March 24, 2013 Special Guest Dave Krieger Clouded Titles

Host of The Common Sense Show: Dave Hodges Dave and Annie welcomed Dave Krieger, author of Clouded Titles, who  educated the audience to the following facts: 1. Nobody's mortgage is safe from fraud and theft from the megabanks 2. Seventy Million mortgages are at risk to fraud and theft 3. People who paid [...]

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March 10, 2013

The headliner guest tonight on The Common Sense Show will be Patrick Wood. Host, Dave Hodges and Pat will be discussing technocracy and a host of related topics including mind control and transhumanism. Dave will also be joined by Julie Telgenhoff, the founder of A Sheep No More, which presently has 130,000 followers on Facebook. [...]

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The Common Sense Show February 17, 2013

Tonight on The Common Sense Show, with host, Dave Hodges, and News Director, Annie DeRiso, they welcome "Jim Marrs," best selling author. Jim is presently doing a rewrite on his famed book Crossfire. Dave and Jim are going to discuss the nature of the rewrite as well as this documented view on who is really running [...]

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Radio Archives February 2013

    February 3, 2013 Dave hosted Vicky Davis  ( to discuss the end game objectives of the North American Union. Dave and Vicky discussed the international corridor transportation system (i.e. Canamex and NAFTA) which is tied into the smart grid which will control all utilities, power, transportation and freedom of movement.  These corridors will [...]

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The Common Sense Show
September 30, 2012

WWW III  is Right Around the Next Corner On tonight's show, Dave Hodges and News Director, Annie De Riso, connect the dots in several areas of planned globalist attacks and the subsequent occupation of humanity. Following tonight's Under the Radar News segment with Annie and Dave, we will be joined by popular talk show host [...]

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