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Breaking News! Pipe Bomb Dropped On Confederate Side at Civil War Re-enactment- Antifa Suspected

  Pipe bob attack at a Divil War Re-Enactment. Crowd universally thinks Antifa is to blame Terrorst threats had been made prior to the event which threatened "Confederate re-enactment actors". Confederate actors forced [...]

“I was part of readiness drills in East Peoria, Il.”

        Very recently, I received the following communication from a reader. After an exchange, he granted me permission to publish the "readiness accounts" of this person at his place of employment spanning [...]

Soros’ Antifa Is the Force Behind the Curtain- Mark November 4th On Your Calendar

In 2014, I wrote extensively about the Central American illegal alien invasion. I said, at that time, because of the nature of many of the immigrants, that the seeds for a wave of unprecedented terror [...]

Failing Bank JP Morgan Now Embraces Cryptocurrency

JP Morgan's profits are way down and as a result, JP Morgan is now endorsing cryptocurrency.   Please donate to offset the costs of The Common Sense Show PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL AND DON’T [...]

How Many Coincidences Does It Take to Make a Conspiracy?

    According to CNN, FOX, CBS, PBS, ABC, NBC and MSNBC there is no such thing as a conspiracy theory. These people believe that two bad people would never get together and plan to [...]

FBI Caught Destroying Citizen Evidence of a Conspiracy-Where Can Americans Go for the Truth?

When the FBI seizes cell phone and laptop evidence from the crime scene in Vegas, where can the American people go for the truth? The FBI is guilty of supporting an obviously fake narrative [...]

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Trump Wants to Revoke Broadcast License of CNN and NBC -(Banned by Youtube)

  CNN and NBC should be have their broadcast licenses revoked for fake news according to a Trump Tweet. Trump is contemplating action along these lines. Youtube banned this video for reporting this news [...]

We Have Come to the Crossroads

  America is a at a crossroads. The globalists and the Deep State are going for broke. They are involved in an all-out effort to destablisze America. The coup is underway and we are going [...]

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