The Banks Are Preparing to Steal All of Your Money- Another Wells Fargo Crime-Homeowners You Are at Risk!

  I have no doubt that when I look at banking actions over the past three years, they are clearly posturing to take every financial asset you own, but not everyone agrees as evidenced by this email. Hodges just shut up!!!!  You are an _____. The economy is just fine. If it was as bad [...]

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Do You Really Own Your Home?

  The move to confiscate all privately held wealth in the United States is well underway. In the past few years, we have experienced bail-outs, planned bail-ins, Treasury Secretary Jack Lew is positioning to confiscate all 401k's and pensions and now the MERS mortgage fraud is accelerating to new heights thanks to a rash of [...]

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Merry Christmas America: Appeals Court Affirms MERS Right to Steal Your Home

    Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals Affirms Dismissal of Minnesota Counties’ Lawsuit     MERSCORP Holdings, Inc. is well known for being an organized criminal enterprise. Their assets should have been seized and its corporate officers along with the minion robo signers should all be in prison. However, Americans are increasingly living in a [...]

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