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US Birth Rate Is Beyond the Point of No Return

  America's birth rate needs to be 2.1. For the second year in a row, the birth rate has fallen to record low levels. The present birth rates sit at 1.74. This is dangerous [...]

Democratic Party Is Dead-False Flags Are the Last Resort

  This article will demonstrate that the Democratic Party is both the mouthpiece and the agent of enforcement of the Deep State. Unfortunately for the globalists, the Democrats are broke and  the much anticipated "Blue [...]

Expect False Flag Attacks-Democrats Are Bankrupt-Can’t Win!

  The "change that matters" is that the Democrats are in a state of panic. Their donations have dried up. The party is powerless to distribute funds to help influence local congressional elections. Once [...]

Trump’s Spending $52k Per Second- Are You Prepping?

FEMA has essentially told America that we are on our own. What does FEMA know that we don't? To add to the mystery, our conservative President is spending money faster than Obama did. Trump [...]

Where Is Trump? Why Has He Foresaken His Base?

Trump needs to act right to protect those who got him elected.   It is unquestionably a true statement that if it were not for the Independent Media, Donald Trump would not be [...]

UN’s Agenda 21 Nearing Complete Takeover-Debbie Bacigalupi-CSS Hr 3

  I recently interviewed Debbie Bacigalupi about the UN's Agenda 21. The penetration all the way down to the local level is nearly complete. Can it be stopped? How will our lives change? Agenda [...]

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America Is Failing to Recognize It Doomed Place In History- Bob Griswold-CSS-Hr 2

  Some call it Karma for the imperiaiistic United States. Some call it normalcy bias. What we can all agree on is that America is failing to recognize its place in history and the [...]

America’s Place In End Times Prophecy-Sheila Zilinsky CSS -Hr 1

  Researchers are increasingly turning their attention to end times prophecy because the signs are falling into place that the end times are approaching. What is America's place in all of this? Sheila Zilinsky [...]

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