Do We Dare Follow Obama Into WW III? The President’s Treason Quotient

    Red pill or blue pill? The United States could be months away from a total subversion of all of its constitutional principles, its traditions, its wealth and ultimately the freedom and survival of millions of its citizens. This very real possibility is due to the fact that America could soon be engaged [...]

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Why We Will Fight World War III

Known globalist, Henry Kissinger, served as national security adviser and Secretary of State under Presidents Nixon and Ford, has written a book entitled "World Order". The book is to be published Sept. 9 by the Penguin Press. Among many statements that would be objectionable to most Americans, Kissinger stated that "The search for world order [...]

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The Chinese Provide a Glimpse of An American Post-Collapse Society

    Very impressive Chinese cities, but where are the people?   As ISIS is rampaging across Iraq and Syria, Ebola is on the loose and the flames of civil discontent are spreading across the United States, the country stands at a crossroads. There are many in the media who believe that America [...]

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The Global Elite Are Using Children’s Authors to Promote An Inevitable Agenda 21 Future

It is no secret that the globalists use the mass media to send their messages to the public regarding the inevitability of the globalists takeover and the emergence of the subsequent conditions related to humanity’s enslavement. In the past few years, the mass media has specifically targeted the attitudes of our children. Our children’s books are [...]

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The Gulf Needs to Be Evacuated

  “Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable.” George Orwell The conditions in the Gulf Coast region are so bad, that some are actually talking about a mass evacuation of the coastal regions in Louisiana. Others think the potential devastation is so dangerous that the entire Gulf Coast region should [...]

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  As a result of my contact with confidential sources, in relation to the present illegal immigration crisis and the presence of MS-13, who double as assassins for the Sinaloa and Los Zeta cartels, I have received inside information on who the globalists will ultimately for Americans to abandon their homes and seek safe refuge [...]

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Is Your Church Part of the New World Order?

As this Sunday comes and goes, I will not be attending church. With a scant few exceptions the church has been invaded in the same manner that our Constitution has been obliterated. Refusing to Stand Up to Evil As the country struggles to come to grip with the illegal alien invasion, which threatens our economy, [...]

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Our children are being exploited. This exploitation must be stopped. This time I am not speaking about Stacy Lynne or Monika Wesolowski, both mothers, who have had their children ripped away from them in political retaliation for their beliefs. In this article, I am not identifying the unimaginable horrors of CPS and the devastation that [...]

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Two Thirds of the World Vow to Push Back Against America and the New World Order

  Commentary (RANT) by: Roger Landry (TLB) Why is the G77 representing 133 countries facing off against America, the United Nations and the New World Order ?(see attached link below) Aren’t we being told daily this is a good thing, a mechanism to unite the globe for a better, richer future for all humanity. Could it be this [...]

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The Ten Percent Factor

Is it a waste of time to try and warn humanity about the satanic nature of the world's leadership? Is humanity doomed? Is there no hope to overcome the endless attacks upon humanity by the globalists? Are we a nation under judgment? Should we just lie down and take our beating because there is nothing [...]

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Barack Hussein Obama Is the Last American President

Dave Hodges The Common Sense Show June 25, 2014      When one looks at the scope of Obama's Executive Orders, along with what they entail, it makes one strongly consider if Obama is attempting to become the last American President. This article examines the topic of Executive Orders (EO's) which suggests that the President is [...]

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June 22, 2014 Daniel Estulin and Deborah Tavares

Dave Hodges The Common Sense Show June 22, 2014   Dave Hodges is the host of The Common Sense Show     Tonight on The Common Sense Show, Dave has two headliner guests, Deborah Tavares for her third installment of a 3 part series related to the following topics, and Daniel Estulin: Deborah Tavares [...]

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How You Can Save Your Child’s Future

Dave Hodges The Common Sense Show June 21, 2014     It is easy to become a doom and gloom prophet with regard to American education. In many ways, American education is strong in many different areas. Generally speaking, the more education one receives strongly correlates with gross income. We can talk about reading comprehension [...]

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The Freedom Mask

Barbara Peterson Farm Wars Reprinted with Permission by The Common Sense Show June 20, 2014   Source: Folsom Prison Museum Home of the brave, land of the free. That is what we are supposed to believe. What we are conditioned to believe. Consider this: A rat born in captivity doesn’t know anything else. We could [...]

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Five Star Guest: Doug Hagmann June 15, 2014

Dave Hodges the Host of The Common Sense Show Dave Hodges June 15, 2014 The Common Sense Show                                                                   THE COMMON [...]

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