No Cal Is In Grave Danger- Gov. Brown Fiddles As NO CAL Drowns

  Jerry Brown, is the Benedict Arnold of his generation. First he leads an unconstitutional effort to lead California out of the US through CALEXIT. Then he acts with depraved indifference towards the 2 million people living between the Oroville Dam and Sacramento. Brown has 25 billion dollars to spend on programs benefitting illegal [...]

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Gary Heavin Exposing the Deep State Clinton Mafia- The Common Sense Show (Hour 3- 2/12/17)

Gary Heavin, the producer of Amerigeddon. Now, the sole support for a million hurricane victims on Haiti. Heavin is on the short-list to be the next ambassador to Haiti. In the following interview, Heavin exposes the massive criminality of the Clinton Foundation. You will not beleive your ears at the luandry list of crimes [...]

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Tillerson’s Beginning to Purge the Deep State

The Trump administration is going to have to terminate the employment of tens of thousands of Federal employees. Termination is warranted because many are, not just loyal to Clinton and Obama, they are engaged in sedition and treason. In some cases, these forces of evil are the guardians of the gate for Pizzagate. They are [...]

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Worsening Oroville Dam Crisis: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

Later tonight, the first of 3 major storms will hit the Oroville area. Will the Oroville Dam hold? We collectively pray that it does. During the present crisis and largely due to the fact that Paul Preston and I were among the first to report on this, we have both attracted people, in an offiical [...]

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Tillerson Is Cleaning House at the State Dept- Is he going deep enough

  I was opposed to the Rex Tillerson appointment to the Secretary of State position.  I may have been wrong. Tillerson is winning me over. Among the good things he is doing, he is getting rid of the Muslim Brotherhood and the avowed communists that work in the State Depertment.  However, I have to ask, [...]

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Governor Brown: Evacuate Sacramento or One Million Could Die From Oroville Dam

  Almost 200,000 people have evacuated from several Northern California counties after damage to spillways at the Oroville Dam. I have spoken to several people that I know within the area which are impacted from the dam, and these people feel they need to leave right now. The Oroville dam, the nation's tallest, remains intact, but [...]

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Trump Issuing New Executive Order on Muslim Immigration- POTUS’ Saving US

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has struck down President Trump's Executive Order temporarily banning Muslim Immigration from 7 countries. The intent was not ban Muslims, but to be able to screen immigrants for potential national security risks. The Communists that seek to overthrow the Constitution are opposed to the preservation of the Republic and [...]

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All Politicians Are In Grave Danger

Stand up, look to the left, look to the right, stand up sit down, fight, fight, fight!  Do you remember this cheer for sports teams from your high school days? The literal application of this cheer could be applied to the relationship between politicians and the left/right base. Congress is taking precautions in lieu of [...]

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Mr. President, Why Are There Still Chemtrails Over America?

  Mr. President, you way you are for the people  and we should be "winning". Mr. President, we can't win if we cannot breath. We cannot win if we have early onset dementia.  We cannot win if all of children get autism. A huge contributor to these conditions is chemtrails. When are you going to [...]

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Extreme Weather Followed by Massive Famine Is Upon Humanity-Exclusive Story-Paul Martin Interview

Paul Martin is reporting on the fact that expert weatherman,  Cliff Harris, is reporting on the fact that extreme weather has come to the planet. This will be followed by extreme famine due to crop failure. Further, food storage is at historical lows. This all adds up to a famine. Here is the complete story. [...]

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Enemies Within: President Trump Is In Extreme Danger

President Trump may have escaped the clutches of Hillary Clinton. But can he escape the danger posed by the Democratic/Communist Party who are agents of the globalists and whose main goal is the destruction of the United States? The following comprise the "hit team" who want to take him out and subjugate the American people. Enemies [...]

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Hillary 2020-Democratic Insider Says Yes

A Democratic (communist) insider told me it is going to happen. Hillary is being prepped to run in 2020.  She is going to be hosting, as of yet, an undetermined talk show to keep her name out in front of the people.  Won't she be in jail by then? Will she even be alive?   [...]

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Sanctuary States to Withhold Funds to DC- Showdown Looming

    How much will Persident Trump take from mayors and governors who insist on breaking our immigration laws and then making up their own. Many states are saying that they will not obey Trump when it comes to deporatation. There is a major showdown looming.   Please Donate to The Common Sense Show   [...]

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Teacher Union is Ditching Common Core

  The American Federation of Teachers (AFT) has made a decided move away from Common Core.  Common Core does not work and it was not designed to work. The AFT is awarding a series of $30,000 grants designed to replace many Common Core features based on research related to sound educational practices. Here is the [...]

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Trump Needs to Call Mex. President On His Bluff- Cancel NAFTA

  Mexico enjoys a $600 billion dollar annual trade deficit advantage.  The Mexican President cancelled his meeting with Trump because Trump insisted on building the wall and having Mexico pay for it. Some think the Trump should cancel NAFTA and force Mexico to the negotiation table. Here is the entire story.   Please Donate to [...]

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