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  • obama ia m the law here
    Hear Roger Brown Expose Death Squads, America’s Pol Pot and Black Dawn

    Paul Martin filled in for Dave Hodges who was home recuperating from the flu. Paul interviewed renowned sociologist, Roger Brown. In this bone-chilling interview, Paul and Roger discussed the following topics: WHAT AMERICANS NEED TO KNOW ABOUT DEATH SQUADS WHY PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA WILL BE CONSIDERED AMERICA’S ANSWER TO POL POT BLACK DAWN: BARACK OBAMA’S DREAMERS* BIOLOGICAL ATTACK ON AMERICA Download all three commentary articles ..

  • jh 15 ft lauderdale
    Your Pastor Knows When Martial Law Will Be Rolled Out

      Is this roundup taking place in China, Iran or Russia? As many already know, this recently took place in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida in which “pretend” dissidents are rounded up as part of the Jade Helm 15 drill. Please note the straight line and the hands on the shoulders of those in front of them, as they were swept away to waiting white vans. We are ..

  • upside down flag
    Death Squads, America’s Pol Pot & Black Dawn- Tonight on the CSS @9pm Central

        Tonight, Dave’s good friend, Paul Martin will be filling in as Dave recuperates from a nasty case of the flu. Here is the lineup for tonight’s show. Katie Whelan will be bringing us the latest in the world of health news. Annie DeRiso will be reporting on important news that you will not hear on Fox or CNN. Finally, you will find out ..

  • An HR 645 creation.
    Death Domes Are the End Game for Jade Helm 15

      I have been incapacitated for the past 36 hours and am still not able to speak clearly. However, that does not mean that the flow of information regarding Jade Helm 15 has slowed down. With regard to Jade Helm 15, there are enigmas upon mysteries based upon false flag events. And the biggest false flag event is tied to the notion that Russians have ..

  • Now we know why the NDAA legislation was passed which allows for unconstitutional and indefinite detention of American citizens in support of Jade Helm.

    I spoke with my best source and he has information that the Russians training at Ft. Carson, CO., will a part of the Jade Helm 15 drill.  This is in line with the Russians being allowed to train for the highly sensitive Grid Ex II drills in November of 2013. Further, this is also consistent with the omnipresent treason of letting the Russians train in ..

  • Stanislav Lunev, the highest ranking Soviet official to defect to the United States.
    High Ranking Russian Defectors Warned of Attacks Upon the American Media

        Recently, I wrote an article which detailed how the American-based Russian media is attacking members of the media such as myself. The attack and subversion of our media and key media figures was foretold long ago by Yuri Bezmenov and Stanislav Lunev. Former Soviet defector, Yuri Bezmenov, a well renowned media/propaganda expert defected to the United States. in 1970, and subsequently exposed the ..

  • Anotolyi Golytsin
    Anatoliy Golitsyn warns of Russia’s Secret War Plans Against the U.S.

        Anatoliy Golitsyn, a high-ranking KGB defector who fled to the United States in order to warn Americans about the secret Russian plan to attack the United States. Golitsyn is generally considered to be among the first and most revealing on the subject of the secret Russian plans to attack. Having authored the The Perestroika Deception in which Golitsyn wrote about the deceitful intent ..

  • trolls russian

       It is not a secret that the Federal government hires trolls to monitor the Internet and engages in harassing actions against people like you and me who dare to speak out mind on the Internet. The surprising factor is how brazen they are about the practice. These trolls exist in Canada as well as the United States. “Shills exist,” writes an anonymous ex-shill following a ..

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    Top Russia Scholar Stephen Cohen: War between NATO and Russia a Real Possibility

      Noted Russian expert,  Stephen Cohen says that Russia and NATO are closer to war than at anytime since the Cuban Missile Crisis. Cohen feels that both sides are acting in a reckless manner. His speech on the subject lies below.

  • Black helicopters deep in the heart of Texas.
    Black Helicopters Rehearse Transporting “American Enemy Combatants” to Jade Helm 15 “Black Sites”

        Black helicopters in Texas moving “enemy combatants” from Point A to Point B   As I was working on a report concerning the existence of nationwide rendition centers known as black sites, I was sent a video, from multiple people, made by  Aaron Dykes and Melissa Melton filming  black helicopters, yesterday, in Texas (see video below). This video validates many reports that I am ..