Attention Denver: The End of Private Conversations-Police State Surveillance Being Installed In Your Neighborhoods

A viewer of The Common Sense Show sent me the following photos of several installations of surveillance equipment in Southwest Denver area. Here is the communication which is listed below the photo: Hello Dave, I like your show, and website. Thanks for your work. I don't like to ask but I need your expertise. Last [...]

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Will Martial Law Be Implemented on October 1st?

The strangest thing has happened at Facebook in the past four weeks. Facebook, known for their extreme censorship and promotion of totally inappropriate political messages (e.g. Assassinate Donald Trump page), has taken a dramatic shift in censorship policy. Previously, any post, from any Independent Media site would be limited to 10 groups. If 11 groups [...]

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Three Reasons Why An Economic Collapse Is Imminent

  The Three Reasons Why the Economy Will Soon Fail The U.S. economy is living on borrowed time. People ask, how long does America have until it collapses? The answer is not clear. However, these are three reasons why the economy is near collapse. Details for the coming financial holocaust are in the video.   [...]

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Seven Things You Must Have to Survive the First 3 Days After An Economic Collapse- CSS with Bob Griswold

  Expert Tells How to Survive the First Three Days After The Collapse Expert Bob Griswold talked about the seven things you must do to survive the first three days following an economic collapse. Can you name the seven things? Are you prepared.  Details are in the video.   PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL [...]

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UN Troops to Man FEMA Camps According to Leaked Documents

Documents Showing Foreign Troops to Run FEMA Camps Complete with Cemeteries and Crematoriums     It is laughable that some in the independent media are still in denial about the existence and true nature of concentration camps in America,commonly known as FEMA camps. The evidence is overwhelming and from certain documents we can ascertain how [...]

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When Will Martial Law Be Implemented? Ask Your Pastor

Pastors serving government over God.   I have never seen a time such as the one we are living in. We have so simultaneous threats to our health and well-being, that it is difficult to know where to begin. ISIS is running rampant across America. The Russians and Chinese are bombarding us with [...]

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Who Will Be Sent to the FEMA Camps? Are You On This List?

Who Will Be Sent to the FEMA Camps? Are You On This List? There are several-dozen criteria that DHS will use prior to arresting you and sending you to a FEMA camp for final disposition. Are you on this list? Details are in the accompanying video.   Donate to the efforts of The Common Sense [...]

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The Build Up of UN Troops Continues On US Soil

I will offer the following email, as so many have revealed evidence related to the continued build-up of foreign UN troops. I live in the small town of Newport WA. I just came back from running an errand. While I was stopped at the light this huge boat passed in front of me. When I [...]

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UN Troops Training at a FEMA Camp-Martial Law Readiness Drills

There is not a subject that I have written about over the last several years that I have received the most criticsm for than the topic of UN/foreign troops on American soil. To those who persist on engaging in cognitive dissonance, here is my answer to you, presented in a respectful manner. In 2012-13, I [...]

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Breaking News: Military Preparing for Martial Law in So. Illinois

For the past month, I receive 4-5 emails like this per week. The message is clear, the military is preparing for martial law. I offer the latest of these emails without comment.   Mr. Hodges, Back in May I sent you a message about being on the lookout for changes with our National Guard here [...]

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The Movie That’s Changing America’s Perception of Their Government

The hit movie, Amerigeddon, is being rereleased. It is a movie that has accurately foretold Obama's newest July 1st Executive Order which allows the United Nations to subjugate the American people. Listen to Dave's brief analysis of the movie and you need to take a sheep to go see this movie SPECIAL NOTE: DON’T MISS [...]

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Children Are The Best Leverage- This Is the Worst Nightmare for Every Parent

  When the last false flag occurs, how will the establishment control the population? After all, aren't we a nation of 300 million handguns? You can own a tank and a 50 caliber machine gun, it won't make any difference because the beest leverage to use against a parent is their own children. The video [...]

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Colorado Is a Staging Area for UN Troops Prepping for Martial Law

Future martial law occupation troops. They are already in America and ready to go at a moments notice.  I interviewed Paul Martin who has more inside sources that have proven accurate, than I can count Paul has contacts who have seen the following foreign troops in Colorado. Information I am receiving tell me that [...]

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How Your Kids Will Be Used to Lure You Into a FEMA Camp

Operation Mountain Guardian was a disaster drill and a Continuity of Government exercise, not to be confused with a Continuity of America drill. In September of 2011, the government practiced, at both Denver's Sports Authority Field and at Giants Stadium in New York on how to use your children to lure you into [...]

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Chilling Martial Law Footage: Are We There, Yet?

A Sign of Things to Come? The following video is a chilling expose of the snippets which look and sound like martial law? How many of these martial law characteristics do you see in America today? There are two basic means for arriving at being in a state of martial law. The first [...]

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