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    Top Russia Scholar Stephen Cohen: War between NATO and Russia a Real Possibility

      Noted Russian expert,  Stephen Cohen says that Russia and NATO are closer to war than at anytime since the Cuban Missile Crisis. Cohen feels that both sides are acting in a reckless manner. His speech on the subject lies below.

  • Black helicopters deep in the heart of Texas.
    Black Helicopters Rehearse Transporting “American Enemy Combatants” to Jade Helm 15 “Black Sites”

        Black helicopters in Texas moving “enemy combatants” from Point A to Point B   As I was working on a report concerning the existence of nationwide rendition centers known as black sites, I was sent a video, from multiple people, made by  Aaron Dykes and Melissa Melton filming  black helicopters, yesterday, in Texas (see video below). This video validates many reports that I am ..

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    Now That the Government Controls the Internet, This is What You Can Expect

    Tess Pennington Ready Nutrition For many, the concept of net neutrality is a complex and difficult one to grasp. What you need to know is that the new law makes the claim that it will preserve an open Internet where we maintain our right to free speech and ability to communicate freely online. Big players such as Bill Gates, Yahoo, Microsoft and Amazon are a few ..

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    Water shortages for Arizona, Nevada and California to begin in 2016 as Lake Mead reservoir plummets

      by: J. D. Heyes Natural News (NaturalNews) If warning after warning is issued but no one listens, does that make it any less dire? That’s a great question and one the nation will soon discover the answer to, if the drought situation in the West continues to worsen. For more than a year NaturalNews and other outlets have been warning of the dire consequences ..

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    Gerald Celente – This Is Going To Radically Change The World

        King World News On a day where stocks are dipping, today the top trends forecaster in the world spoke with King World News about a developing situation that is going to radically change the world in which we live. Gerald Celente:  “Look at what’s happening with the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB).  Of course when the United Kingdom said they were going to ..

  • ted broer
    This Interview Could Save Your Life

      Ted Broer, identified the 10 foods you should never eat and whether these are foods that the globalists have given us that have death rates? This is all part of the globalist Eugenics program. Ted also identified several toxic medicines and how we should be treating the various illnesses of the day.   This interview could literally could save your life.  Please share and forward this interview ..

  • monsantoland
    Open letter to alt. news sites everywhere: re Monsanto

    EDITOR’S NOTE: Jon Rappoport is one of the most distinguished activists on the planet.  It is has been my honor two interview Jon on The Common Sense Show. The open letter that Jon published this morning is invaluable. Please make this plea from Jon go viral. Jon’s biography and general contact information is listed at the bottom of the page.   Open letter to alt. ..

  • upside down flag
    The 4 Point Globalist Plan to Replace AMERICA With AMERIKA

    The blueprint for the globalist enslavement of America remains unchanged and we Americans are marching directly toward our final demise as a nation. With all the things we write about, and with all of the things that we call attention to, the methodology associated with the subjugation of the people of the United States, can be accurately summarized into a four part plan with the ..

  • dont worry be happy
    Hopelessness is a key to predicting long-term heart attack risk

      University of Pennsylvania A longitudinal study has found that hopelessness and depression are each predictors of coronary heart disease (CHD). When adjusted for level of depression, hopelessness was an independent predictor of CHD. However, when adjusted for level of hopelessness, depression was not an independent predictor of CHD. This study was the first of its kind to explore depression and hopelessness as individual predictors ..

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    As Major Cracks Appear In The Financial System, It’s Everyone, Every Currency And Every Central Bank For Itself

      KING WORLD NEWS Today a legend who was recently asked by the Chinese government to give a speech to government officials in China sent King World News a powerful piece that warns as major cracks appear in the global financial system, it’s everyone, every currency and every central bank for itself. By John Ing of Maison Placements  March 24 (King World News) – Much is made of ..