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  • Obama-destruction121
    Quit Bashing Obama, He Continues to Set Presidential Records

      The American people really need to quit bashing Obama.  He is a record-setting president. There has never been one like him. The Obama administration continues to set records and it is not even close. Here is a list of his “Presidential Firsts”.   An Unmatched Presidency The only President to be photographed smoking a joint. The only President to lead the nation into a ..

  • hillary stopped 2016
    This Is America’s Worst Nightmare

          Recently, I was interviewing Patrick Wood as I was guest hosting on KHNC 1360 AM in northern Colorado. Pat and I both agreed that the Presidency and the Congress are beyond the reach of the American people and that we should focus on local politics in order to stave off globalist agendas such Agenda 21. However, I will make one exception to ..

  • Where will they take the children? Will you get them back and when? Or, will they be used as bait?
    An Obama Executive Order Legalizes Slave Labor In America

        Following yesterday’s article dealing with how Obama is positioning to control all food through nationalizing the resource, the trolls have been out in force. And are they ever getting desperate! The globalist minions, known in part as the Obama administration, do not want the public reading about the NDAA, Executive Order 13603 (EO) and the CIA’s funding of ISIS. As Snopes has wrongly stated, ..

  • obama and eo 13603
    Obama Nationalizes All Food and This Will Force Millions of Americans Into FEMA Camps

    We are living in a time of unprecedented craziness and life-threatening danger. Jade Helm Special Operations forces are practicing to extract political dissidents under the unconstitutional authority of the NDAA. Further, Jade Helm conventional military units are “practicing to put several communities under martial law. In addition, America is witnessing unprecedented troop and military equipment movements throughout the country. Despite these serious nature of these ..

  • The CIA sponsored ISIS/MS-13 fifth column gangsters are coming to your neighborhood armed with IED's, anti-tank weapons, automatic weapons and WMD's courtesy of last year's immigration crisis.
    Jim White Interviews Dave Hodges on the Coming Paramilitary Strikes Within the United States

        Watch El Salvador because what is happening there is going to happen inside the United States. This a terrifying 20 minute interview describing what so many of us know what is coming. Jim White Interviews Dave Hodges on the Coming Paramilitary Strikes Within the United States.    

  • CSS Offical-New-Logo2
    Listen to The Common Sense Show On Your Phone-832-999-1763

      Take advantage of the new listen by phone option: To Listen By Phone: 832-999-1763 See you tonight at 8pm Eastern!

  • The Common Sense Show, investigative journalism at its best.
    Tonight @ 8pm Eastern, The CSS Welcomes Joe Hagmann, Joseph Meyers On Economic Collapse, Jade Helm

    Ted Broer will be filling in for Dave while he takes a much needed vacation. Ted’s first guest is Joe Hagmann of the Hagmann and Hagmann Report. Ted and Joe will be discussing Jade Helm, 2015 the year of the terrorist attack and his take on Gay marriage that was ruled upon by the Supreme Court. In the first part of the 3rd hour of the ..

  • CIA backed Barrio 18.
    A Massive ISIS/CIA Backed Paramilitary Invasion of the American Southwest Is Ready to Commence

    The government of El Salvador is undergoing a coup. However, it is a coup like none other. The coup is being led by a group called Barrio 18. Barrio 18 was formed in Los Angeles in the 1960’s and is thought to have about 35,000 members in the US, Canada and Central America. Interestingly, Barrio 18 has now joined forces with MS-13. Both gangs have links with some of ..

  • These structures are not command and control for a variety of reasons. They are portable detention centers. Certainly we could say that these are portable and temporary FEMA camps. That would be an incorrect statement. These structures are being shipped with combat equipment. These structures are more than likely for prisoners of war.
    Is Jade Helm More About War or Martial Law? A Statistical Analysis

          The purpose of this article is to take existing on-the-ground-evidence and see what consistent theme emanates from this evidence. The United States military is following two parallel paths, the establishment of martial law preparations and following a path of extreme combat readiness. What is not quite as clear with regard to combat readiness, is the readiness about civil war preparations, a coming ..

  • door of the oven
    Sheila Zilinsky and Dave Hodges: Obama’s Marching America to the Door of the Ovens

    Just prior to airtime on The Common Sense Show on July 19, 2015, Steve Quayle issued the following statement in a personal message to Dave Hodges. “A NATION UNDER JUDGMENT, AS CIVIL WAR UNFOLDS BEFORE OUR EYES. THE COMING PLANNED GENOCIDE AGAINST AMERICANS HAS STARTED”. STEVE QUAYLE JULY 19, 2015 Steve Quayle is correct. Jade Helm is full swing in which Special Operations Forces are ..