Standing Rock victory in North Dakota as US Army Corps of Engineers revokes pipeline permits

     by: Mike Adams Natural News   (NaturalNews) After months of increasingly passionate protests against the planned oil pipeline that could have threatened the aquifers of the Sioux tribe, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has reversed its permit approval. This means Texas-based Energy Transfer Partners LP, owner of the Dakota Access Pipeline, will [...]

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Will the Election Be Stolen? Hagmann and Hodges

  How many ways can the election be stolen? Dave Hodges and Joe Hagmann lay it all out. Plus there is bonus voerage on Jill Stein. She is not what she appears to be. This interview is lively and interesting. Make it go viral, thepeople need to know what is coming!       Please [...]

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David Petraeus and Hillary Conspired to Have Ambassador Stevens Murdered- Trump Must Run From This Criminal

CIA Director, at the time of the Benghazi murder, David Petraeus, and his mistress, Paula Broadwell. Petreaus not only cheated on his wife, he cheated on his country and his actions led to the deaths of four Americans and now he could be rewarded by falling on his sword for Clinton in order to [...]

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Why Is Trump Promising Tax Breaks to the Top 1%-Genius or Liar?

Why is Trump giving tax breaks to the top 1%? Is he a genius or a liar? IS he forsaking his campaign promises, or is there a master plan in effect that will benefit everyone? Please Donate to The Common Sense Show   PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL AND DON’T FORGET TO “LIKE” US [...]

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Why Is Obama Staying In Washington DC? Will He Refuse to Vacate the Presidency?

  Obama has announced that he is not leaving Washington D.C.  That contradicts what happened near the end of his first term when he sold his Chicago home and was making plans to move to Hawaii. Well, all that has changed. Will he become the Agitator-in-Chief? Will he simply be waiting for the "Constitutional Crisis" [...]

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Women to be Drafted-Can WW III Be Far Behind?

  Hillary was for drafting women and now Congress is following suit.   Hillary Clinton has champtioned the idea. What idea? The idea that women should register for the draft. What? There is not a draft. However, men and soon, women, will have to register with Selective Service. In Executive Order 13603, the [...]

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Good call, Trump: It’s time America recognized Taiwan as a sovereign nation (and rejected the bullying of communist China)

by: Mike Adams (NaturalNews) Keep reading if you want to know the real story about Trump, Taiwan and communist China. While mainstream media outlets are losing their minds over the fact that Taiwan president Tsai Ying-Wen called Donald Trump to congratulate him on his election victory, the simple, irrefutable fact is that mainstream media reporters [...]

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The Election Is On The Verge of Being Stolen: The Globalists’ Three-Pronged Strategy

If you write about controversy long enough, you will eventually hear from all sides. And I have heard from all sides. This may be the most pivotal story I have ever written, or will write. The 2016 election is on the verge of being stolen and only a scant few are paying attention. I have [...]

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More Facebook Gestapo Style Censorship-There Is An Alternative

  Facebook's new Community Standards Department censoring as many conservative opinions and news as possible.   It is not surprising that Facebook is a tool of censorship and spying for the elite. However, what is surprising is that Facebook keeps finding new ways to enslave our minds. This is a very telling video [...]

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General Mattis Nominated for Secretary of Defense- Good Choice or Bad?

Former General, "Mad Dog" Mattis, has been nominated for the position of Secretary of Defense. He is the first general to be nominated for this position since 1950, when General Marshall was nominated. General Mattis is a hard-nosed combat veteran (see the Mad Dog quotes following the video) who will strike fear into the hearts [...]

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Trump Delivers Warning to the Globalist Corporations

  Donald Trump has made it clear that he is not messing around the promise to keep jobs in America was not just a campaign ploy. Trump has put corporate America on notice: If you leave the country and harm this country, you will face serious consequences. If on the other hand, the corporations stay [...]

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Preparing America for the Mark of the Beast One Nurse at a Time

America is being prepared for the mark of the beast and the preparation is incremental. Group think is a psychological phenomena in which people do things, that they often know are not good for them. However, they do it because everyone else is doing it. Within the spirit of group think, people will perform acts [...]

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Russians Accused of Starting Fires In Gatlinburg, TN

I have spoken to two locals from Gatlinburg, TN. where wild fires have destroyed much of the region. Further, going back several years, I have reported on Russian troops in the Gatlinburg area as well as the sighting of Russian mechanized armor in the nearby Smoky Mountains where former hunters are now banned from entering. [...]

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America Has Been Invaded and Occupied:The Final Destructive Days of Obama

  This train keeps on rolling and it ain't the Trump Train   Obama is doing his best to destroy America as much as possible in his final days as President. His weapon of choice is the recording number of illegal immigrants being forced into the country. Obama: A History of Disrespect for American Citizenship [...]

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Turkey’s Is Provoking WW III-False Flag Event Is Imminent

  Turkey is controlled by the CIA. The CIA led the fake coup last summer designed to get the people of Turkey to support their nation's foreign policy. Turkey's mission is start World War III-  Here is the story.   Please Donate to The Common Sense Show   PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL AND [...]

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