For Many, It Is Time to Forget the Election and Save Yourself While You Still Can

,    Our political parties are hopelessly corrupt. The politicians have been bought off by the corporations, we have nowhere to turn. You better learn to take care of yourself then you can focus on the election, etc. But for now, you better get food, water, guns, medicine  etc.  With the meetings going on with [...]

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Tick..Tick..Tick..You Still Have Money In the Bank? No Gun? No Gold or Stored Food?

  Donald Trump predicted that the United States is on course for a "very massive recession," warning that a combination of high unemployment and an overvalued stock market had set the stage for another economic slump."I think we’re sitting on an economic bubble. A financial bubble," the billionaire Presidential candidate said in an interview with The [...]

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Gerald Celente Predicts Imminent Dollar Collapse-How to Survive

    Since being a victim of the MR-Global debacle, Gerald Celente is no stranger to economically calamity.  In the video below, Celente, makes a compelling case for the econmic collapse that is coming. CELENTE IS CORRECT! HERE IS WHAT YOU CAN DO ABOUT THIS!   Bob Griswold, a prepper expert, tells Dave’s listening expert [...]

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The Most Neglected Part of Prepping & Knowing This Could Save Your Life

Don't leave home without this.   I recently had the pleasure of interviewing one of America's foremost experts on survival skills (e.g. prepping), Bob Griswold from Ready Made Resources. Before you listen to this life-saving interview, I would suggest that you get your pad and pencil ready, because the life-saving information will be [...]

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Fifteen Things You Need to Do to Survive an Economic Collapse- A CSS Special Interview with Bob Griswold

Before the tributes are selected, Effie Trinket utters the catch phrase of the movie "May the odds be ever in your favor". Bob Griswold, a prepper expert, tells Dave's listening expert how to survive the coming economic collapse. Included in this interview are the 15 things that one must do to increase their [...]

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14 Things To Do Before World War III Begins

    Yesterday, The Common Sense Show issued a breaking news alert as to the elite bugging out to deep underground bunkers in Morocco. The Common Sense Show is announcing that we have even more details have surfaced regarding to Moroccan bugging out indicating that World War III is imminent. If such an event ever came [...]

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If You Want to Survive the Economic Collapse, You Need to Read This

     I am so sorry that I feel compelled to unleash the realities of such a hellish nightmare that is beginning to engulf this country. The United States is in the early stages of an economic meltdown. I apologize to the cognitive dissonance crowd, but your days of ignorant bliss are coming to and [...]

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Forget About the Blood Moon, You Need to be Worried About Surviving

Dave interviewed noted survivalist, Bob Griswold. Forget Blood Moons, worry about the 800 pound gorillas staring you in the face.  Bob discussed World War III, the failing economy and the rampaging hordes that could soon be in the streets. Excellent interview that should motivate you to get ready for what is already on the horizon List [...]

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Earth will only have a 12-hour warning before massive solar storm wipes out grid – are you prepared?

    Daniel Barker (NaturalNews) It has been well over a century since the last major solar storm hit the earth, but sooner or later, it will happen again. It's only a question of when, and many scientists believe that the recurrence of such an event is overdue. In fact, scientists claim that the likelihood [...]

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The FEMA Preparedness Reports: What Are Your Chances of Surviving An Economic Collapse?

Earlier today, The Common Sense Show issued an alert as to the possible use of multiple IED type of devices based upon the reports of a highly credible source(s). If such an even ever came to fruition, it could potentially paralyze this nation and bring the economy to a standstill. Subsequently, the grocery store shelves [...]

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Russian Spetsnaz Arsonists Are Targeting Preppers In the West

Preppers, the new enemy of the state. On Sunday August 30, 2015, I attempted to conduct a radio interview with Rich Scheben a noted off-the-grid prepper. Along with experts, such as Bob Griswold, Rich is as skilled as anyone in this business and his message is not popular with this current administration. During the [...]

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The CSS Interviews Rich Scheben On How to Survive What Is Coming

  This is an interesting interview with Rich Scheben as he and Dave discussed societal issues as well as how to prepare for what is coming.   Listen to Dave Interview Rich Scheben You will need food to survive. Don't be sorry tomorrow, that you did not act today. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION [...]

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Tonight On the CSS- What Is Coming and How to Survive It- Agenda 21’s Stealing Kids

The Common Sense Show, investigative journalism at its best. Now You Can Listen By Phone: 832-999-1763 On tonight's show, Dave welcomes the following guests: Hour 1-  Rich Sheben- What is coming and how to survive it. You will lose sleep after listening to this interview Hour 2- Stacy Lynne-  Stand up to your local government [...]

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How to Wage War On the Bankers Who Have Hijacked Our Government

Maybe there was a reason why Jesus chased the money changers from the Temple! More and more people and organizations are becoming adept at identifying the evil injustices which have invaded every facet of our lives. Jade Helm has put this nation under martial law. Malls, schools, stadiums, arena and warehouses are being [...]

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The CSS on June 14 @ 8pm (EST)-Surviving the Collapse, Secret Provisions of the TPP, the Latest on Jade Helm

  On Tonight's Show Hour 1-Bob Griswold and how to resupply essential elements of survival when the stores close their doors for good. Hour 2-Ted Broer and the devastating impact of the TPP. Hour 3- The latest in health and wellness with Katy Whelan.                 Paul Martin and [...]

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