Jade Helm Foreign Occupation Troops Will Soon Be “Detaining” American Citizens in the Southwest

  I fear that an economic collapse may be right around the corner as all the signs are in evidence. I am often left wondering what means will this administration employ in order to keep control over the American people. Are British Soldiers Planning to Assist In Implementing Martial Law in the Southwest The following [...]

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Jade Helm FEMA Camp Preparations Are Entering the Final Phase

  The above picture is eerie and it has been mostly associated with the transport of civilian detainees presumably to a FEMA camp. Many have questioned the authenticity of the photo and have subsequently made allegations of photo shopping this picture in order to make it look like a FEMA transport trait. I have known [...]

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They Are Not Coming to Take Texas, They Are Coming to Take Texans

  The on-the-ground reporting of troubling Jade Helm related activities are not dissipating. Every day, my email is filled with eyewitness accounts and photos sent to me by Americans who are alarmed and shocked at what is going on inside of their country. The unwarranted and unprecedented martial activities, resulting from Jade Helm, are serving to both [...]

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Jade Helm Martial Law Forces Are Completely Occupying Every Corner of America

The martial law forces of Jade Helm are everywhere. In the United States, we are witnessing unprecedented troop movements. Some of the American people are becoming hyper vigilant as they know, from what they are seeing, that something is terribly wrong. The following is a small cross-section of what I receive everyday. The takeover of [...]

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Will Your Church Be Turned Into a FEMA Camp?

  Now, more than ever before, it is important to get one's spiritual house in order. Now, more than ever before, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to practice your Christian faith without experiencing serious consequences. And to compound these issues, many pastors have forsaken their calling and have betrayed their flock. The purpose of [...]

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An Obama Executive Order Legalizes Slave Labor In America

    Following yesterday's article dealing with how Obama is positioning to control all food through nationalizing the resource, the trolls have been out in force. And are they ever getting desperate! The globalist minions, known in part as the Obama administration, do not want the public reading about the NDAA, Executive Order 13603 (EO) and [...]

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Is Jade Helm More About War or Martial Law? A Statistical Analysis

    The purpose of this article is to take existing on-the-ground-evidence and see what consistent theme emanates from this evidence. The United States military is following two parallel paths, the establishment of martial law preparations and following a path of extreme combat readiness. What is not quite as clear with regard to combat readiness, [...]

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More Evidence Clearly Showing the Midland Walmart Is Transforming Into a FEMA Camp Detention Center

  A few weeks ago, I was professionally and personally attacked by a would-be-journalist from Big Spring, Texas. In her scathing article, the world was told that there is nothing to Jade Helm and there is nothing unusual going on at the Midland, TX. Walmart. The thrust of the allegations was based on the fact [...]

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Sheila Zilinsky and Dave Hodges-Jade Helm, the Plot Thickens

    Popular talk show host and writer host Dave Hodges from The Common Sense Show joins Sheila for a riveting discussion on the latest on Jade Helm as well they connect the dots on recent events.    

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Multinational Armed Forces Are Training to Enslave Every Modern Nation Following An Economic Collapse

  Foreign occupation forces are training and will be training to overrun this country in a martial law scenario. Why foreign troops? Because American troops might not be able to be counted upon to carry out the orders of subjugation that will come down from this globalist inspired banker-hijacked administration. In the past several days, [...]

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Everything goes! Greek government mortgages the country’s airports, banks and infrastructure to EU debt collectors

  Friday, July 17, 2015 by: J. D. Heyes Natural News (NaturalNews) Some last-minute deal-making to ensure that Greece's bailout debt is fully repaid is not likely to sit well with the Greek electorate. A week ago, voters in Greece overwhelmingly rejected a deal, rebuffing European leaders who were demanding new austerity measures and a [...]

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Jade Helm and FEMA Camps Are Appearing In Every Modern Nation

China’s stock market is failing along with the sell out of the Greek people and the collapse of their economy. In Greece, it is merely a matter of time until the entire country goes up in flames and results in a civil war. This is merely the tip of the iceberg. The "civilized world" as we know [...]

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Today Is the First Day of the Great American Purge

    Today, is the first "official" day of Jade Helm. This is beginning of the Great American Purge. Since mid-March, I have written over 100 articles, have done 85 interviews and I have also interviewed such notables as Steve Quayle, John B. Wells, Paul Martin, Doug Hagmann and former Army Special Operations Officer, Scott [...]

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Jade Helm Death Squads Inserted Into American Communities: Is It Just a Drill?

  Our worst fears about Jade Helm are beginning to be realized. Back in March of 2015, many of us in the alternative media saw the inherent danger in the unconstitutional military drill called "Jade Helm 15". Now we see that our concerns were well-founded as the more draconian parts of this drill are beginning [...]

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Privately Owned Prisons Are Being Converted to FEMA Camps

  Russians training in incarcerate and process American dissidents? Prison riots that are controlled by "special forces (Jade Helm)"? Prison space being cleared for future political prisoners? And all of these events discussed in this article simply dovetail from the revelation that shopping malls, sports stadiums and some schools are being prepped to double as [...]

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