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After Deep State Takes the Guns, They Will Be Taking Millions to FEMA Camps

Will You Have to Cross This Line to Obtain Food and Water? Re-Education Camps This is a series dedicated to the implications of the Deep State extinguishing our Constitutionally elected republic and replacing it with the most brutal dictatorship in the history of the planet. The technology that exists to impose the will of a [...]

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How to Survive a Deep State Takeover

If the Deep State is forced out of the closet and they actually succeed in overthrowing the Constitutional government, what will that mean for the individual American?  The following video contains what every citizen needs to know about surviving a Deep State takeover.   Please donate to offset the costs of The Common Sense Show PLEASE [...]

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Globalists Have Placed 22 Nation-Ending Crises On America’s Doorstep

America has ventured into unprecedented times. Everyone of our crises are created by the globalists which is intended, in my hmble opinion, to collapse our country after plundering it for everything that it is worth. Let's being the analysis in an obscure place that could have great relevance to our country. We see rioting in [...]

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Arizona U Hiring Informants to Spy on Students with “Dangerous Views”

    The University of Arizona's Department of Bias is paying  "social justice warriors" to spy on conservative views who possess inappropriate views.  Has the Stasi taken up roots in Tucson? Personal Note: My son is an honor student who is just beginning to be recruited by various Universities. Anything with University of Arizona on [...]

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Are You On the Red Or Blue List?

  The cat is out of the bag. The Trump administration has been swallowed up by the Deep State at a time when Trump was prepared to impose banking regulations and was going to sytematically fire federal workers who represent the first layer of the Deep State. I have been told by many that the [...]

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UN Activity in California-Paul Martin

  I recently interviewed Paul Martin of Revolution Radio.org.  He had heard reports from my previous report on reported and photographed UN activity near the Delaware River in Pennsylvania. Paul, too, is receiving reports of UN troops and vehicles, only this is in California.     Please donate to offset the costs of The Common Sense [...]

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Is America Becoming a Military Dictatorship?

's farewell  Civilian authority over the military is a hallmaark principle over American government. In this role, the President reigns as the "Commander-in-Chief", not the other way around. This principle has ensured the preservation of our Republic for well over two centuries. Trump Expresses Unwavering Support for the Military Unlike Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan, [...]

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Gangster Airlines-Boycott United Airlines

Here is a perfect example of what is wrong with government sponsored corporate  monopolies. Just like Youtube, Facebook, Verizon, the NFL or any other monopoly, they act like gangsters! United overbooks. The passengers are buckled in. United tells passengers they must give up their seat for United employees. A doctor says he can't because he [...]

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Who Will Go to a FEMA Camp?

    Among the questions taht I am frequently asked have to do with FEMA camps. Who will be sent to a FEMA camp? What is the criteria.  What does history teach about such things? The following video addresses these issues.     Please donate to the research efforts of The Common Sense Show PLEASE [...]

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