not more than a continuation of UWEX 16 in which the administration is practicing for rogue American military units to [...]

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DNC Controlled Agencies Gearing Up for Civil Unrest

Who are the massive amounts of DHS acquired bullets for? The democrats are bolstering their enforcement mechanisms. They are preparing for war against the American people. The Democratically controlled DHS is gearing up for combat. Every Federal agency is now on edge and seemingly ready to explode. What are they preparing for? Clearly [...]

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Will This Be the Last American Thanksgiving? Is Obama the Last American President?

The last American President on the last American Thanksgiving? Twenty five percent of America suffers from what is called food vulnerability. I  sincerely hope your family has a blessed Thanksgiving, complete with all the turkey, stuffing  and pumpkin pie that you could eat. May you enjoy fellowship with those who are dearest to us. [...]

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Elements of the Ohio National Guard Are Mobilizing

Earlier today I have a total received three alerts which indicate that an unknown amount of troops from the Ohio National Guard are being mobilized and deployed to an unknown location. In part, the Ohio Guard is using rented tour buses to take them to their unknown rally point presumably near Dayton, Ohio, as a [...]

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President Clinton and Her Sustainability Policies Will Mark the End of America

The "Hunger Games" nightmare scenario presently being implemented and it is called America 2050.   I constantly pray that God Almighty rebuke the evil-inspired candidacy of Hillary Clinton. However, in case Hillary and Soros are able to steal this election, it would be prudent to plan for the worse. Recent Indicators Are Troublesome [...]

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Hillary Is 70 Days Away From Controlling All Food and Water

  If Clinton is elected, Obama will hand her the power of a dictator. Upon Inauguration Day, Clinton will have the power to to the following:   As President, Hillary Clinton Would Have the Power to Enact Slave Labor According to EO 13603, the President, or the head of any federal agency that he shall [...]

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14 Days and Counting-There Will Be a Civil War No Matter Who Wins the Election

It is 1860 and Stephen Douglas is running against Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln’s election will lead to a civil war. The pitfalls of catastrophic events were ever present. In 2016, it is Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton. It is becoming clear that the election of either candidate will set off civil unrest and possibly lead to [...]

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18 State Swat Team Drill In Prep for Backlash Against a Stolen Election

Paul Martin, through his sources has learned of an 18 state Swat Team Drill.  The drill is exceptionally covert but The Common Sense Show has learned that the intent of the drill is centralize and coordinate martial law activities over a large swath of states at the same time. It is apparent that the election [...]

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AROL-Authoritarian Rule of Law-The New Martial Law to be Rolled Out If the Election Can Be Stolen

They call it AROL, the new Authoritarian Rule of Law.  It basically Executive Order 13603 on steroids in which the government takes control of ALL essential resources and imposes curfews and restricts the movement of the public. Presently, there is a drill taking place in which the newest form of martial law will be rolled [...]

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How to Stay Out of a FEMA Camp If Hillary Is Elected

    We are facing the increasing likelihood that Hillary will be able to steal this election. Trump will undoubtedly win the popular vote, but then the fun begins. And if Hillary ever ascends to the presidency, the fun will definitely begin for most of us. Hillary once joked about the fact that everyone should [...]

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Multinational Troops Preparing for Guerrilla War In Colorado

Colorado Has Assumed a Place of Special Importance to the New World Order We have known for years that when Washington DC is destroyed, that Colorado will be the next capital. The CIA and the DHS have moved a good portion of their operation to underground facilities near Denver International Airport. Predictive programming from the [...]

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17 Elements of UN Imposed Martial Law

T-72 main battle tanks with UN markings. Before we race head-first into World War III with Russia, it is important to realize that there will be some precursor events prior to the outbreak of war. One of the things that is going to have to happen before the war-weary Americans accept another war, [...]

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FEMA Camp Construction Is Greatly Increasing

Here is LaJunta, CO. a closed Walmart is installing enhanced security and new Walmart Supercenter has been opened walking distance away. A pickle factory has allegedly been converted into a brewery. Yet the brewery is on railroad tracks, has blacked out windows, they have hired nobody, have constructed barriers and SUV's with tinted windows. And [...]

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Medical FEMA Camps for Anti-Vax and Political Dissidents

With regard to self-granted federal regulations, the federally controlled medical management agencies in this country, have granted themselves the right to declare someone a medical threat for an absolutely harmless illness and then ship these people off to a FEMA camp which is operating under the guise as medical detainment facility, however, it operates with [...]

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Foreign Troops Training to Execute Americans Who Won’t Surrender Their Guns

In the 8 months that the drill  known as Unconventional Warfare Exercise 16 (UWEX 16) have been taking place, I have received 5 communications in various forms which have alerted me to the true nature of these drills. Unlike Jade Helm 15, UWEX 16 is covert.  The only word that comes out of UWEX 16 [...]

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