This Small Town Defeated the New World Order

  The little town of Wittmann, Arizona fought a long an protracted battle against the forces of the New World Order.  At stake were their fortunes as locked up in their homes. Nefarious and globalist forces led by Senator John McCain attempt force everyone off of their land in order to fulfill their globalist agenda. [...]

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One Step Away From Collapse, Are You Prepared?

    Can the banks withstand one more false flag event? The economy is hanging on by a thread. False flag events may no longer matter to the economic health of the nation. Last year the S&P downgraded Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and six other major financial institutions and nobody even noticed. Here comes another [...]

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Average People Making a Difference- Reporting the Actions of the New World Order

  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Average People Making a Difference- Reporting the Actions of the New World Order   The formula is simple. The more involved people are, the more things change. We are witnessing a renaissance in America's awakening. For the first time in years, there is a glimmer of hope for the [...]

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Before Taking Money Out of the Bank, You Must Know These 3 Laws

Everybody gets the joke but the American people. A Bank Holiday is coming and it could be coming much sooner, than later. Can you find yourself in the above picture? Don’t be “that guy”. These people will end up living under a cardboard box or they will forced to go to a FEMA [...]

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Dave Hodges’ Message to Glenn Beck

Dave Hodges' Message to Glenn Beck   Glenn Beck was one the pillar of the truth movement. His TV show on Fox News was the most exciting show of its types in TV  history. Beck confronted everyone from Rockefeller to Obama with an uncommon boldness. I am not much of a TV watcher, but I [...]

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What does the CIA, NSA, FBI, DHS and the NFL Have In Common?

Tyranny is tyranny, it does not matter what acronym you use referring to. The NFL is just another in a long line of criminal institutions that abuse the trust of the American public. Did you know that the NFL's Baltimore Ravens accepted money to promote veterans at their home football games so that the establishment could [...]

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World War III Will Begin In Space

  I have listened with much chagrin to the recent revelations to regarding the so-called secret space program. Except for the article which detailed how 6.5 trillion dollars ended up in the space program, with all due respect, the other recent articles are not credible. My father worked with captured Nazi scientists and some of [...]

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The U.S. Has Entered the False Flag Window

I have known Mike Adams for sometime. He has great credibility and I can accurately state that Mike is extremely sincere and very accurate with his analyses on various issues.  Subsequently, when Mike says that we are in the definitive window of multiple false flag attacks. he has my attention and should have your attention [...]

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Are Trump and Clinton Going to be Assassinated at the Same Time?

Let's take a globalist perspective of the present situation in the 2016 race for the White House. The criminal elite do not want Donald Trump's populist movement to progress any further. To do so, would advance the cause of nationalism over the sovereignty busting globalism the end game of the New World Order. However, it [...]

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Apple’s new ‘wireless’ headphones emit radiation … right next to your brain

  by: David Gutierrez, staff writer Natural News   (NaturalNews) To much fanfare and excitement, Apple has announced that the iPhone 7 will come with wireless earbuds, ditching the much-reviled and ever-tangled cords of conventional earbuds. The wireless earbuds, dubbed "AirPods," will be water-resistant and are, in the words of company CEO Tim Cook, the [...]

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Monsanto’s Crimes Against Humanity with Ronnie McMullen

  Ronnie McMullen was Dave's guest as they discussed Monsatan's crimes against humanity. Dave and Ronnie also discussed the precarious nature of health and what people can do to protect themselves. Very brief but very interesting interview.   with

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This Group Stands Between America and Genocide

Oathkeepers is one of my most valued organizations. They literally stand in the gap between Americans and genocide by reminding soldiers and policemen to honor their Constitutional oath and not to obey illegal orders. I often wondered if history would have been different if Oathkeepers had a presence in Nazi Germany. In the following interview, [...]

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John Kerry’s False Flag to Steal the Election

In one of the most shining examples of illogical thinking, John Kerry has devised a false flag attack strategy designed to cancel the election if the globalists are not getting the results that they want. You will not believe your ears on this one. Details are in the video.     Donate to The Common [...]

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The Number One Enemy of Humanity Has Arrived On Your Doorstep

There are some issues, not many, that transcend the importance of the present election cycle we are in. Speaking for myself, I am highly concerned that a one-day extinct humanity has reached the point of no return with regard to the creation of the so-called "killer robots". The Outer Limits TV Show Foretold the Time [...]

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You Have 3-4 Weeks-to-Prepare- No Food, Gold, Guns, Water? You Will Not Survive

The BDI indicates that global shipping is running aground.   If Clinton cannot win, the globalists will crash the economy. For all intents and purposes, the economy has already crashed, only the crumbs are falling to earth. Here is a quick look at where we are. I want to stress that we are [...]

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