There is No Gray Area…It’s Called Treason!

Posted on January 2, 2016 When will we finally arrest Barack Obama for crimes against America? by James White   CO-HOST  FOR THE COMMON SENSE SHOW            NorthWest Liberty News Few reading this article would argue that we find ourselves, especially in America, living under an over-reaching, liberty suppressing tyranny. It is [...]

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All Americans Must Carry a Firearm At All Times

All Americans must carry a firearm at all times. Our enemies are determined and the current administration could care less about your survival. Obama cannot be permitted to make a move to confiscate American guns as the following paragraphs explain why. Obama: "No Credible Evidence That Terrorism Is a Threat to America" It is difficult [...]

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Congress Has Been Told WW III Is Inevitable and the US Cannot Win

    The wheels are coming off of Obama's flawed foreign policy as it relates to Syria. Congress has now heard testimony that the United States is not ready for World War III while Russia is chomping at the bit to "get it on". Further Congress has learned that Obama has been once again been [...]

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Assistant Attorney General Carlin Introduces the Beginning of the Final Solution to America

  This article explores the latest in the ongoing implementation of more police state policies being implemented under the rule of law. This article will expose, through a careful examination of Assistant Attorney General, John Carlin's announced intention to criminalize free speech as it relates to criticism of the government for its unconstitutional acts. CNN Exposes [...]

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Death by a Thousand Cuts: China and Russia’s Combined Plot to Attack America

  The now you see him, now you don't Putin, reappeared on March 16 in during his meeting with Kyrgyz President Almazbek Atambayev in the Konstantin Palace outside St. Petersburg, Russia, Monday, March 16, 2015. Why did he disappear for nearly two weeks? How has Putin changed in the following seven months following his [...]

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China Is Willing to Start WW III Over the Trans Pacific Partnership

After publishing yesterday's article, I felt I had provided the readers with a lot of information to consider with regard to the growing South China Sea controversy. It is a controversy that will soon see American warships entering into the region.  A few hours after publishing the previous article, I had an epiphany. I was [...]

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The South China Sea Syndrome: Another Nail In America’s Coffin

    America Warships to China   Sixteen days ago, President Obama and Chinese President Xi sounded as if they were moving forward in a positive manner. The only real point of contention when the two world leaders met at the White House was Taiwan. Oh, on paper, it appears that China's dispute [...]

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Why Is Russia Attacking ISIS In Syria, While Supporting ISIS Incursions Into the U.S?

  Four days ago, the Independent Media was ablaze with reports of possible border crossings by ISIS into the United States. I yawned and then went back to bed. This is old news and many in the Independent and the Maintream Media are acting as if this is some kind shocking new revelation. Will the [...]

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What Will You Tell Your Children When They Ask “Daddy, Why Did America Fall?”

      "Daddy, when did America fall? When did we become a Third World Country?" Someday, many of the young adults will be asked this question by your children who will be unable to find the answer in the Common Core textbooks of the future. What will you say? What will you tell your children [...]

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Parent Alert: ISIS Is Coming After Your Children and Obama Is Doing Nothing About It

  “We Have Met the Enemy and He Is Us”   Why are we allowing same types of leaders to continue to run this country into the ground, time and time again? Among their latest transgressions is their turning a blind eye to the ongoing ISIS recruitment of our young people. CBS News Issues Warns of ISIS Actively [...]

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The Agenda 21 Enslavement of Colorado

  The Koch brothers, Pat Stryker, Governor Hickenlooper and many of the Colorado Front Range mayors are all spearheading a movement to enslave the people of Colorado under the dictates of the United Nations created and inspired Agenda 21. Colorado, along with a 15 county area in Northern California and Southern Oregon comprise the beta [...]

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Obama Is Employing An Army of Psychologists to Fundamentally Transform the Minds of All Americans

  In 2008, I was asked if I was voting for Barack Obama. I said knew better and continued to explain that his political experience was very limited. At the same time, Obama promised America that he was five days away from fundamentally transforming America. By the way, I was called a racist when I said [...]

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Quit Bashing Obama, He Continues to Set Presidential Records

  The American people really need to quit bashing Obama.  He is a record-setting president. There has never been one like him. The Obama administration continues to set records and it is not even close. Here is a list of his "Presidential Firsts".   An Unmatched Presidency The only President to be photographed smoking a [...]

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This Is America’s Worst Nightmare

    Recently, I was interviewing Patrick Wood as I was guest hosting on KHNC 1360 AM in northern Colorado. Pat and I both agreed that the Presidency and the Congress are beyond the reach of the American people and that we should focus on local politics in order to stave off globalist agendas such [...]

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Obama Nationalizes All Food and This Will Force Millions of Americans Into FEMA Camps

We are living in a time of unprecedented craziness and life-threatening danger. Jade Helm Special Operations forces are practicing to extract political dissidents under the unconstitutional authority of the NDAA. Further, Jade Helm conventional military units are "practicing to put several communities under martial law. In addition, America is witnessing unprecedented troop and military equipment [...]

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