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Wyoming’s State Government Is Betting That the Dollar Is Near Collapse

Gold, in particular, and silver are a definite hedge against the collapse of the dollar and runaway inflation.. Wyoming has decided to tax-exempt gold and silver from taxation. Does this mean that Wyoming's tate government is betting that the dollar is near collapse?d and silver     For more stories like these, visit The [...]

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The Memo Has Triggered Civil War II

  Michael Savage accurately predicted what was coming. World War I was triggered by the assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand and set into motion a chain of events which killed tens of millions of people. In a similar fashion, the release of the FISA memo(s) is triggering a similar cataclysm. Mark my words, [...]

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Four Undeniable Signs That the American Economy Is Collapsing

Four Undeniable Signs That the American Economy Is Collapsing   The economic collapse of the United States is underway. There are four unmistakable signs that the American economy is in the midst of collapse" "Hooverville tent cities are appearing across the western United States.  The American banking empire is showing clear signs of [...]

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The Lack of a Border Wall Is Costing Americans Their Jobs and Even Their Lives

The great purveyor of political fiction, The New York Times, published an article titled "Immigrants Aren't Taking Americans' Jobs, New Study Finds." Conversely, The Washington Times quoted a study which stated that iillegal immigration should be causing great concern for native-born American. The post was titled "Mass Immigration Costs Government $296 Billion a Year, Depresses Wages." In [...]

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The Numbers Don’t Lie: The Middle Class is Dead and It Is Not Coming Back

The term the American Dream, is a term first coined by writer James Truslow Adams 86 years ago. The American dream has become an unmitigated nightmare.   Michael Snyder recently wrote a very astute article in which he bemoaned the present status of the middle class. I want to begin where Mr. Snyder and I agree and [...]

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Wiill Cryptocurrency Replace the Dollar?

    Teh dollar is in real trouble. That is no secret. However, there is something that can be done about it. Americans, everywhere, are moving into bitcoin and the majority are experiencing tremendous success. Here is the story.....       Please donate to offset the costs of The Common Sense Show PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO [...]

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