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  • Any day?
    ISIS Will Soon Have the Capability to Nuke Multiple U.S. Cities

    Last week, I unveiled the content of an email from a former Lt. General who had very grave concerns about Jade Helm. In a subsequent email, this same source expressed concern over series of possible nuclear detonations on American soil. “My (and others) greatest fear is that rouge elements within the numerous federal agencies will unleash targeted nuclear detonations within several U.S. cities… But no ..

  • Whoever thought that his philosophies would have ever seen the light of day in America?
    Jade Helm and the Stalinist Methods Being Used to Enslave America

                      Every successful revolution follows three stages: (1) Winning the hearts and minds of the people; (2) Resisting illegitimate authority through civil disobedience; and, (3) All out war. America is being dragged into stage three by the occupation forces that have hijacked our government. Jade Helm is the manifestation of dragging America into a stage three confrontation ..

  • media control
    The Common Sense Show Is Moving-Details Here

    As of May 31, 2015, The Common Sense Show is changing times. We are still broadcasting on Sunday evening, but we will be coming to you live at the following times: Pacific 5pm-8pm Mountain 6pm-9pm Central 7pm-10pm Eastern 9pm-Midnight On May 24 we will still be broadcasting from 9pm-midnight (Central) Donate to The Common Sense Show  In large part, The Common Sense Show is listener/reader ..

  • css spies
    Join The Common Sense Show Team of Investigative Journalists

      Tyranny is at all-time high and so is Globalist criminal activity.Corruption in government is rampant. In order to keep up with the demands of quality reporting in these troubled times, we are asking for volunteers who will share your videos and still photos of NWO activity that will be of interest to the reading public. We are happy to credit your work, or, if you ..

  • civil war1
    History In the Making: The Sides Are Being Drawn for the Coming Civil War

      Since the revelations regarding the intrusiveness and the scope of Jade Helm, many now believe that this country is plunging head first into a state of revolution/civil war. The Case for Civil War How many of you believe that a planned currency collapse coupled with the implementation of a brutal martial law and gun confiscation will be the trigger events which will incite the ..

  • oathkeepers 5  29-Palms-May-28-20132
    Dave Hodges interviews Oathkeepers’ Stewart Rhodes On the Coming Civil War

        On May 24th, I interviewed Stewart Rhodes of Oathkeepers, and he believes that an economic collapse will set off the conflict and he also believes, as I do, that ISIS will wreak havoc in this country the midst of the chaos caused by the failure of the dollar. We both believe that under the cover of this chaos, we will see political dissidents ..

  • oath before orders
    Tonight On CSS: Stewart Rhodes & Jade Helm- Monika Wesolowski and Medical Kidnapping

    Tonight on The Common Sense Show:   Hour 1: Dave welcomes Stewart Rhodes from Oathkeepers. In this time of unprecedented tyranny, with Jade Helm drills leading the way, American soldiers need to be reminded of their oath. Join Stewart and Dave as they explore the latest transgressions against the American people and what can be done about. Hour 2: Dave welcomes back Monika Wesolowski who ..

  • oathkeepers 5  29-Palms-May-28-20132
    Prominent Lt. General Tells Dave Hodges of the Coming Civil War

        Yesterday, I was fortunate enough to speak to the Chino Valley, AZ. chapter of the Oathkeepers. I came away convinced that I shared a room, for 90 minutes, with people who grasp the importance of the times that we are living in and these former law enforcement and military personnel are dedicated to convincing today’s LEO’s and military to not take up arms ..

  • raider focus
    Military Reveals Martial Law and Dissident Extraction Plans for US Citizens

    Over the past two months, many of us in the Independent Media have said it again and again, Jade Helm is about subjugating the American people who will one day rise up to what is coming. As the American people are kept in the dark about the true nature of Jade Helm, members of the Independent Media have been very consistent about pointing out that ..

  • Invasion of the Body Snatchers
    America’s Survival Depends on Stopping Jade Helm

    In a popular 1950’s movie, a small town doctor discovered the human race was being replaced one by one, with alien clones devoid of emotion. People would go to sleep and wake up after to find that the alien spores had taken over their mind and body. This movie which was produced in the 1950’s, was originally intended to be a strong message against communism ..