American Medical Association sliding toward support of physician-assisted suicide… here come the death panels

By Vicki Batts Will the American Medical Association soon be in favor of physician-assisted suicide? In early June, the AMA decided not to reaffirm its position against assisted suicide – a decision which has shocked many. But indeed, the AMA has gone against its own Council on Ethical and Judicial Affairs, which recommended the AMA maintain its opposition of euthanasia for humans. [...]

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Why governments are pursuing DEPOPULATION to save themselves from financial collapse

by: Mike Adams (Natural News) Ever wonder why governments allow so much deadly pollution to be dumped into food, water and soils? Part of the real reason may surprise you: Governments no longer want people to live long enough to collect entitlement benefits, and allowing the contamination of everything with death-inducing substances actually saves governments money by accelerating [...]

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Doctor warns world about “chemtrail lung”

   by: Isabelle Z.   (Natural News) The existence of chemtrails used to be a topic of debate, but they are now being more widely acknowledged by experts like meteorologists to scientists. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to deny that they exist as more and more people are coming down with illnesses related to chemtrails. When TV [...]

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95% of All People Are Breathing Poisonous Deadly Air- How Long Can You Hold Your Breath?

Recent studies tell us that 95% of the world is breathing poisonous deadly air. Is this by design? Is this a depopulation event, or just bad planning. How does this impact you? Here is what you need to know.   For more stories like these, visit The Common Sense Show Please donate to offset [...]

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BOMBSHELL: Anti-gun sociopath David Hogg caught on Reddit celebrating the mass killing of “billions of people” as being “great for the environment”

by: Mike Adams (Natural News) Anti-gun sociopath David Hogg — see daily news coverage at HoggWatch.com — has been caught in a Reddit post celebrating the death of billions of people from mosquito-borne disease, an InfoWars investigation has now found. Mosquitoes “kill humans, billions of them, which is great for the environment,” Hogg stated in a Reddit post from late [...]

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So You Think the Danger Is Over?

The election of Trump did not solve all of our problems, However, many Americans act as if that is exactly what has happened. Last fall, the average American discovered the world of the Independent Media. They read and/or listened intently about the dangers associated with electing a morally depraved individual like Hillary Clinton. [...]

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The Real Purpose of Chemtrails

Sometimes in the business of reporting, we receive information that appears to be both important and true. However, the information may lack the ability to totally confirm the claims. Therefore, when this has happened in the past, I take the issue to the general public as well as to my trusted sources with expertise in [...]

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BOMBSHELL science paper documents the depopulation chemical covertly spiked into vaccines

BOMBSHELL science paper documents the depopulation chemical covertly spiked into vaccines    by: Mike Adams  (Natural News) Just days after the release of a jaw-dropping video lecture called the Science Agenda to Exterminate Blacks, a bombshell science paper has emerged that confirms the use of covert sterilization chemicals in World Health Organization vaccines deployed in Africa. Entitled, [...]

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Evidence mounts that PLAGUE outbreak in Africa is an engineered depopulation bioweapon

Evidence mounts that PLAGUE outbreak in Africa is an engineered depopulation bioweapon  by: Mike Adams   (Natural News) Thousands of people have been infected and over 143 are now reported dead from the plague outbreak that’s now threatening Africa, reports the UK Daily Mail. “Health officials are unsure how this year’s outbreak began,” reports the paper. “Experts [...]

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The Science Agenda to Exterminate Blacks… Bombshell Health Ranger lecture documents race-based crimes against humanity

      by: Mike Adams   (Natural News) As promised, I’ve now released a one-hour science lecture video that documents the multiple vectors through which people of African descent are being targeted for depopulation, covert infertility and extermination by “science” and “medicine.” (Watch the full video lecture below.) This video lecture documents the pattern of [...]

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