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Trump’s Presidency and Life Depends On Appointing His Own Special Prosecutor-He’s Running Out of Time

Trump need to act right now? The following video, covers why Special Prosecutor, Muellar, needs to fired.  Trump needs to appoint a special prosecutor of his own to investigate Clinton, Comey, et al..... [...]

Democrat Supports Assassinations of Republican Congressmen

There is a body of Deep State minions, masquerading as Democrats who seem to be advocating for more shootings of Republicans. Here is one Democrat who is showing America why the Democratic party needs to [...]

Breaking: Whistleblower Says Deep State in Control of State Department : Ongoing Child-Trafficking Cover-Up at St. Dept.

Did you know that at the State Department they have an exorbitantly paid employee, of Middle East background, who is in charge of the sex-trafficking brochures for the State Department? Did you know that same [...]

The DNC’s New Hillary Clinton and She’s Got the Trail of Bodies to Prove It

Hillary's health may be in severe decline. However, she has a successor and her name is Debbie Wasserman Schultz. This woman strikes terror in the hearts of those who would oppose her. With the unfolding [...]

Wasserman Schultz and DNC Sued for Voter Fraud by Fearful Democrats

There is good news in the midst of our chaotic political climate. The Democratic party is disintegrating. It is imploding from the inside. A number of Democrats, mostly Bernie Sanders supporters, have banded together and [...]

The Virginia Shooting is Tied to Sex Trafficking

  Note From Dave Hodges: I am part of a consortium put together by associates of the Hagmann and Hagmann Report. We are team of committed journalists that have pledged to end child-sex-trafficking. You will [...]

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Sharia Law Is Replacing the Constitution-Persecution of Christians Is Begining

  Right now, this is American Muslim outrage against the persecution of Christians? Where is the outrage? Yes, we should be concerned about how Islam is being exported in a wholesale fashion to the modern [...]

Racism from the Left Is Pushing America Towards Civil War

America has entered a critical part of her history. We are undoubtedly facing a second civil war. We are living in a country where the liberal media is encouraging more attacks upon conservative politicians like [...]

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