The Agenda 21 Enslavement of Colorado

  The Koch brothers, Pat Stryker, Governor Hickenlooper and many of the Colorado Front Range mayors are all spearheading a movement to enslave the people of Colorado under the dictates of the United Nations created and inspired Agenda 21. Colorado, along with a 15 county area in Northern California and Southern Oregon comprise the beta [...]

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Obama Is Employing An Army of Psychologists to Fundamentally Transform the Minds of All Americans

  In 2008, I was asked if I was voting for Barack Obama. I said knew better and continued to explain that his political experience was very limited. At the same time, Obama promised America that he was five days away from fundamentally transforming America. By the way, I was called a racist when I said [...]

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Quit Bashing Obama, He Continues to Set Presidential Records

  The American people really need to quit bashing Obama.  He is a record-setting president. There has never been one like him. The Obama administration continues to set records and it is not even close. Here is a list of his "Presidential Firsts".   An Unmatched Presidency The only President to be photographed smoking a [...]

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This Is America’s Worst Nightmare

    Recently, I was interviewing Patrick Wood as I was guest hosting on KHNC 1360 AM in northern Colorado. Pat and I both agreed that the Presidency and the Congress are beyond the reach of the American people and that we should focus on local politics in order to stave off globalist agendas such [...]

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Obama Nationalizes All Food and This Will Force Millions of Americans Into FEMA Camps

We are living in a time of unprecedented craziness and life-threatening danger. Jade Helm Special Operations forces are practicing to extract political dissidents under the unconstitutional authority of the NDAA. Further, Jade Helm conventional military units are "practicing to put several communities under martial law. In addition, America is witnessing unprecedented troop and military equipment [...]

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Sheila Zilinsky and Dave Hodges: Obama’s Marching America to the Door of the Ovens

  Just prior to airtime on The Common Sense Show on July 19, 2015, Steve Quayle issued the following statement in a personal message to Dave Hodges. “A NATION UNDER JUDGMENT, AS CIVIL WAR UNFOLDS BEFORE OUR EYES. THE COMING PLANNED GENOCIDE AGAINST AMERICANS HAS STARTED”. STEVE QUAYLE JULY 19, 2015 Steve Quayle is correct. [...]

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Will Donald Trump Will Be Assassinated By a Man with a Diary?

At times, I find myself trying to evaluate the seriousness of Donald Trump's announced intention to secure the Republican nomination for President. In a recent poll, Trump had the support of 24% of the polled would-be voters. As a result, Trump had an 11% lead on the rest of the Republican field. Forbidden Topics In [...]

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Obama’s Ten Commandments for Christians, Constitutionalists and Caucasians

  I. Thou shalt have no other false Gods before me, such as freedom, financial independence and the worship of Jesus Christ II. As it is written in the holy scriptures of Obamacare, honor thy "real" father and thy mother until they need to be sacrificed by my exalted death panels III. Thou shalt not [...]

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I Live in Sodom and You Live in Gomorrah Because America Is Dead

The United States Supreme Court as well as the international bankers (e.g. Goldman Sachs, Bank of America), are the personification of the evil the Bible speaks about in Sodom and Gomorrah, and these servants of Satan have hijacked our Republic.   Our Republic is ruled by men and women who serve the ideals and values [...]

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The Eight Steps Leading to the Coming American Holocaust

  Could genocide ever be carried out against segments of the American people in the modern age? Just asking this question would get some to label the inquiry as "fear mongering" or a "conspiracy theory". However, with the massive military and equipment movements taking place in our country in recent weeks, in conjunction with Jade [...]

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Jade Helm and the Stalinist Methods Being Used to Enslave America

    Every successful revolution follows three stages: (1) Winning the hearts and minds of the people; (2) Resisting illegitimate authority through civil disobedience; and, (3) All out war. America is being dragged into stage three by the occupation forces that have hijacked our government. Jade Helm is the manifestation of dragging America into a [...]

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  When does this...... Become this in America?   Obama’s condemnations of ISIS terror look a whole lot like alibis and weak excuse making. When we take Obama's extremely weak response to the brutal Islamic State beheadings of Coptic Christians in Libya, we can only conclude that Obama, at minimum, passively supports the brutal actions [...]

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When Are You Going to Get “As Mad As Hell” and Do Something?

    Howard Bloom, Yale literature professor and cultural critic, recently stated “I am 79 years old and I have never seen this country in such a bad state. It is madness. What we are seeing is the fall of the Roman Empire, only now it is the fall of America, the glory of our [...]

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The Five Factors Needed to Destroy America

  The plot to destroy America is decades old. When I have recently spoken of the removal of dissident journalists in programs such Boa and Operation Lightening Strike, and we witness the unfolding of the NDAA and EO 13603 in order to control the masses through food and enforce civilian conscription without compensation, we are merely [...]

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President Obama Justifies FEMA Camp Detention for Uncharged Americans

  President Obama explains the purpose of FEMA Camps. In a page right of the movie, The Minority Report, the President says President said, "People are not going to be arrested for past crimes, but for the crimes that they might commit".  The NDAA is the precursor event which will precede mass roundups and incarcerations and [...]

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