FBI Director Warns Google and Apple “If You Don’t Decrypt Phones, We’ll Do It For You”

by Mike "Mish" Shedlock Posted on October 20, 2014 The Fourth Amendment to the US Constitution is crystal clear in meaning. The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported [...]

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More Police State America As Mom Faces Prison For Letting Son Walk To the Park

      The police admit there is no law in Florida which states how old a child must be to walk to a nearby park alone. Prosecutors state there is no law governing such behavior. Yet, Officers snatched young Dominic from the park, took the boy home where police arrested Nicole Gainey and charged her [...]

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The Gulf Needs to Be Evacuated

  “Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable.” George Orwell The conditions in the Gulf Coast region are so bad, that some are actually talking about a mass evacuation of the coastal regions in Louisiana. Others think the potential devastation is so dangerous that the entire Gulf Coast region should [...]

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  How do end up on a secret government terror list? Simple, just criticize the administration, visit this website, write a critical editorial, join the Libertarian, speak out against IRS corruption, question the events at Benghazi, be a Christian, love God and freedom.... NBC report on Glenn Greenwald's shocking discovery on the rules governing the [...]

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  As a result of my contact with confidential sources, in relation to the present illegal immigration crisis and the presence of MS-13, who double as assassins for the Sinaloa and Los Zeta cartels, I have received inside information on who the globalists will ultimately for Americans to abandon their homes and seek safe refuge [...]

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Barack Hussein Obama Is the Last American President

Dave Hodges The Common Sense Show June 25, 2014      When one looks at the scope of Obama's Executive Orders, along with what they entail, it makes one strongly consider if Obama is attempting to become the last American President. This article examines the topic of Executive Orders (EO's) which suggests that the President is [...]

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What Will Happen When the Dollar Collapses?

Will It Be a False Flag Attack Or a Currency Collapse? Hitler initiated a false flag event and burned down the Reichstag to gain control over the German government. Could the same happen here in the United States? My initial response to that question is, does it really matter? The pattern of societal collapse and [...]

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How Can Americans Feel Safe, When There Are No Rules?

Dave Hodges May 21, 2014 The Common Sense Show       They always say that the husband is the last to know and that a devastating extramarital affair that can serve to undermine a marriage, can simply come out of nowhere. Generally, this is not true, for when a marriage gets to the point [...]

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This Mother’s Day, Buy Your Mom a Three Day Bug-Out Bag

Dave Hodges May 11, 2014 The Common Sense Show A perfect gift for this Mother's Day! The country is on the verge of economic collapse which will be followed by massive civil unrest. If you truly want to give your mom a worthwhile gift on this Mother's Day, give her something of practical [...]

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Time to Decide Federal Employees: Are You a Traitor or a Patriot?

Dave Hodges May 10, 2014 The Common Sense Show Attention Federal Employees: Who's watching you? Americans live in a time of unprecedented tyranny through the enactment of unconstitutional legislation like the Patriot Act and the sham courts we call FISA. The entire Constitution was set on its ear by the passage if the NDAA which [...]

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Humanity Has Outlived Its Usefulness: GAME OVER!

Dave Hodges May 4, 2014 The Common Sense Show Hawking is concerned that humanity is on a one trip to ultimate destruction because we are no longer needed.   How is that Kool-Aid tasting? Congratulations America, you have twice elected an avowed communist who believes in eugenics and is totally committed to the takedown [...]

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Nowhere to Run, Nowhere To Hide From the Killer Robots

Are these robots the servants of man, or will they become the main enemy of mankind? Who was Gene Roddenberry? What insider information did he have almost 50 years ago? Gene Roddenberry's production, Star Trek, demonstrated that there is a fine line between science fiction and science fact. Was he an insider armed with information as to what was [...]

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Details Revealed of the UN’s Plans to Seize the Internet

Dave Hodges May 2, 2014 The Common Sense Show   Much has been made about the Obama administration's plan to willingly forfeit control of the organization (ICANN) that administers the Internet is fueling justifiable concerns that the United nations will be controlling the Internet. Thanks to some creative, home-grown journalism, it now appears that these [...]

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The Reason Why There Will Be a Second American Civil War

Dave Hodges May 1, 2014 The Common Sense Show Anyone knows, who has half of an eye open, that American citizens are soon to become an endangered species under our present lunatic President.   Everyone should know that all of our constitutional protections against an out-of-control globalist puppet regime are melting away right before our [...]

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Police State America Local Government Style

Dave Hodges April 8, 2014 The Common Sense Show We do not have to wait for a Constitutional Convention for America to be robbed blind when it comes to their liberties and freedoms. Americans do not have to wait for some rogue President to begin to mass arrest our citizens under the NDAA to experience [...]

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