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The Same 2008 Economic Conditions Are Back- The Housing Market Could Collapse the Economy

  The economic collapse of the United States is underway. yesterday I cited the Governmental Accounting Office (GAO) and their dire numbers. Today, we look at the housing numbers and there is virutally no difference between the housing numbers of today and the hosing numbers of 11 years ago that collapsed the economy. We did [...]

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Cognitive Dissonance Will Not Save America From the Collapse of the Dollar

Cognitive Dissonance Will Not Save America From the Collapse of the Dollar   I know that most of you are probably tired of hearing about the endless predictions that the US economy is going to crash. Stock up now, buy survival gear, get your food, water, guns, gold, ammunition and medicine!  Blah, blah, blah. We [...]

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Trump and Putin Planning a Conference- This Is Not What the Deep State Wants

Trump is already making peace with North Korea. Now, he's working on repairing the damage done by the phony Russian-collusion-delusion by scheduling a summit between the two leaders Here are te details. BEST STORABLE FOOD DEAL ON THE PLANET! PREPARE WITH DAVE–  4 WEEKS OF STORABLE FOOD was $250  NOW IT’S ONLY $99 FOR A LIMITED [...]

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A Tsunami of “Biblical Proportions” Would Be Generated by a Kilauea Explosion Which Now Appears Likely

More than three weeks after the Kilauea volcano first exploded, the situation is going from bad to worse as the big Island is being beseiged with new explosions which are destroying more neighborhoods. Hundreds of residents have evacuated from lower Puna as advancing flows threaten homes and a key access point which is the only access [...]

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Amazon to Control Future Space Travel In Addition to the CIA, Pentagon Online Marketing

  Jeff Bezos,as dastardly as he is, represents the new economy. However, he's not satisfied with that. He wants to enter your home and your car. He wants the keys to locks. Amazon, owners of the Washington Post and partnered with the CIA, wants access to your home and car.  Amazon controls the much [...]

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Kilauea Just Became Much More Deadly

  The Kilauea danger just got very serious. The danger for greately increased fatalities just expanded exponentially.Lava has expanded to cover a highly toxic facility. It is a geo-thermal plant and the danger is real and very deadly. Here is the story.     PREPARE WITH DAVE–  4 WEEKS OFSTORABLE FOOD was $250  NOW IT’S [...]

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More Proof the NBA Is Rigged

  From the manipulated draft lottery to the selected few corrupt offiicals that manipulate the games  in order to increase the revenue share of the league, the NBA is corrupt beyond belief. Here is more proof to  support his allegation.   PREPARE WITH DAVE–  4 WEEKS OFSTORABLE FOOD was $250  NOW IT'S ONLY $99 FOR [...]

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Why the Democrats Love High Gas Prices

  Histoically, the Democrats love high gas prices, because it is a disincentive to drive. And driving, to a Democrat, causes climate change. Howeve,r the Democrats have recently flip-flopped their position on high gas prices and you will not believe the incredible reason for their about face on this issue.   THE EVENT OF THE [...]

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Fukushima is running out of storage tanks for radioactive water … Where will they dump it now?

By Tracey Watson The fallout from one of the worst nuclear disasters in history is likely about to get far worse, with Japanese news media reporting that the storage capacity for collecting radioactive water at Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant is close to reaching its limit. The power plant was first commissioned in 1971, and was one [...]

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