America, Prepare to Defend Yourselves!

America has been invaded and is in the proces of being occupied. ILS towers which can be used to guide in troop transport planes and heavy equipment in bad weather are being put into the countryside outside of Cheyenne,Wyoming, where they have a  lot of bad weather. Intellistreets "Big Brother" surveillance is being installed in [...]

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Jade Helm Official Reveals True Purposes of JH-15: This Is a Must Read!

Finally, we are getting some much needed honesty with regard to the true nature of Jade Helm. The information is not overtly forthcoming, but in this clumsily made presentation to local Texas officials, one can pretty much ascertain the true nature of the drill, that is, if one can get around the obvious lies being [...]

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Prominent Lt. General Tells Dave Hodges of the Coming Civil War

    Yesterday, I was fortunate enough to speak to the Chino Valley, AZ. chapter of the Oathkeepers. I came away convinced that I shared a room, for 90 minutes, with people who grasp the importance of the times that we are living in and these former law enforcement and military personnel are dedicated to [...]

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Military Reveals Martial Law and Dissident Extraction Plans for US Citizens

Over the past two months, many of us in the Independent Media have said it again and again, Jade Helm is about subjugating the American people who will one day rise up to what is coming. As the American people are kept in the dark about the true nature of Jade Helm, members of the [...]

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A Newly Released Jade Helm Document Reveals the True Intent of the Drill

    Warning: The following may contain images and messages which are troublesome to those who suffer from cognitive dissonance and corporate media group think.  A relatively new and obscure document, U.S. Army Special Operations Command "ARSOF Operating Concept" is the blueprint for Jade Helm. This document does not boldly use phrases such as "extracting [...]

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Heads Up! More UN Military Police Equipment Seen Going Through Huntsville, Alabama

  From the Daily Coin from DAHBOO777 I want to give a shout out to Dan from Huntsville, Alabama. He witnessed multiple convoys passing through the area. He has night footage as well he is sending. But what is most concerning is the UN Military Police Vehicles. This is the 3rd time I Have reported [...]

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Jade Helm and the Impending Economic Collapse

    As a country, we are so focused on the physical threat posed by Jade Helm 15, that we are all but ignoring the economic threat to our collective well-being. The truth of the matter is that the implementation of Jade Helm clearly signals that an economic collapse is imminent. If you know that [...]

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Jade Helm and Operation Red Flag Point to the Coming Civil War

    Both Michael Savage and Alex Jones are on the record when they both state that there is going to be a civil war involving the United States. Rumors are surfacing and becoming substantiated about a second set of massive military preparedness drills and it is not Jade Helm. These drills are known as [...]

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The Secret Goals of Jade Helm Are Leaking out

One day, we are going to awaken to the reality that our country is no more. There will be no United States, no Constitution and no civil liberties. There will only be a handful of corporations, backed by national armies, who will bring lethal force against any and all who resist. It will all happen [...]

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Jade Helm Is Proving America to be a Nation of Cowards and Traitors

Jade Helm is spiraling out of control. By my reports, this unconstitutional and illegal activity has spread to over 40 states, not the seven states admitted to by Jade Helm personnel.  Military and troop movements are continuing as we are seeing armored vehicles on city streets in New Hampshire. Michigan is receiving ISIS terrorist threats [...]

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ISIS Attacks and Contrived Race Riots Will Make Jade Helm Go Live

An incredibly brave and highly skilled Texas traffic cop saved multiple lives Sunday night when he killed two heavily armed men bent on storming a building where Pam Geller's "Draw the Prophet Muhammad" contest was taking place. The unidentified police officer encountered the two suspects, believed to have driven some 1,100 miles from Phoenix to [...]

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Steve Quayle and Dave Hodges on the Threats posed by Jade Helm

    Christine Sarro put together a collage of interview with the likes of Steve Quayle, Dave Hodges et al.  Great summary of the major concerns a growing number of Americans are expressing regarding Jade Helm.      

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  There can be no doubt that the internal events at Walmart holds the key to the end game of Jade Helm operations. Jade Helm and Walmart are inextricably linked and the existing evidence suggests one of two possible end game probabilities for Jade Helm. 1. Converted Walmart stores will be processing centers for FEMA [...]

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Texas Rangers Brace for ISIS Led Invasion

I wrote an article two days ago entitled The Dual Purpose of Jade Helm. The following email, purportedly from a Texas Ranger supports my notion that Jade Helm more than likely has a dual purpose with the end game consisting of the enforcement of a brutal form of martial law and mass detentions. ______ Hello [...]

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All Jade Helm Roads Lead to Midland, Texas

The absurdity of the Midland Walmart story in which the store had to be closed because of plumbing issues is amazing. In Midland, the Walmart is closed and we see a plethora of military activity at the store. Since when did the military service Walmart plumbing? Yet, there are some Americans who still believe this [...]

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