Victoria Nuland Is the Biggest Threat to the Deep State-Will She Be Arkancided?

  Almost nobody is covering the importance of Victoria Nuland's impending testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee this week. Nuland is an insider's, insider. Because of her previous positions, traversing two separate administrations, she knows where all the bodies are buried, literally and figuratively. And at the present moment, Nuland is a bigger threat to [...]

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BOMBSHELL: Corrupt CDC diverted $3 million in taxpayer money to radical left-wing causes having NOTHING to do with science

  By Ethan Huff A Republican running for office in California’s 37th congressional district is sounding the alarm about some shocking information he recently uncovered concerning the gross misuse of taxpayer dollars by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Ron Bassilian, an information technology (IT) guru who specializes in Microsoft’s Exchange enterprise email solution software, [...]

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The People Who Fund Terrorism-The CSS-5/6/18 with Dr. Scott Bennett

Dr. Scott Bennett served in the U.S. Army 11th Psychological Operations Battalion, attempted to blow the whistle by contacting the corporate controlled media as well as reaching out to US politicians after being removed from his job as a terrorist finance investigator after he proved to be too good at his job. This was due to the [...]

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Breaking: The Memo-Related DOJ Rats Are Beginning to Jump Ship to Avoid Prosecution

Attorney General Sessions and Rachel Brand Rachel Brand, the Associate Attorney General at the Department of Justice Department, is stepping down after nine months on the job, the NYT reports. Brand was hired in her position at the DJ in May 2017. After only nine months on the job, Brand was seen as Deputy Attorney [...]

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The President Cannot Give Away America Through Chain Migration or Recognizing Sharia Law

Job applicants or terrorists? Our national security demands that it be stopped. Why do the Democrats needs millions of illegal aliens to become citizens? It is simple, they need illegal aliens to vote communist, I mean Democratic, in 2018 and beyond, to ever have any chance of winning. And why is this true? [...]

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Santa Is Not Coming and the Deep State Is Still Intact

I have been waiting patiently on the sidelines and quietly telling the American people that the Deep State is not defeated. I have been patiently waiting for this false narrative to disintegrate. However, the fanatical obsession with "Q" is not dissipating. One website is dominated by this disinformation despite the fact that there is not [...]

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Joe Arpaio Is the “Deep Throat” That’s Led to Deep State Indictments for Trafficking

The famous Arizona sheriff known as “America's Toughest Sheriff”, Joe Arpaio, was well-known for his hard-nosed stance against immigration lawbreakers and his tent-based jails. Arpaio and loyalists within the Federal government worked hand-in-hand to curb illegal immigration, while being opposed by the forces of George Soros and the Obama administration. These forces were trying to [...]

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Invasion by Stealth-How America Has Been Occupied Without Firing a Shot

While George Soros is hungry to wipe out all cultural identity in modern nations and destroy national sovereignty as a result, Hungary is launching a an anti-Soros, and an anti-Muslim massive immigration theme into their politics. Maybe we should pay attention to what is happening in Hungary and Poland. What History Teaches About [...]

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A Congressman, a Former DHS Chief and a Major Wall Street Figure Have All Predicted an EMP Attack

Is an EMP in America's future? A growing number of prominent Americans say it is is. In my years of covering the plots and conspiracies of the New World Order and their continual assault upon Americans and Christians, I have never seen such a bizarre and numerous set of events which threaten to [...]

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