Reporter Jailed Under the NDAA-The Disappearing of a Reporter

    Did you that the NDAA is being used to hold a reporter without due process?   The entire Barrett Brown affair is a "canary in the mine" for all reporters. The Deep State has been suppressing freedom of the press for a very long time. Brown, at one time, was associated [...]

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Will the Deep State Force Trump Into Declaring Martial Law?

The recent terroist events in St. Petersburg were a warning to Trump of what will come to every American state if he continues to resist the Deep State. Yes, that is correct, my best source informed me last night that his intel suggests that this whole terrorist operation in St. Petersburg was designed to serve [...]

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Section 1287 of the NDAA Eliminates Freedom of Speech

I never thought I would see this happen this fast. However, Section 1287 of the recently passed NDAA, contains prohibitions against free speech. You will not believe what you see in this report.     Please Donate to The Common Sense Show   PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL AND DON’T FORGET TO “LIKE” US [...]

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Obama’s Blueprint for a 3rd Term

The last American President? in the recent election, America has gone from being annoyed with their government to the point of resisting their government and the establishment as a whole. The manifestation of this resistance culminated with the election of Donald Trump to the presidency. I have previously detailed how state governors, veterans, [...]

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The Alt. Media Can Now Be Shut Down with No Notice

  Obama has signed into law a bill which give authority to the government to shut down any website or blog that it disagrees with. What are we going to do about it?  See the thoughts of Dave Hodges and what should be done. Please leave your thoughts in the comments section.       [...]

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What Will You Tell Your Children When They Ask “Daddy, Why Did America Fall?”

      "Daddy, when did America fall? When did we become a Third World Country?" Someday, many of the young adults will be asked this question by your children who will be unable to find the answer in the Common Core textbooks of the future. What will you say? What will you tell your children [...]

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Obama’s Three Step Plan to Brainwash America

  On September 15, 2015, Obama granted himself the authority to perform an act against the American people that even I did not anticipate he could do with the totality of what he intends to perform this action. What am I speaking about? Obama has ranted himself the authority to brainwash America. Don’t do a [...]

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You Should Leave America, but Can You? This Is a Must Read

It is time to leave America? Is it possible to leave the country and leave with your assets in tow? And where would you go? There are many indicators that tell us that we have totally lost our country. Nowhere is this more evident than it is with what our media is choosing to glorify [...]

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Exterminating 40 Million Americans In Re-Education Camps Is the Goal

I have been covering how many of our everyday structures are being converted into makeshift detention centers (i.e. FEMA camps).Hundreds of strip malls across Canada, the UK and the U.S. are having guard towers retrofitted to the existing structures. This is even happening with closed and abandoned strip malls. It is happening with newer construction. It [...]

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White Transport Vehicles Entering USA Ports and Strip Mall Conversions to FEMA Camps Spells Trouble

The United States is witnessing the importation of white buses and vans in record numbers. Malls, all across the UK, Canada and the United States are witnessing strip mall conversion to FEMA camp guard towers. Further, new malls are incorporating FEMA camp guard towers into their construction. And the largest owners of malls in North [...]

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This Is the Only Weapon We Have Left to Fight Against the Coming Jade Helm Tyranny

When it comes to overcoming an injury or emotional trauma, the guiding principles of healing are remarkably similar. In general, the better the health, both physical and emotional, prior to the crisis, the better the predicted outcome will be. Along these lines, an important question needs to be asked. Is there anything that can be [...]

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Seventeen Things You Can Count On When Jade Helm 15 Goes Live

  Obama's short term goal. America is already under martial law. Jade Helm 15 will not bring martial law to America, it is already here, as this article will make clear. Jade Helm 15 is the manifestation of martial law. At minimum, this drill is the practice run for the implementation for the [...]

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I Am Spartacus

  Spartacus is a 1960 American historical drama movie directed by Stanley Kubrick and it is based upon the novel by the same name written by Howard Fast There was a phrase in the movie, "Spartacus" starring Kirk Douglas as Spartacus, which has captured movie goers imagination and is now part of the American lexicon. [...]

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  The fact that FEMA has recruited up to an estimated 28,000 pastors, as a low end estimate, to as many as 100,000 pastors, as a high end estimate, in order to form the clergy response team is very disturbing, not to mention frightening. The reports of pastoral betrayal are now coming in from multiple sources and there is [...]

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The Five Factors Needed to Destroy America

  The plot to destroy America is decades old. When I have recently spoken of the removal of dissident journalists in programs such Boa and Operation Lightening Strike, and we witness the unfolding of the NDAA and EO 13603 in order to control the masses through food and enforce civilian conscription without compensation, we are merely [...]

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