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If Google and Facebook are not regulated, their politically-motivated censorship will drive America to open warfare in the streets

by: Mike Adams   The Health Ranger (Natural News) The violence on America’s streets must end, and that means the overt censorship of conservative voices by Google, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter must also end. It is time [...]

The Psychology of the Deep State and How to Defeat Them

Martin Seligman's Learned Helplessness experiment.   Americans are on the verge of losing everything. We can point to literally dozens of reasons related to our demise, but for this article, we will just [...]

“Zuckerberg for President”-Unlimited Funding-Unlimited Censorship and Tyranny

Zuckerberg's Marxist-Communist style of censorship on Facebook causes grave concern among many American voters. The man is a despot and his NSA ties will make him the NDAA President. Further, he will have an [...]

Will Nuclear Explosions In Asia Harm Americans?

Will an Asian nuclear cloud carry to America? The answer is yes and it has happened before. A nuclear explosion anywhere in the world threatens to become part of the weather cycle. Thus, it [...]

Memo to Merck CEO Ken Frazier: Your company has easily killed 100,000 times the number of those killed in Charlottesville violence

 by: Mike Adams (Natural News) In case you haven’t heard, Merck CEO Ken Frazier resigned from President Trump’s manufacturing council, blaming Trump for the violence in Charlottesville that killed one protester and two police officers (whose helicopter [...]

The Banks Are Preparing to Steal All of Your Money- Another Wells Fargo Crime-Homeowners You Are at Risk!

  I have no doubt that when I look at banking actions over the past three years, they are clearly posturing to take every financial asset you own, but not everyone agrees as evidenced by [...]

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Princess Di’s Assassin Offers Death Bed Confession-Deep State Hit

Many think that modern governments do not assassinate citizens from their own country. Don't tell that to Princess Di's assassin, as he offers a deathbed confession. Warning: Some may find the Content of this video [...]

Soros Dips Into the Nazi Playbook at Charlottesville

Mandatory Credit: Photo by AP/REX/Shutterstock (8992035t)  A white nationalist demonstrator walks into Lee Park in Charlottesville, Va., . Hundreds of people chanted, threw punches, hurled water bottles and unleashed chemical sprays on each other [...]

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