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BOMBSHELL: Corrupt CDC diverted $3 million in taxpayer money to radical left-wing causes having NOTHING to do with science

  By Ethan Huff A Republican running for office in California’s 37th congressional district is sounding the alarm about some shocking information he recently uncovered concerning the gross misuse of taxpayer dollars by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Ron Bassilian, an information technology (IT) guru who specializes in Microsoft’s Exchange enterprise email solution software, [...]

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Evil globalist George Soros is pouring huge dollars into a San Diego election… but why?

By Ethan Huff When he’s not quietly funding race wars, movements pushing for gun control, and other civil unrest efforts, globalist billionaire George Soros apparently keeps busy actively rigging elections in order to install leftist puppets into American civil office – including district attorneys at the local level who can covertly perform his dirty work. One [...]

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Committing National Suicide Through Gun Control

  They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” Benjamin Franklin   The is the first in a series in which I expose the broad-based attack upon Americans in favor or creating a world that is genderless, borderless and ultimately lawless. Americans are being attacked [...]

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Jared Kushner Is In Very Big Trouble

Jared Kushner, a business partner with the #1 enemy of the American people, George Soros, is in very big trouble. Of all the people caught up on Deep State corruption, he may be the only who actually goes to prison.Jar For more stories like these, visit The Common Sense Show Please donate to offset [...]

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Joe Arpaio Is the “Deep Throat” That’s Led to Deep State Indictments for Trafficking

The famous Arizona sheriff known as “America's Toughest Sheriff”, Joe Arpaio, was well-known for his hard-nosed stance against immigration lawbreakers and his tent-based jails. Arpaio and loyalists within the Federal government worked hand-in-hand to curb illegal immigration, while being opposed by the forces of George Soros and the Obama administration. These forces were trying to [...]

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Strong Evidence Trail Points to a Massive “Grid Down” Event on November 4th

Is an EMP in America's future? A growing number of prominent Americans say it is is. This article is a massive dot connecting exercise in which it is becoming increasingly clear that the various nefarous forces are combing efforts to take down America in one eventful night. The evidence trail seems to be [...]

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Soros Has Created the Battleground for America’s Second Civil War- Exclusive Report

  This is a breaking and exclusive story that has not even made its way into Independent Media. California's seismic activity centered around the San Andreas fault is no match for the tremendous upheaval that is going on inside the state. What is going on in California is a breeding ground and a presecription for [...]

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