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CSS Hr 1-Technocracy Advancements Usher In Total Tyranny In a Nightmare Police State

I recently interviewed Patrick Wood about technocracy and howits related technology has reach the point of total control over all citizens. With the right leaders in charge, a flip of the switch and America will become the most evil and repressive society in history. The following iscusses the technological breakthroughs that will allow for [...]

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Surveillance on steroids: New device covertly scans you from a distance with a wifi blast to determine your emotional state, without your consent

by: Jayson Veley   (Natural News) Our society has reached a point where it is now more difficult to think of things that are truly private than it is to think of things that are not. Indeed, virtually every new piece of technology has the ability to infringe on your privacy rights to one degree or [...]

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FACEBOOK to roll out facial recognition AI in latest deep state ploy to use your own biometrics against you

 by: Lance D Johnson    (Natural News) There is no such thing as privacy with Facebook. All the data that’s shared openly by Facebook users,  including pictures, connections, interests, comments, likes, and personal information is readily compiled and analyzed by algorithms to map out and predict who you are, where you go, what you’ll buy, and much [...]

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Google Creates Snitching Apps for the Chinese Government

  "Every move you make, every breath you take, they'll be watching you." The Chines have employed snitching apps. They are the creations of Google and are designed to monitor people for incorrect thinking. How long until these social media giants bring this oppression to America? By the way, the Chinese are resisting. Here [...]

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Samantha Power and Susan Rice Are a Deep State Distraction

    Samantha Power and Susan Rice are singing a duet, the duet of Deep State distraction. We have heard this same song for 20 year. It is nothing new, except now, it is a Deep State distraction as to to how far the Police State Surveillance Grid has advanced. Please donate to offset the [...]

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The Deep State Is Arming Every Institution In Preparation for the Coming Civil War

  117 Ammerican Universities have now armed themselves. Armed themselves for what? Are the students partying to hardy and they must establish a beach head at the nearest frat house? Why are America's universities increasingly looking like DHS? Enemy of the State DHS has been preparing to subjugate anyone who would resist the [...]

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In Police State America, It Is Now Illegal to Point Your Finger At An Authority Figure

  In police state America, in the state of Florida,  it is now illeagl to point your finger at an authority figure. Here is the story...     Please donate to offset the costs of The Common Sense Show PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL AND DON’T FORGET TO “LIKE” US This is the absolute best [...]

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TSA Beta Testing Retinal Scans to Board An Airplane -The Police State Advances

A retinal scan is a biometric technique that uses the unique patterns on a person's retina blood vessels. Jeffrey Tucker just had an experience with Retinal scanning being used as a criteria to board a plane. Here is his story: ...Halfway down the jetbridge, there was a new layer of security. Two US Marshals, heavily [...]

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Californian Senator Richard Pan pushing to outlaw parental rights in all medical decisions

   by: Vicki Batts Natural News (NaturalNews) California is no stranger to controversy. In February of 2016, Natural News reported on The Golden State’s highly debatable approach to enforcing vaccination. California’s strict mandatory vaccination laws have been a subject of contention for quite some time now, and it seems that the state is only seeking [...]

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Obama’s Blueprint for a 3rd Term

The last American President? in the recent election, America has gone from being annoyed with their government to the point of resisting their government and the establishment as a whole. The manifestation of this resistance culminated with the election of Donald Trump to the presidency. I have previously detailed how state governors, veterans, [...]

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Assistant Attorney General Carlin Introduces the Beginning of the Final Solution to America

  This article explores the latest in the ongoing implementation of more police state policies being implemented under the rule of law. This article will expose, through a careful examination of Assistant Attorney General, John Carlin's announced intention to criminalize free speech as it relates to criticism of the government for its unconstitutional acts. CNN Exposes [...]

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