Deep-State Martial Law Crackdown Will Enlist Local Police to Enforce

The awake and and aware of us completely understand the dormant plans for martial law and widespread FEMA camp detentions. Old documents, such as REX 84 to the newer documents, Army FM 39.4, make it clear that trouble is on the way. However, and until now, martial law and the potential for mass roundups was [...]

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Deep State Preparing to Launch Paramilitary Operations Against Americans-Paul Martin Interview

    Paul Martin of Revolution, joined me for an emergency broadcast of The Common Sense Show in early morning hours of March 4th.  Paul Martin's best source, a high-placed operative in an intelligence agency, that he refers to as "East Coast' told Paul that the Deep State is ready to make their move and [...]

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Trump Will Be a President for the Ages, If the People Do Their Part

  President Trump's speech on the evening of February 28th was stunning.  IT contained leadership, vision and purpose. Unfortunately, many of the Democrats did their best to display negative body language that was outright rude. With courage and conviction, President Trump addressed our challenges and our opportunities.  Unfortunately, and even at times where human interest [...]

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All Hell Is Breaking Loose: Will We Survive the Soros Led American Spring?

As the old saying goes, when one thing happens, it is a coincidence. When something happens twice, it is a trend. When the event/action gets repeated for a third time, it is a pattern. And a pattern is what Trevor Louden, Doug Hagmann and myself has uncovered. What are we talking about? The Overthrow of [...]

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The Civil War Will Start In California-Mike Adams-CSS 2/19/17 (Hour 2)

    I just interviewed Mike Adams on The Common Sense Show.  The final 30 minutes of the interview were 30 of the most riveting minutes in the history of the show. Mike and I both believe that the coming civil war will have its genesis in California and Governor Jerry Brown will be a [...]

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What Is the Deep State?

Good and bad politicians come and go. However, the Deep State never dies. They serve president after president. and they may even kill one or two of them on the way.  The Deep State runs the country and they are not your friend. Deep State defined:  A body of people, typically influential members of government [...]

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What Exactly Are the Soros Gangsters Protesting?

  The Faces of Civil War   Forget the “build the wall” pledge by Donald Trump for just a moment. Everything else he is trying to do benefits the American people, even the most ardent Hillary Clinton supporters.  Even the rank and file, but misguided, members of the Democratic/Communist Party benefit from President Trump’s economic [...]

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Soros’ Led Civil War Is Unfolding – Paul Martin & Dave Hodges

  I recently interviewed Paul Martin and we explored the deep divisions within the country. When one considers the totality of the divisions in the country, it is hard to imagine that this is not going to end up in a civil war. In fact, Mike Adams and I were skyping back and forth and [...]

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Are You Ready for 1861?

  Donald Trump is inheriting a country that is on the verge of civil war. There are those who want to be left alone and there are those who won't leave them alone. The left lost the election and they are determined create so much conflict that it spills over to a civil conflict.  ARE [...]

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Ron Paul: A Trap Has Been Set for the US and Our Economy Will Collapse on Trump’s Watch

Ron Paul feared a Clinton presidency more than anything else. But He also knows that a planned depression awaits Donald Trump and this is where we are headed.   My wife's late Uncle Bobby fought in World War II. at one Christmas gathering, Bobby told me how his unit entered a town and [...]

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More Foreign Troops In Colorado: The End Game Is Near-Paul Martin

  I recently interviewed Paul Martin with regard to yet another report of large scale foreign troop movements in Colorado. Literally, dozens of people have contacted on the same issue. Paul and I have concluded that the end game is near.   Please Donate to The Common Sense Show   PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE [...]

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The Fall of the American Empire- Jason Vantatenhove

The demise of the American economy is imminent according to Jason Vantatenhove. Civil War? World War III? Listen to the Interview       Please Donate to The Common Sense Show   PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL AND DON’T FORGET TO “LIKE” US   This is the absolute best in food storage. Dave [...]

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2017 Predictions Doug Hagmann and Dave Hodges

  Doug Hagmann   I recently interviewed Doug Hagmann.  Doug and I discussed 2017 predictions in the areas of CALEXIT, Civil War, World War III and an imploding economy.       Please Donate to The Common Sense Show   PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL AND DON’T FORGET TO “LIKE” US   [...]

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CALEXIT is Adding Key Members of the Obama Administration

California's "independence movement" has some new friends, surprising friends, friends in need of a place that will protect them from the long arm of the soon-t0-be Trump administration. Before I identify the California's new friends, let's talk about California's old friends. You know, the old friends that hijacked the California state government. California's Shady Friends [...]

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Electoral College to Decide the Fate of the Nation on December 19th

On December 19th, the Electoral College will cast their votes. In most election years, this task is a mere formality. This year, this task will decide the fact of our nation. The complete story is in the following video.     Please Donate to The Common Sense Show   PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL [...]

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