Jade Helm and the Stalinist Methods Being Used to Enslave America

  Whoever thought that his philosophies would have ever seen the light of day in America?                 Every successful revolution follows three stages: (1) Winning the hearts and minds of the people; (2) Resisting illegitimate authority through civil disobedience; and, (3) All out war. America is [...]

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  When does this...... Become this in America?   Obama’s condemnations of ISIS terror look a whole lot like alibis and weak excuse making. When we take Obama's extremely weak response to the brutal Islamic State beheadings of Coptic Christians in Libya, we can only conclude that Obama, at minimum, passively supports the brutal actions [...]

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When Are You Going to Get “As Mad As Hell” and Do Something?

      Howard Bloom, Yale literature professor and cultural critic, recently stated “I am 79 years old and I have never seen this country in such a bad state. It is madness. What we are seeing is the fall of the Roman Empire, only now it is the fall of America, the glory of [...]

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The Five Factors Needed to Destroy America

  The plot to destroy America is decades old. When I have recently spoken of the removal of dissident journalists in programs such Boa and Operation Lightening Strike, and we witness the unfolding of the NDAA and EO 13603 in order to control the masses through food and enforce civilian conscription without compensation, we are merely [...]

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President Obama Justifies FEMA Camp Detention for Uncharged Americans

  President Obama explains the purpose of FEMA Camps. In a page right of the movie, The Minority Report, the President says President said, "People are not going to be arrested for past crimes, but for the crimes that they might commit".  The NDAA is the precursor event which will precede mass roundups and incarcerations and [...]

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Everything Obama Touches, Turns to Trash

    I am not going to mince words, Common Core makes the claim that its philosophy and mandates makes a child college ready. THERE IS NOT ONE SHRED OF RESEARCH BASED EVIDENCE THAT PROVES THAT THIS IS TRUE!  And you should not be surprised. Can you name even one Obama inspired program or edict [...]

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Children Increasingly Comprise the Rapidly Growing Prison Slave Labor Force

  My wife used to run the corporate McDonald’s restaurants as the executive director in Arizona for almost a decade. The goal of every one of her stores was to create return business.  McDonalds would invest in playland equipment and dine in furniture, all designed to make the restaurants a desirable place to return to. [...]

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Michele Bachmann: Obama Embraces ‘Agenda of Islamic Jihad’ to Convert “United States into an Islamic Caliphate”

Tim Brown  Freedom Outpost   Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) has been an outspoken voice against the infiltration of the Muslim Brotherhood into the halls of the United States federal government, and she has taken the shots against her, even by those who claim they are on her side. Recently, the Minnesota congresswoman was interviewed by [...]

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Commander In Chief … Or Purveyor of Unbelievable Excuses

Commentary by: Roger Landry (TLB) The Liberty Beacon This commentary is not based on a breaking story, but it is based on a culmination of information that has bothered me for some time, and to the point I felt a serious need to dredge it up and splash it before the eyes of an all [...]

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Non-Military Reasons Why Russia Will Defeat America in the Upcoming War

    America only has a birth rate of 1.8 among its natural born citizens. A birth rate of 2.1 is needed to maintain the population. Subsequently, America needs immigrants to maintain a 2.1 birthrate. Yet the way we are going about it, is self-destructive. The Russians, again, are doing something related to national defense [...]

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  Commentary by: Roger Landry (TLB) THE LIBERTY BEACON REALLY … What the &%#@ has happened to America? There are so many frustrated Americans today and this can be seen clearly in our combined displeasure or outright anger at what we so sadly term our leadership. Congress has one of the most dismal approval ratings [...]

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America’s Epitaph: The U.S. Will Soon Stand Alone vs. the Nations of the World

  This article represents the beginning of the end of the United States. Many who will read this article will find themselves in agreement, at least initially, because the developments which serve to threaten the future existence of the United States because the events are well-documented. However, many will reach a saturation point and will close their [...]

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White House Forms Task Force to Address Police Brutality, Appoints Brutal & Abusive Cop to Lead It

Free Thought Project John Vibes   This chief has already cost the tax payers millions in settlements for hundreds of civil rights violations, and now he supposed to lead a committee to stop civil rights violations? Washington D.C. – This week, President Obama gave a speech about police militarization, in light of the recent unrest [...]

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Would Obama Use Food As a Weapon? (Part 2)

    Food and the distribution of food, will play a central role in the administration and the application the comming martial law. One would have to be blind not to see the proliferation of this material regarding the Russians and the role that they are going to play in our future. How could we [...]

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John Moore- Breaking News: Oathkeepers Protecting Persons & Businesses in Ferguson

  To: Concerned Individuals From: John Moore...WWW.THELIBERTYMAN.COM In Re: Ferguson/St. Louis Civil Disorder #2 update, this date Ladies and Gentlemen, This afternoon, I interviewed (my friend since 1994) Mr. Sam Andrews, Tactical Commander, of the Oath Keepers, Ferguson Team. Last night 11/28 & early this AM there were confrontations between the St. Louis County Police [...]

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