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Pentagon Shakeup Underway-Jade Helm 16 Rehearsed This Scenario Which Leads to Civil War

  Jade Helm 16, aka UWEX 16 trained foreign soldiers in the art of citizen extraction, torture and murder. Most importantly, Jade Helm 16 trained to fight against "rogue" military forces fighting a "guerrilla" war. There were four bases in Texas that participated  16in these heinous acts to be unleashed against the American people. [...]

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Extreme False Flag Terrorism Followed by UN Occupation of America-James Wesley Rawles and Monika Wesolowski

    There are two very disturbing conversations that I have had in the past 24 hours which suggests very clearly that the Deep State is in the process dismantling the United States of America. Additionally, it is becoming increasingly clear that the Deep State will pay any price to take down America by "any [...]

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Teach Your Child To run Like Hell and to NEVER Get On This Bus 

Children will become the leverage to lure in the parents. There are two drills that are conducted in every public school across America, and parents should be leery as to the end game intent of these drills. The drills are popularly known as bus evacuation drill and school lock-down drills. On the surface, these drills [...]

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Venezuelan-Style Starvation/Civil Unrest Is Very Close- Paul Martin and Dave Hodges

  This is a blockbuster presentation in which I interviewed Paul Martin.  George Soros is having his way as extreme civil unrest is coming along with martial law. This is a blockbuster interview that needs to go viral. Please donate to offset the costs of The Common Sense Show PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL AND [...]

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Steve Quayle-Triumph of Evil-Deep State’s FEMA Camps, Beheadings, Christian Persecution

"Most people don't realize how close the Deep State is to complete control" Steve Quayle I recently conducted an interview with Steve Quayle.There were more headliner events discussed in that interview that can be fit into a title. Steve conveyed several hours of interview material in only 50 minutes. We discussed everything from FEMA Camps, [...]

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