The Movie That’s Changing America’s Perception of Their Government

The hit movie, Amerigeddon, is being rereleased. It is a movie that has accurately foretold Obama's newest July 1st Executive Order which allows the United Nations to subjugate the American people. Listen to Dave's brief analysis of the movie and you need to take a sheep to go see this movie SPECIAL NOTE: DON’T MISS [...]

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Children Are The Best Leverage- This Is the Worst Nightmare for Every Parent

  When the last false flag occurs, how will the establishment control the population? After all, aren't we a nation of 300 million handguns? You can own a tank and a 50 caliber machine gun, it won't make any difference because the beest leverage to use against a parent is their own children. The video [...]

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Colorado Is a Staging Area for UN Troops Prepping for Martial Law

Future martial law occupation troops. They are already in America and ready to go at a moments notice.  I interviewed Paul Martin who has more inside sources that have proven accurate, than I can count Paul has contacts who have seen the following foreign troops in Colorado. Information I am receiving tell me that [...]

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How Your Kids Will Be Used to Lure You Into a FEMA Camp

Operation Mountain Guardian was a disaster drill and a Continuity of Government exercise, not to be confused with a Continuity of America drill. In September of 2011, the government practiced, at both Denver's Sports Authority Field and at Giants Stadium in New York on how to use your children to lure you into [...]

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Chilling Martial Law Footage: Are We There, Yet?

A Sign of Things to Come? The following video is a chilling expose of the snippets which look and sound like martial law? How many of these martial law characteristics do you see in America today? There are two basic means for arriving at being in a state of martial law. The first [...]

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UN Backed MS-13 to Carry Out Assassinations of American Police Officers

Several times arrested, they have been let loose on America. On Thursday, July 14, 2016, Steve Quayle sent me an article, published by the Associated Press which detailed how the United Nations would be used to enforce martial law inside of the United States. Steve asked me to look into this further. I [...]

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AP Admits that UN Troops Will Impose Martial Law In US

I want to stress to you that this is only a partial list where I reference the intention of the establishment to use foreign troops under the banner of the UN flag to subjugate the United States. They are here to take your guns, and user dissidents into FEMA camps for final distribution. I have [...]

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37 Separate Acts of Potential Terrorism Are Planned for This Friday

  Over two years ago, I wrote an article on the growing perception of police brutality which seemed to have racial overtones, at that time. I have undeniably called for the prosecution of police officers who engage in police brutality. In other articles, I have called for an end to the practice in which the police [...]

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Red List News-Army Regulations Now Permit the Execution of Peaceful Protesters

For the past two years, governments have been shooting protesters, across the planet. New Army field manual regulation, apparently make it legal to do so here. In light of the BLM protests, which are growing more ominous and the possibility that tens of millions of Americans could be protesting in the streets this November if [...]

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Hillary Could Soon Have the Power to Control All Food and Water

  If Clinton is elected, Obama will hand her the power of a dictator. Upon Inauguration Day, Clinton will have the power to to the following:   As President, Hillary Clinton Would Have the Power to Enact Slave Labor According to EO 13603, the President, or the head of any federal agency that he shall [...]

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From Sean Hannity to John Stossel- “Is America Going Under Martial Law?”

  From Jon Stossel to Sean Hannity martial law is here.  This video is punctuated with journalists, some of them mainstream stating that martial law is here as they provide example after example. Maybe they are right in that Martial Law is here. When the elite call their selected agents together, it’s time to pay attention. [...]

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Why Are UN Troops On American Soil?

  Over the past couple of days, the Internet has been abuzz with reports and photos of UN military vehicles on US soil. Many people are looking at this as a shocking development. The following has been reported as if this were some novel and recent event: "Military U.N. vehicles have been spotted in Virginia, [...]

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Obama Has Covertly Signed the US Over to the United Nations

  Agenda 2030 is often referred to as Agenda 21 on steroids. We talk and write about Agenda 2030 as if it were something that will someday come our way if we are not careful. Well, my fellow Americans, I have very bad news. To quote my friend and colleague, Steve Quayle, when he says "what [...]

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FEMA Slave Labor Camps Are Becoming Operational-The First Prisoners Have Arrived

There are three type of prisons inside the United States. There is the one, that the people see. In this instance, the prison works in conjunction with legal authorities and their activities are transparent. A second type of prison system is the privatized system which has degenerated into system of slave labor which benefits Wall [...]

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Secret Military Maneuvers, Foreign Mercenaries, Civil War Drills- Will There Be An Election?

  Hey Dave!  Thank you so very much for your vigilant pursuit of the truth and to get the information out to all of us !!  God Bless you for that.  I was just giving you some FYI information.  Here in Wheatland, Wy we have seen a huge amount of what looks like military caravans [...]

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