IF You Think FEMA Camp Roundups Can’t Happen, You Need to See This

    At the rate we are going, someday in the near future, we will see headlines like what is depicted above this article. The Obama administration is totally out of control. If Obama wants gun control, he should begin and end with his own goon squads. One day soon, America could awaken to a [...]

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CSS 7/24- Chris Kitze and Mike Adams-Blockbuster Revelations Coming!

    A blockbuster show is planned tonight on The Common Sense Show. In hour #1, Dave is joined by the owner and founder of Before Its News as well as seen.life. Chris Kitze has insight into the coup in Turkey. Also, Chris will be telling the audience about a social media alternative to the [...]

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The Movie That’s Changing America’s Perception of Their Government

The hit movie, Amerigeddon, is being rereleased. It is a movie that has accurately foretold Obama's newest July 1st Executive Order which allows the United Nations to subjugate the American people. Listen to Dave's brief analysis of the movie and you need to take a sheep to go see this movie SPECIAL NOTE: DON’T MISS [...]

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The Details of Trump’s Plan to “Make America Great Again”

    His critics say that Trump has no plan, and that he only makes false promises. In actuality, nothing could be further from the truth. His plans are specific, detailed and offer America the most hope it has had in over 35 years. Donald has the blueprint to "Make America Great Again". Here is [...]

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Amish girl who fled United States to escape forced chemotherapy is now cancer-free

by: J. D. Heyes Natural news (NaturalNews) Some might call it a "miracle," but alternative and holistic medicine healers aren't really surprised to learn that a 12-year old Amish girl is now cancer-free — after her doctors testified in court just six months ago that she would be dead by now if her family were [...]

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The Great Wall of Trump and the Real Reason Why It Is Needed

      This New World Order orientated Pope says that America should have no borders. Then Why Does This Pope Have Walls Around the Vatican?   This is the Primary Reason To Have Immigration Policies with Teeth Job applicants or terrorists? We need to know who we are letting into our [...]

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Trump’s Secret Weapon Needed to Defeat Hillary

I do not trust polls because I understand the psychology of polls, derived from the Tavistock Institute, and how they are used to mold public behavior and change perception and subsequently voting behavior. I have previously written an article on not trusting any polls that one reads because they are all globalist polls designed to [...]

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If You Want to Keep Your Job, You Better Pay Attention to This

  Do you care about retaining your job? If you do, you best listen to the following 3 minute presentation. All of us are at risk as long as the Obama's and the Clinton's rule over us.   SPECIAL NOTE: DON’T MISS STEVE QUAYLE AND DAVE HODGES ON THE HAGMANN AND HAGMANN REPORT NEXT MONDAY [...]

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If you knew what was in tap water you would never drink it again

by: Wes Maxwell Natural News (NaturalNews) Water is essential to all life on Earth. When it comes to humans, our bodies require water for virtually every biological process needed to stay alive Playing a crucial part in the body's overall digestive system, water helps to flush out your kidneys and liver, and to rid your [...]

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The 7 Deadliest Medicines That You Should Never Take

Dr. Ted Broer, owner of Healthmasters, has some stunning revelations about the 7 deadliest medicines that you should avoid at all costs.   Dr, Ted Broer of Healthmasters.com was my guest on Sunday night. In the first 30 minutes Ted discussed current events.  In the last 30 mnutes, every American should Ted discusses [...]

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Children Are The Best Leverage- This Is the Worst Nightmare for Every Parent

  When the last false flag occurs, how will the establishment control the population? After all, aren't we a nation of 300 million handguns? You can own a tank and a 50 caliber machine gun, it won't make any difference because the beest leverage to use against a parent is their own children. The video [...]

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You Don’t Have to Die with America- Expert Bob Griswold Tells How to Survive UN Martial Law

Survivalist expert, Bob Griswold tells the audience how to survive what is coming when the UN troops impost martial law. Bob Griswold from Ready Made Resources tells the public how to prepare with everything from food and water, to communications after the Internet and cell phones go down, to night vision, to properly [...]

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Women with larger behinds are healthier and more intelligent, study finds

                        Julie Wilson staff writer for Natural News (NaturalNews) It turns out that having a little "junk in the trunk" is a good thing, health wise. Not only does having a larger derriere boost overall health, but it's tied to increased intelligence and lower [...]

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Colorado Is a Staging Area for UN Troops Prepping for Martial Law

Future martial law occupation troops. They are already in America and ready to go at a moments notice.  I interviewed Paul Martin who has more inside sources that have proven accurate, than I can count Paul has contacts who have seen the following foreign troops in Colorado. Information I am receiving tell me that [...]

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How Your Kids Will Be Used to Lure You Into a FEMA Camp

Operation Mountain Guardian was a disaster drill and a Continuity of Government exercise, not to be confused with a Continuity of America drill. In September of 2011, the government practiced, at both Denver's Sports Authority Field and at Giants Stadium in New York on how to use your children to lure you into [...]

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