Why Are All Combat Troops Being Sent Out of US?

Trump said we did not need to send our troops to 117 countries and that we needed to stop being an imperial power. So what has Trump done, he has increased the number of troops being sent out of the country. The real answers behind the shipping of US troops out of the country is [...]

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How to Stay Out of a FEMA Camp

  Operation Mountain Guarida, circa 2011, at Sports Authority Field in Denver, CO., practiced enticing parents into the stadium after conducted an unauthorized removal of several hundred school children from the Denver Public Schools.  It was an ugly scene at the ole' stadium. At almost the same time, the same drill was conducted at Giants [...]

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Does It Mean Anything that Houston Refugees Are Being Sent to Walmart?

rt Do you remember when several Walmarts closed for plumbing reasons in the middle of Jade Helm 15?  Have they reopened for the redepositing of society's human waste? Does anyone else find it interesting that refugees are being taken to Walmart in the midst of Harvey? Aren't there any other relief facilities available? [...]

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Marines Are In Houston In Violation of the Constitution

  There are reports of Marines in Houston. Coupled with the reports that evacuees are being sent to Walmarts, this should raise red flags for everyon     Please donate to offset the costs of The Common Sense Show PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL AND DON’T FORGET TO “LIKE” US This is the absolute best [...]

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Domestic Foreign Troop Activity From Coast to Coast: FEMA Behaving Strangely

    The above photo was taken by Joel S. in Pennsylvania. This is one of several NATO helicopters operating in the same area where I reported UN activity four months ago. It has been quiet in this area until the emergence of Hurricane Harvey. UN Activity in California In the past four months, I have [...]

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Teach Your Child To run Like Hell and to NEVER Get On This Bus 

Children will become the leverage to lure in the parents. There are two drills that are conducted in every public school across America, and parents should be leery as to the end game intent of these drills. The drills are popularly known as bus evacuation drill and school lock-down drills. On the surface, these drills [...]

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17 Things That Will Happen When America Is Occupied by a Foreign Enemy

  For those who think war with North Korea is such a good idea, perhaps we should take a moment and pause and ask the question: If America every loses a war and is occupied like what we see in the TV shows Colony and The Man In the High Castle. The Method of America’s [...]

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Are You Prepared to Be Purged? Army Documents Speak to the Hell That Is Coming

Camo Grayling, a known FEMA camp, was the site of massive training for the Michigan Army Reservists and the Michigan National Guard during Jade Helm. The Army said they are training for GITMO duty. Perhaps this was true. However, everyone should Google "FM 3-39.4" and make sure you are seated as you read this [...]

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Colorado Is Having Multiple Disaster Drills Day After Day- What Do They Know?

  An uncountable number of FEMA coffins were discovered on a lonely road approximately 50 miles outside of Atlanta. The discovery was made by Sherrie Wilcox who has since bugged out for her own safety.   The above picture was taken 50 miles outside of Atlanta by a friend of Sherrie Wilcox. However, [...]

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Planned Deep State Tyranny Revealed by These 12 Executive Orders

Trust in government is the same as writing your epitaph, especially with the American Deep State in control. Since the election of Donald Trump, American, in large part, has stopped prepping. This is such a bad mistake. The Deep State is going to respond in force to the Trump agenda and strike out and and [...]

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These 5 Things Follow an Economic Collapse

What America Will Look Like Following the Collapse of the Dollar-Five Things You Can Count On Happening The aftermath of an economic collapse can take different forms, however, history demonstrates that there are some universal things you can count on: 1. Sorosvilles During the Great Depression (1929-1941),the growing number of homeless people in America began [...]

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The Tipping Point for the Economy Is Here-One False Flag Away From Armageddon

In a recent phone conversation I had with Steve Quayle, he said "the people do not realize how close we are to a complete takeover and collapse of our system".  Truer words were never spoken. It is easy to interpret the signals of our economy from afar when we see people driving cars everywhere and [...]

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Venezuelan-Style Starvation/Civil Unrest Is Very Close- Paul Martin and Dave Hodges

  This is a blockbuster presentation in which I interviewed Paul Martin.  George Soros is having his way as extreme civil unrest is coming along with martial law. This is a blockbuster interview that needs to go viral. Please donate to offset the costs of The Common Sense Show PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL AND [...]

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Deep State FEMA Camps Will Become Decapitation Centers- 30,000 Stored Guillotines

  In a radio interview with Steve Quayle, he said two very disturbing things. the first was how very close the Deep State is to totally taking over and second, that his research, from years ago, discovered that FEMA camps would become beheading facilities. In Part 4 of this series, it is time that the [...]

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How to Survive a Deep State Takeover

If the Deep State is forced out of the closet and they actually succeed in overthrowing the Constitutional government, what will that mean for the individual American?  The following video contains what every citizen needs to know about surviving a Deep State takeover.   Please donate to offset the costs of The Common Sense Show PLEASE [...]

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