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  • John B. Wells, the host of the popular radio show, Caravan to Midnight.
    Dave Hodges Interviews John B. Wells About Worldly and Off-World Threats

        Dave interviewed the popular talk show host, John B. Wells about the current state of affairs on the planet. This was a most unusual interview because Wells offered solutions to our earthly problems. He very much believes that there are spiritual solution to physical problems. This is a stunning interview with one of America’s most dynamic personalities. Listen to Dave interview John Wells ..

  • UWEX 16 is underway.
    Jade Helm 16 (UWEX) Is Now Rehearsing for Civil War

      To those with an untrained eye, Jade Helm 16, or Unconventional Warfare Exercise 16 (UWEX 16) does not seem to represent anything that we should be concerned about as it is only a repeat of its predecessor, Jade Helm 15. Lessons Learned What did we learn from Jade Helm 15? The answer is simple. We learned that Jade Helm 15 was about moving men ..

  • CSS Offical-New-Logo2

      NOW, YOU CAN LISTEN TO CSS ON YOUR PHONE LISTEN TO OUR LIVE SATELLITE FEED To Listen By Phone: 405-475-4087     Donate to The Common Sense Show  In large part, The Common Sense Show is listener/reader supported, we thank you for your kind donations which enables us to carry out our research, reporting and broadcast efforts. THE COMMON SENSE SHOW “FREEING AMERICA ONE ..

  • wells fargo crooks
    Insider Reveals Wells Fargo Is Preparing for Complete Economic Collapse

      In part, this article is a case of breaking news which is really old news. In the video below, released on February 7, 2016,  the whistle-blower of doom, says he’s a teller. Ray Charles could see that this is not true. The referenced person is not a teller. The source is sophisticated enough to use an untraceable proxy server and has economic knowledge far beyond a common ..

  • do something
    The Psychological Reasons Why Americans Will Embrace Their Coming Enslavement

        The Common Sense Show is bring forth a story of unbelievable implications to the people of the United States. Originally, the story was to be released today. However, when I released Part One, Facebook moved to suspend my account. Both of my computers have crashed within a 12 hour period, and my phone communications have been been seriously impaired. This morning, I had ..

  • caravan to midnight john b wells
    Dave Hodges Interviews John B. Wells About the State of the World and the “OFF-WORLD”

      February 7, 2016   John B. Wells was Dave Hodges’ featured guest on a recent broadcast. John and Dave will be discussing economic collapse, martial law, and the future of the independent media, World War III and . John and Dave even ventured into the topic of ET, something not discussed much on The Common Sense Show. Also appearing is Katy Whelan with the health ..

  • Katy Whelan, the Health Reporter for The Common Sense Show.
    CSS Health Reporter, Katy Whelan, Health Crisis-Needs Your Help

      HELP ME TO HELP KATY     Hi my name is Jennifer Cic and I am trying to help my friend Katy raise money for her to pursue a natural course of therapies to kick breast cancer. As you know Katy is a huge proponent of allowing the perfect body God gave us, to ward off any and all disease by feeding the body ..

  • The most corrupt duo in American History.
    Obama & Clinton Slush Funds Support Terrorism and Treason -Can’t Miss Interview with Paul Preston

    I interviewed Paul Preston of Agenda 21 Radio. He confirmed and added to what both my research and Scott Bennett’s research confirmed. Namely, Obama and Clinton maintain illegal private slush funds. These funds derive their renumeration from various and sundry illegal activities. These ill gotten gains are then used for private and illegal projects, for which of these two should be tried, convicted and imprisoned ..

  • sub commander
    Obama Prepares for Civil War As He Continues Destroying the Military’s Leadership

    The Common Sense Show has learned that Obama is renewing his purge of America’s military leaders. In this instance, Obama has targeted the leadership of the submarine fleet. The Navy has fired one of its most respected submarine commanders, Commander Edward Byers, who was in charge of the nuclear-powered attack submarine USS Dallas since November 2014, was dismissed by the commander of Submarine Squadron 12 ..

  • infidel
    I Am the Infidel That Allah Warned You About

          The Free Exercise Clause protects citizens’ right to practice their religion as they please, so long as the practice does not run afoul of a “public morals” or a “compelling” governmental interest. In other words, Muslims, Christians et al are free to practice their religion, as they see fit, so long as the free exercise of their religion ends where my constitutionally ..