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Was Scalia’s Murder Tied to the Election?

The Obama protection rackets murders a Supreme Court justice over climate change initiatives. In hindsight, I think the death of Scalia had far less to do with his rulings on gay marriage and [...]

The Electoral College Is Running Scared (and they should be)

The rumors of the Clinton Foundation bribing the electors in key states to not cast their deciding votes for Trump. Well, some of the electors are getting cold feet. Here's the story and its a [...]

The Goal of the Fake Polls- Trump Is Actually Winning By a Huge Margin

The Goal of the Fake Polls- Trump Is Actually Winning By a Huge Margin The propaganda and relentless treason by the Obama/Clinton cartel and the incessant lies told by the MSM would have one believe [...]

The One Absolute Power That Can Defeat the Globalists-Sheila Zilinski and Dave Hodges

    Sheila Zilinsky author of a new book Power Prayers: Warfare That Works I recently interviewed my favorite Vigilante, Sheila Zilinski, aka "The Weekend Vigilante".  Sheila has co-authored a book that could [...]

Massive False Flag Planned by Clinton Democrats- Mike Adams and Dave Hodges

  I recently interviewed Mike Adams. We were both approached by the New York Times and the Washington Post. The central question centered around a potential violent backlash to a Clinton election. In short, the [...]

7 Insidious Ways the Elite Are Making Americans Dumber

  (N.Morgan) If an organization’s goal was world domination, the best way to pull such an agenda off would be if the populace was completely unaware of what is happening to them. If the masses were blind [...]

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The Clinton Foundation’s 3 Strategies Designed to Steal the Election

The Clinton campaign thugs have been reduced to a very narrow range of strategies to defeat Donald Trump and it is not working. Strategy #1: Smear Donald Trump with Fake Sexual Allegations The Clinton's are [...]

World War III Guaranteed- Clinton’s Syrian Plan Will Bring Unimaginable Horror

    Under Hillary Clinton according to Wikileaks, Hillary and Podesta have discussed a strategy in Syria that will  result in the death of hundreds of thousands of Syrians under Clinton's plan. Most of them [...]