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Is the ALT Media Dead?

Is the alt. right media dead? The NY Times tried to set me up and trick me into saying I would promote a violent revolution if Trump lost the election. Mike Adams went through the [...]

DNC Controlled Agencies Gearing Up for Civil Unrest

Who are the massive amounts of DHS acquired bullets for? The democrats are bolstering their enforcement mechanisms. They are preparing for war against the American people. The Democratically controlled DHS is gearing up [...]

Prison or the Presidency? Hillary’s Going for Broke

On November 9th, in the early morning hours, I reported that Donald Trump had made a deal with the devil and had agreed to not prosecute Hillary Clinton. When Trump clinched Pennsylvania, it was clear [...]

The CSS Seeks Co-Litigants In Order to Sue the Washington Post for Defamation

  On behalf of DH Communications, the parent company of The Common Sense Show, we are releasing the following statement regarding the allegation that The Common Sense Show is playing the role of Russian Collaborator [...]

SHE’S BAAAACK! Ten radical ways the lawless left is planning to put Hillary Clinton back into the White House on January 20

    Sunday, November 27, 2016 by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger (NaturalNews) Instead of stepping back for some self introspection after being handed a stunning defeat in the elections, the political left has declared [...]

Clinton and Stein Stealing America from Its Rightful Owners

  Every MSM outlet vilified Donald Trump when he would not commit to accepting the election results which were clouded by the use of George Soros' voting machines. The cries against Trump reached a crescendo [...]

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Boom! Trump IS Destroying the MSM- Here’s How

Growing weary of  the lies and distortion of the MSM, Trump has learned to circumvent the MSM who tell lies about their lies. America should follow Trump's example and render the disinformation practices of CNN, [...]

Dave Hodges Is a Russian Agent-According to the Washington Post- Retraction or Litigation Is Looming

The Common Sense Show has been accused of being a foreign agent working on behalf of the Russian government according to the Washington Post. The Washington Post has made these unfounded allegations despite strong evidence [...]