The Prime Directive: Project Blue Beam

  The Ultimate False Flag I previously did a series on current or recent TV shows that fall into the category of predictive programming. Included in this series was a brief examination of the TV show, Colony, an original production of USA Network. In the business of factual truth-telling in the face of incessant media [...]

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Secret FEMA Camp In Alaska- Holds 2 million- NSA Blocked This Interview

    This is the interview that the NSA went to great lengths to block.  The interview was cut off and Josh Coy (WYDE FM host) and I were not able to reconnect. During the course of the interview there was incessant tapping and heavy breathing. That did not come from us.   At the [...]

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What Is Going on at Warren AFB? Paul Martin & Dave Hodges

  I recently interviewed Paul Martin. There are huge weapons cache's and other weapons of war, as well as a Russian troops buildup in Northern Colorado and Southern Wyoming. These events are also more than likely linked to the border violence that is going unreported in our fake news media. This is a very revealing [...]

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Obama’s Blueprint for a 3rd Term

The last American President? in the recent election, America has gone from being annoyed with their government to the point of resisting their government and the establishment as a whole. The manifestation of this resistance culminated with the election of Donald Trump to the presidency. I have previously detailed how state governors, veterans, [...]

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I’m Watching the Construction of a FEMA Camp-

  This is happening all over the country, but my neighbors and I are witnessing the construction of a military staging area as well as a FEMA camp.  Pictures have been previously been released. Below is an interview I just did on a Colorado radio station-  This is raw data and the investigation continues.   [...]

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Troops Preparing to Cordon off Major Cities In the Coming Civil Unrest-Paul Martin and Dave Hodges

In several areas, troops are being prepositioned to shut down American cities. The only explanation is the expectation of major civil unrest at minimum and at maximum, civil war. From Wittmann, Arizona to LaPorte, Colorado to any rural area in America, the military is up to something and private businesses and contractors are in league [...]

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If you’ve stopped prepping, it could be the biggest mistake of your life

     by: Mike Adams (NaturalNews) In a wildly viral article from, Michael Snyder reveals that prepping has collapsed among Trump supporters since the day of the election. “[I]nterest in prepping is probably the lowest that it has ever been in the history of the modern prepper movement.  A couple of weeks ago, I [...]

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The New Killer Robots to be Unleashed During Martial Law to Eliminate High Value Targets

  The next generation of Killer Robots is indeed frightening. They are programmed to eliminate high value targets that are leaders in the resistanc of the NWO. The details are in the video.   Please Donate to The Common Sense Show   PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL AND DON’T FORGET TO “LIKE” US   [...]

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A Massive Coup Awaits Trump- Every Federal Agency Is Compromised

Paul Martin contacted me on Tuesday, December 21, 2016 and told me that he had uncovered information that a contingency of troops, American and foreign, were training in Wyoming, not far from the Colorado border. These troops were training for urban warfare within the United States. I subsequently interviewed Paul Martin about this and other [...]

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UWEX 16 Drill Practiced Extreme Torture in FEMA Camp Facilities

  UWEX 16 is the establishment's training efforts to defeat rogue American military gone guerrilla in anticipation of joing forces against the people. A source, inside of the UWEX drills has once again reached out to me and this is what he had to say about the torture techniques being taught in this drill.   [...]

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US Military Preparing for Large-Scale Civilian Unrest- Trigger Event? -Paul Martin

  I recently interviewed Paul Martin and he revealed that his most reliable force said that segments of the American military are preparing to subjugate the American population. My sources tell me that this is not more than a continuation of UWEX 16 in which the administration is practicing for rogue American military units to [...]

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DNC Controlled Agencies Gearing Up for Civil Unrest

Who are the massive amounts of DHS acquired bullets for? The democrats are bolstering their enforcement mechanisms. They are preparing for war against the American people. The Democratically controlled DHS is gearing up for combat. Every Federal agency is now on edge and seemingly ready to explode. What are they preparing for? Clearly [...]

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Will This Be the Last American Thanksgiving? Is Obama the Last American President?

The last American President on the last American Thanksgiving? Twenty five percent of America suffers from what is called food vulnerability. I  sincerely hope your family has a blessed Thanksgiving, complete with all the turkey, stuffing  and pumpkin pie that you could eat. May you enjoy fellowship with those who are dearest to us. [...]

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Elements of the Ohio National Guard Are Mobilizing

Earlier today I have a total received three alerts which indicate that an unknown amount of troops from the Ohio National Guard are being mobilized and deployed to an unknown location. In part, the Ohio Guard is using rented tour buses to take them to their unknown rally point presumably near Dayton, Ohio, as a [...]

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President Clinton and Her Sustainability Policies Will Mark the End of America

The "Hunger Games" nightmare scenario presently being implemented and it is called America 2050.   I constantly pray that God Almighty rebuke the evil-inspired candidacy of Hillary Clinton. However, in case Hillary and Soros are able to steal this election, it would be prudent to plan for the worse. Recent Indicators Are Troublesome [...]

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