How to Stay Out of a FEMA Camp If Hillary Is Elected

    We are facing the increasing likelihood that Hillary will be able to steal this election. Trump will undoubtedly win the popular vote, but then the fun begins. And if Hillary ever ascends to the presidency, the fun will definitely begin for most of us. Hillary once joked about the fact that everyone should [...]

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17 Elements of UN Imposed Martial Law

T-72 main battle tanks with UN markings. Before we race head-first into World War III with Russia, it is important to realize that there will be some precursor events prior to the outbreak of war. One of the things that is going to have to happen before the war-weary Americans accept another war, [...]

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Josh Coy Interviews Dave Hodges About Jade Helm on Superstation WYDE

Joshua Coy, the host of the Radio Underground interviewed Dave Hodges on the threat to America posed by Jade Helm 15. Listen to Dave Hodges on the dangers posed by Jade Helm  

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Oathkeepers Remind the Soldiers to Disobey Illegal Orders- A CSS Special Report

  Oathkeepers Remind the Soldiers to Disobey Illegal Orders- A CSS Special Report Jason Vantatanhove, in a special follow up interview detailed how Oathkeepers is attempting remind all law enforcement and military to honor their oath to serve the Constitution. If America ever descends into revolution, the support of the military is crucial to success. [...]

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The FEMA Preparedness Reports: What Are Your Chances of Surviving An Economic Collapse?

Earlier today, The Common Sense Show issued an alert as to the possible use of multiple IED type of devices based upon the reports of a highly credible source(s). If such an even ever came to fruition, it could potentially paralyze this nation and bring the economy to a standstill. Subsequently, the grocery store shelves [...]

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The Chinese Military Buildup on American Soil

  Why did the Chinese call for gun control after Sandy Hook? Why did the Chinese hack into the VA and steal the names and addresses of 21 veterans? Simple, they need to disarm America as much as possible before they invade. As Steve Quayle and I have both reported, why are Chinese, under the [...]

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Youtube Is Hiding This Video! The Economy Is Collapsing — Martial law & Fema camps & NW- Ron Paul’s Stern Warning

Youtube Is Hiding This Video! The Economy Is Collapsing -- Martial law & Fema camps & NWO Youtube is trying to hide this video as they have already removed it! This is reminiscent of what Youtube did with the Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory TV show when he produced a stunning account of the prevalence of [...]

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All Hell Is Breaking Loose on This Friday: America Is Being Occupied

All across the country, there are very disturbing reports of foreign troops with apparent bad intentions. We have written and talked a lot about the "October Surprise". With each sighting we are getting closer to this predicted reality. The following paragraphs will detail communications that have appeared in the past few days regarding the occupation [...]

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New Super Weapons Will Make Revolution Impossible

  Many talk about the fact that Americans have an estimated 300 million privately owned hand guns as the reason why no foreign power, or even our government, can subjugate the people. I am compelled to disagree. If our government ever became abusive enough that the people felt the need to rebel, there is a [...]

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New ILS Towers Will Guide UN Airborne Troops Into American Cities

  America has been invaded and is in the process of being occupied. ILS towers which can be used to guide in troop transport planes and heavy equipment in bad weather are being put into the countryside outside of Cheyenne,Wyoming, where they have a  lot of bad weather. Intellistreets “Big Brother” surveillance is being installed [...]

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Will Martial Law Be Implemented on October 1st?

The strangest thing has happened at Facebook in the past four weeks. Facebook, known for their extreme censorship and promotion of totally inappropriate political messages (e.g. Assassinate Donald Trump page), has taken a dramatic shift in censorship policy. Previously, any post, from any Independent Media site would be limited to 10 groups. If 11 groups [...]

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UN Troops to Man FEMA Camps According to Leaked Documents

Documents Showing Foreign Troops to Run FEMA Camps Complete with Cemeteries and Crematoriums     It is laughable that some in the independent media are still in denial about the existence and true nature of concentration camps in America,commonly known as FEMA camps. The evidence is overwhelming and from certain documents we can ascertain how [...]

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UN Troops Training at a FEMA Camp-Martial Law Readiness Drills

There is not a subject that I have written about over the last several years that I have received the most criticsm for than the topic of UN/foreign troops on American soil. To those who persist on engaging in cognitive dissonance, here is my answer to you, presented in a respectful manner. In 2012-13, I [...]

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Children Are The Best Leverage- This Is the Worst Nightmare for Every Parent

  When the last false flag occurs, how will the establishment control the population? After all, aren't we a nation of 300 million handguns? You can own a tank and a 50 caliber machine gun, it won't make any difference because the beest leverage to use against a parent is their own children. The video [...]

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You Don’t Have to Die with America- Expert Bob Griswold Tells How to Survive UN Martial Law

Survivalist expert, Bob Griswold tells the audience how to survive what is coming when the UN troops impost martial law. Bob Griswold from Ready Made Resources tells the public how to prepare with everything from food and water, to communications after the Internet and cell phones go down, to night vision, to properly [...]

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