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  • Bio-Tech-Research-GMO-Medical-Food-Test-Lab
    CSS Health Report- The First Genetically Modified Humans Are On the Way

    human,   Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity from Microwave Technology Finally Medically Proven By Catherine J. Frompovich Finally, there’s documented medical proof that electromagnetic hypersensitivity is a real-time health issue that actually can be verified using standard medical procedures and testing capabilities. An international group of researchers aced it when they published their findings from the clinical study “Metabolic and Genetic Screening of Electromagnetic Hypersensitive Subjects as ..

  • Red List News
    RLN- Oathkeepers On Preventing the Coming Terrorist Attacks on Schools

    Dave Hodges and James White were delighted to have the opportunity to interview Oath Keepers, Jason Van Tatenhove – National Media Director and Associate Editor of and Stewart Rhodes – Oath Keepers Founder and President, on The Common Sense Show today. As The Common Sense Show has expanded its broadcast to the new Talk Network.Com radio network, our goal is to continue to bring you ..

  • common sense man
    CSS Nov. 29- The Dangers of Being On Facebook- Predictive Programming and the ET Question

      On tonight’s show, our first special guest, Lisa Haven, joins Dave to talk about the extreme dangers that participation on Facebook poses to each and every American. This interview will have you deleting your Facebook page. Our other special guest is Sheila Zilinski of the Weekend Vigilante. Sheila joins Dave to compare notes on the ET/UFO coverup. Yes, you read that correctly. This is a ..

  • abortion
    Colorado Planned Parenthood shooting: Five astonishing things the mainstream media isn’t reporting (that everyone should know

    Sunday, November 29, 2015 by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger (NaturalNews) In the aftermath of the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood shooting, the mainstream media is — predictably — functioning as nothing more than the propaganda arm of the Obama administration. In addition to twisting the reporting on the story in an attempt to blame all gun owners for the actions of one lunatic, the media ..

  • russian-military tank
    This Is the Last Chance for the US to Avoid World War III

        History is filled with turning points in which a seemingly insignificant event can turn the planet on its ear. We are living through such a time in which world peace is hanging by a thread. There is one solution that could avert war and never require an American soldier to die in the Middle East, ever again. This article will explore this possiblity ..

  • can-you-stop-an-emp
    What Happens When All Hell Breaks Loose?

    The EMP threat is a story that just will not go away. This article bring to light some of the most recent developments of the US government in an attempt thwart what is believed to be an impending EMP threat. Two missile launches by a rogue state , which detonate 100 miles above the mid-continent United States would lead to a catastrophic blackout of the ..

  • starvation in modern america
    How Vulnerable Is America to Mass Starvation?

        An estimated seven million people starved to death during the Great Depression. And amazingly, these people had food preparation skills that are basically a lost art in America today (e.g. canning). With a staggering debt looming over the country, how vulnerable are Americans to starvation if and when an economic collapse takes down our economy? It is not a secret that the world is ..

  • economic collapse argentina
    If You Want to Survive the Economic Collapse, You Need to Read This

         I am so sorry that I feel compelled to unleash the realities of such a hellish nightmare that is beginning to engulf this country. The United States is in the early stages of an economic meltdown. I apologize to the cognitive dissonance crowd, but your days of ignorant bliss are coming to and end. How can I be so sure? We live in ..

  • Vaccine-Enforcement-Officers-640
    USA Today columnist calls for arrest and imprisonment of vaccine skeptics

    by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger Natural News (NaturalNews) Now we finally come to the real agenda of the vaccine industry. After vaccines have been repeatedly documented by the Natural News Lab to contain neurotoxic chemicals such as mercury, formaldehyde and MSG; after vaccine shots have been repeatedly shown to kill people who take them; and after flu shots have been exhaustively shown to be ..

  • Annie and Bill Pawelec
    Former CIA Operative Reveals That ET Walks Among Us

      Recently, I wrote an article in which I exposed a TV show, TNT’s Legends, which depicted a radical Muslim terrorist attack upon Paris. The show was representative of what we call “predictive programming. Predictive programming occurs when Hollywood reveals a major event (e.g. the Simpsons predicting 9/11), or a major shift in an attitude or philsophy (e.g. Man of Steel and the subject of ..