Every NFL Stadium Is a FEMA Camp In Hiding

You ever heard the old saying "My husband would live at the stadium if we could"? This is the lament of every football widow. However, the husband may soon get his wish and the wife may indeed become a widow in the true sense of the word. The Tyranny That Is the NFL The NFL [...]

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Exterminating 40 Million Americans In Re-Education Camps Is the Goal

I have been covering how many of our everyday structures are being converted into makeshift detention centers (i.e. FEMA camps).Hundreds of strip malls across Canada, the UK and the U.S. are having guard towers retrofitted to the existing structures. This is even happening with closed and abandoned strip malls. It is happening with newer construction. It [...]

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How Fast Can a Strip Mall Be Turned Into a FEMA Camp?

    In response to yesterday's article which demonstrated how many malls are being constructed with guard towers, I received the following response i which I was quoted and then chastized: “Following this report, Herb Lane followed up with some very disturbing information about this development. In Herb’s photos, they clearly show guard towers. Unfortunately, [...]

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White Transport Vehicles Entering USA Ports and Strip Mall Conversions to FEMA Camps Spells Trouble

The United States is witnessing the importation of white buses and vans in record numbers. Malls, all across the UK, Canada and the United States are witnessing strip mall conversion to FEMA camp guard towers. Further, new malls are incorporating FEMA camp guard towers into their construction. And the largest owners of malls in North [...]

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A FEMA Camp on Every Block and the Construction of Mass Burial Sites by Jade Helm Personnel

  What is the end game for FEMA camps? What is the final goal? The Construction of Mass Burial Sites Along these lines, I have received two emails in regard to some very disturbing developments. Dear Dave, My brother-in-law is an Army Reservist in Texas. His last drill was somewhere in Ohio where his unit [...]

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World War III, Walmart, FEMA Camps, Jade Helm: A Clergy Response Team Insider Reveals What Lies Ahead

    Yesterday, one of my listeners sent me the following short video made by Alex Jones. In the video, Alex is wondering out loud why he has not left the country because his insider sources say that all hell is going to break loose by October. I have said, a hundred times, in a [...]

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The 4th Purpose of Jade Helm Is the Most Dangerous of All

Today, June 15th, is the new "official" launch date for Jade Helm and a very clear picture is taking shape. It is now apparent that Jade Helm has at least four purposes: Political dissident extractions to be carried out under the NDAA which "allows" for the unconstitutional practice of indefinite detention without the required 5th [...]

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The Frightening Third Purpose of Jade Helm

    As long-time readers to this website will recall, I have been very consistent with regard to the sequencing of how this nation would be brought to its knees. A series of false flag events will take place that will lead to massive civil unrest/conflict. Martial law will be imposed as a result of [...]

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Plans for FEMA Camp Roundups Have Spread to All English Speaking Nations

  The prison business in both the United States and the UK is big business, very big business. Since the riots of 2010-11, which pushed the prison population in the UK to the limit, has led many to wonder if Britain was going to begin to construct FEMA type camps. People from the UK have noted that [...]

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ISIS, the CIA and Guillotines: A Must Read!

  The following is one of the most lucid accounts of FM 3-39.4 and FEMA camp detention. It is worthy of viewing and will help legitimize the question: Will beheadings ever become part of the FEMA camp experience? The guillotine has never been used inside of the United States. The United States has executed people [...]

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America, Prepare to Defend Yourselves!

America has been invaded and is in the proces of being occupied. ILS towers which can be used to guide in troop transport planes and heavy equipment in bad weather are being put into the countryside outside of Cheyenne,Wyoming, where they have a  lot of bad weather. Intellistreets "Big Brother" surveillance is being installed in [...]

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Jade Helm Official Reveals True Purposes of JH-15: This Is a Must Read!

Finally, we are getting some much needed honesty with regard to the true nature of Jade Helm. The information is not overtly forthcoming, but in this clumsily made presentation to local Texas officials, one can pretty much ascertain the true nature of the drill, that is, if one can get around the obvious lies being [...]

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Prominent Lt. General Tells Dave Hodges of the Coming Civil War

    Yesterday, I was fortunate enough to speak to the Chino Valley, AZ. chapter of the Oathkeepers. I came away convinced that I shared a room, for 90 minutes, with people who grasp the importance of the times that we are living in and these former law enforcement and military personnel are dedicated to [...]

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Military Reveals Martial Law and Dissident Extraction Plans for US Citizens

Over the past two months, many of us in the Independent Media have said it again and again, Jade Helm is about subjugating the American people who will one day rise up to what is coming. As the American people are kept in the dark about the true nature of Jade Helm, members of the [...]

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A Newly Released Jade Helm Document Reveals the True Intent of the Drill

    Warning: The following may contain images and messages which are troublesome to those who suffer from cognitive dissonance and corporate media group think.  A relatively new and obscure document, U.S. Army Special Operations Command "ARSOF Operating Concept" is the blueprint for Jade Helm. This document does not boldly use phrases such as "extracting [...]

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