Is It Time to Leave America?

  The most asked question that I get is "Dave, are you going to leave America?" The answer to that question is not simple. America is facing seemingly insurmountable challenges with no end in sight. However, nowhere is outside the reach of the globalists. Look, for example, what is happening to Venezuela. If Clinton is [...]

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Steve Quayle -What Is Next for America? 8pm Tonight (EST) on the CSS

Steve Quayle   Five star guest, Steve Quayle is Dave's featured guest on The Common Sense Show tonight at 8pm until 1030pm (Eastern-listening instructions listed below). A safe place to purchase your gold and silver. Dave Hodges is a satisfied customer. Minimum order is $500. Act now, silver is becoming very scarce [...]

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Red List News- Transgender Student Empties Out School-Farrakhan “Kill All Whites”

' Red List News On Episode 15 of Red List News, Jim “goes deep” with an article highlighting the call by a Muslim leader, Louis Farrakhan, to kill white people. Dave follows with a gender-bender, as 150 students walk out of school in protest over a “girl” in the locker room. Jim covers [...]

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The Safest Place to Escape the New World Order

    There are many of us who are all to well aware of the dangers that lie ahead for those people who speak out against the tyranny that is sweeping our country. In modern day America, this is a very dangerous time to be outspoken. At places like Washington State University, using the terms [...]

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You Should Leave America, but Can You? This Is a Must Read

It is time to leave America? Is it possible to leave the country and leave with your assets in tow? And where would you go? There are many indicators that tell us that we have totally lost our country. Nowhere is this more evident than it is with what our media is choosing to glorify [...]

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If You Fit Into Either of These Two Groups, It Is Time to Leave America

Would you renounce your U.S. citizenship if it meant you’d be sending less of your hard-earned dollars to Uncle Sam? Do you want affordable health care? Do you want your children to have an affordable college education? Do you want to retire in relative comfort?  Do you desire to live your life in relative freedom [...]

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Sleepwalkers, Boiling Frogs and the Activated Awake

    by Zen Gardner To continue sleepwalking once someone knows the truth is not ignorance, it’s madness, as David Icke so aptly said. Anyone looking for happiness and fulfillment while helping to build a better world has plenty of options. But sitting still and just gazing at the oncoming storm, no matter how much [...]

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Is It Time to Leave America While You Still Can?

    Not a day goes by that I do not receive an email from one of my readers advising me to get out of America while I still can. As the level of tyranny in this country increases, there is a proportionate increase in Americans wondering out loud as to whether they should stay [...]

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Is It Time to Leave America, While You Still Can?

Dave Hodges February 2, 2013 The Common Sense Show   One prominent talk show host is telling his listeners to get out of the country because the Denver Post is reporting that there are 200,000 Russian troops in America. I have previously reported on government documents which demonstrate that FEMA reached a bilateral agreement with [...]

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September 22, 2013, Dr. Jerome Corsi and Xander Dal Riato

Dave Hodges The Common Senses Show Dave Hodges, the host of The Common Sense Show. Our first guest tonight on The Common Sense Show with Dave Hodges, Dave will be interviewing New York Times best-selling author, Dr. Jerome Corsi, Senior Editor of World Net Daily. Dr. Corsi and Dave will be discussing his [...]

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