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Tucker Carlson Declares That a Coup Has Commenced Against Trump

  A muzzled Tucker Carlson has unmuzzled himself. He has taken note of Representative Steve Cohen's (D-TN) comments in which he called for a military coup against Trump. We know about Representative Maxine Waters has called for violence against Trump administration officials. Carlson has concluded that the coup has started. CNN has bashed Carlson [...]

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Democratic Representatives Mad Maxine Waters and Steve Cohen Want a Military Coup Against Trump

Democratic Representatives Maxine Waters and Steve Cohen have illegally called for a military coup against Trump. Both should be in jail for these statements. Why aren't they?    PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL AND DON’T FORGET TO “LIKE” US ***Major Announcement*** Stay Tuned, Dave Has Accepted An Offer From a Major Podcast Company [...]

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Greetings From the Welfare State of Chicago-Universal Basic Income Comes to the Windy City

In the ultimate socialist activity, the welfare state known as Chicago, is instituting Universal Basic Income. After it fails, Fabian socialism will be next and that's when the FEMA camps you have read about will become reality.    PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL AND DON’T FORGET TO “LIKE” US ***Major Announcement*** Stay Tuned, [...]

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If Congress Won’t Jail Hillary, “People’s Grand Juries” Can

Let justice be done though the heavens fall. If Congress won't send deep state members, such as Hillary to prison, then the people can do it. Here is a description of "the People's Grand Juries".    PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL AND DON’T FORGET TO “LIKE” US ***Major Announcement*** Stay Tuned, Dave Has [...]

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Will the Real Trump Please Stand Up? He Can’t, He Might Get Shot

The following is a summation of previously reported and documented facts. In effect, this is a qualitative and quantitative data analysis. The end result of this analysis is stunning, but not surprising. This dot connecting exercise is focused on answering one question: Is Donald Trump compromised in his role as President and why? There could [...]

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An Analysis of Trump’s “Grave Mistake” In the Post-Putin Meeting Speech

President Trump held a two-hour meeting with Putin on Monday and the Deep State representatives from both sides of aisle, both Democrat and Republican, wasted no time attacking Trump for siding with Russia. Trump's Most Objectionable Comment The political minions that represent the Deep State are having a field day with the President's speech following [...]

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Bombshell new report reveals how tech giants are systematically destroying the First Amendment

By JD Heyes On Monday, Natural News founder/editor Mike Adams, in conjunction with Infowars, released a new report that outlines in stunning detail how the tech media giants — think Facebook, Google, YouTube, and Twitter especially — are working in tandem to deny tens of millions of Americans access to news and information the social media corporations find politically [...]

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Putin destroys Left-wing media narrative that TRUMP benefited from Russia with claim that British financier sent $400 million to Hillary Clinton

By JD Heyes  It didn’t take long for the bombshells to be dropped after President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin met for their first official summit on Monday. The disgustingly amateurish and fake American media was all-in to “prove” once and for all that two 2016 election co-conspirators were sharing a stage in Helsinki, [...]

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Liberals increasingly living in cesspools of human filth and raw sewage, all while being preoccupied with “climate change” instead of cleaning up their own streets

By Ethan Huff  One of the most “progressive” cities in the country – a well-known hotbed of liberalism, replete with aggressive activism for things like LGBT rights and government action on “climate change” – has become so filthy and disgusting due to its “anything goes” policies that a major medical convention has decided to stop [...]

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