Is It Time to Leave America?

  The most asked question that I get is "Dave, are you going to leave America?" The answer to that question is not simple. America is facing seemingly insurmountable challenges with no end in sight. However, nowhere is outside the reach of the globalists. Look, for example, what is happening to Venezuela. If Clinton is [...]

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Steve Quayle -What Is Next for America? 8pm Tonight (EST) on the CSS

Steve Quayle   Five star guest, Steve Quayle is Dave's featured guest on The Common Sense Show tonight at 8pm until 1030pm (Eastern-listening instructions listed below). A safe place to purchase your gold and silver. Dave Hodges is a satisfied customer. Minimum order is $500. Act now, silver is becoming very scarce [...]

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If You Fit Into Either of These Two Groups, It Is Time to Leave America

Would you renounce your U.S. citizenship if it meant you’d be sending less of your hard-earned dollars to Uncle Sam? Do you want affordable health care? Do you want your children to have an affordable college education? Do you want to retire in relative comfort?  Do you desire to live your life in relative freedom [...]

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