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White women’s march a sickening celebration of genocide against blacks: The Planned Parenthood legacy you’ve never been told

by: Mike Adams (Natural News) When you see hundreds of thousands of white women marching around with vagina hats on their heads, celebrating the legacy of an organization founded to exterminate blacks, you know racism is alive and well in America… and it’s found squarely on the Left. Planned Parenthood was founded as a genocidal [...]

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Planned Parenthood ex-employee spills all: Abortion group disguises illegal organ harvesting as ‘fetal tissue studies’

  by: Jonathan Benson, staff writer Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/051050_Planned_Parenthood_organ_harvesting_fetal_tissue.html#ixzz3ksbO9RFy NaturalNews) A former clinic director at Planned Parenthood of the Gulf Coast, where the fifth video in an ongoing undercover series released by the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) was captured, has come forward with further shocking details about this criminal baby chop-shop operation. Abby Johnson, [...]

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British NHS Euthanizes the Elderly and Obamacare Follows Suit

  In 2010, the United Nations published a blueprint in which the global elite announced their intentions for phasing out global warming as means of achieving global governance in favor of the overpopulation theme as a means to destroy, impoverish and enslave the middle classes across the nations of this planet. The ultimate globalist goal [...]

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