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The Anatomy of the Coup that Has Captured the Presidency- Kathy Rubio and Paul Martin

  Trump had turned the tables on the Deep State. But the swamp has apparently swallowed him up. His reversals in Syria, which have plunged the US head-long toward World War III as this also threatens all of humanity. In this hour, I compared notes with Kathy Rubio and Paul Martin regarding the coup [...]

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The Justice League Turns Anti-American

You will not believe how un-American the Justice League has become! They used to support the values of the United States. Now, they support the treachery of the United Nations. How bad is it? You will not believe the information in the following report.   For more stories like these, visit The Common Sense [...]

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Is the Slumbering Silent Majority Waking Up?

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So You Think the Danger Is Over?

The election of Trump did not solve all of our problems, However, many Americans act as if that is exactly what has happened. Last fall, the average American discovered the world of the Independent Media. They read and/or listened intently about the dangers associated with electing a morally depraved individual like Hillary Clinton. [...]

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The Top 3 Predictive TV Shows and What They Tell US About the NWO

The term “predictive programming”, is used to refer to the conditioning of the masses to accept a bleak future planned by the globalists. We know from former CNN reporters, like Amber Lyon, that the CIA pays CNN to run certain stories while buring others in an attempt to create an artificial reality. American television is [...]

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CSS Hr 1-Technocracy Advancements Usher In Total Tyranny In a Nightmare Police State

I recently interviewed Patrick Wood about technocracy and howits related technology has reach the point of total control over all citizens. With the right leaders in charge, a flip of the switch and America will become the most evil and repressive society in history. The following iscusses the technological breakthroughs that will allow for [...]

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