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FEMA Slave Labor Camps Are Becoming Operational-The First Prisoners Have Arrived

There are three type of prisons inside the United States. There is the one, that the people see. In this instance, the prison works in conjunction with legal authorities and their activities are transparent. A second type of prison system is the privatized system which has degenerated into system of slave labor which benefits Wall [...]

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All Roads Lead to Amerageddon: Your Life Will Soon Be Over As You Know It

  In yesterday’s article, I noted how the impending financial catastrophe correlated with the tremendous increase in massive military movements and even martial law drills across the USA. In the story, I provided three of seven examples that had been sent to me. Within five hours of publication, I received another three examples. In [...]

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The FDIC Issues Letter Warning of Economic Collapse-Martial Law Drills Are Everywhere

  Peter Schiff Warns Of Economic Collapse In 28 May 2016 Since the first week in March, Schiff has been screaming atthe top of his lungs that the American economy is going to fail and when it begins to fail, it is going to happen quickly.   Forget Peter Schiff and the unprecedented banker meetings, [...]

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Tick..Tick..Tick..You Still Have Money In the Bank? No Gun? No Gold or Stored Food?

  Donald Trump predicted that the United States is on course for a "very massive recession," warning that a combination of high unemployment and an overvalued stock market had set the stage for another economic slump."I think we’re sitting on an economic bubble. A financial bubble," the billionaire Presidential candidate said in an interview with The [...]

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Red List News 5 Minute Audio-Hillary Will Become Known as the FEMA Camp President

Hillary Clinton is borrowing a page out of the old Soviet Union practice of declaring government dissenters to be mentally ill and subsequently sent off to the Gulags. Hillary is calling for Americans to go to "Fun Camps" to learn life's lessons. Clinton borrows phraseology from George Orwell's 1984 classic. Declaring government dissenters to be [...]

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The Coming Amerikan Hellstorm- Gun Confiscation and Control of Food Always Leads to Genocide

Hell on Earth is about to visit our shores. In any repressive regime, before subjugation is complete, the totalitarian government comes for both the guns and the food. Both events are well underway in the present moment inside the United States. America's Coming Holodomor On one hand, we see the forces of the [...]

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The Department Of Justice Prepares To Step Up War On Domestic Extremists

  Derrick Broze Activist Post   Senior officials with the U.S. Department of Justice recently announced possible legal changes which could allow the government greater room to combat so-called “anti-government extremists”. On Thursday February 4, Reuters reported that John Carlin, the Justice Department’s chief of national security, and federal prosecutors are looking for new tools [...]

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