15 Electors Have Turned on Trump, 22 to Go

  Electors should be required to cast their votes in the manner determined by the popular vote of their state. It should be a felony to do otherwise. However, what should be in politics, is not often the way that it works out. Fifteen electors have stated that they are not casting their ballot for [...]

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The Stealth Invasion of Somali Terrorists Coming Across the Mexican Border- Jobs Awaiting

  What was happening there, is now happening here. Refugees? Really? Where are the women and children? Are there any Christians among them? This is national suicide! What is happening there, is happening here.   In the interest of national survival and individual preservation, it is important to do some much needed dot [...]

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Gas Is Going to $6 a Gallon- OPEC Part of Plot to Collapse US Economy

In response to Donald Trump's election, OPEC is aiding the globalists in paralyzing the US economy with increased oil price that the fragile US economy simply cannot handle. The reasons and the implications for this action are contained in the following video.     Please Donate to The Common Sense Show   PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO [...]

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US Military Preparing for Large-Scale Civilian Unrest- Trigger Event? -Paul Martin

  I recently interviewed Paul Martin and he revealed that his most reliable force said that segments of the American military are preparing to subjugate the American population. My sources tell me that this is not more than a continuation of UWEX 16 in which the administration is practicing for rogue American military units to [...]

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Hillary Clinton 2020

  The banner represents the goals for most reasonable Americans, Hillary for Prison, 2016. However, Hillary has other ideas. There is a credible evidence that Hillary Clinton is looking to run again in 2020.  The full story is in the video.   Please Donate to The Common Sense Show   PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE [...]

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Attentional Millennials: We Owe You Nothing!

In a recent poll, and by a 2 to 1 margin, Millennial's say they would rather have Fidel Castro as President over Donald Trump.  Yes, America, this is what we have raised, a generation that wants something for nothing. Some should ask these illiterate Castro lovers one question: How did Cubans fare under this despot? [...]

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PizzaGate Traced to Fairfax County, Virginia

Recent Wikileaks PizzaGate revelations have come full circle and coordinate, in a hand and glove manner, with the research I was doing 30 months ago. Stunning Report From SGT Radio One of my readers sent me an interview conducted on SGT radio with an anonymous  researcher, "Mark" who revealed the incredible number of children who continually go [...]

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Pizzagate Comes to the White House- Scandal Touches Obama- MSM’s Silent

A key Obama fundraiser was arrested for having sex with a 15 year old boy. There is not one word about this in the MSM. Can you imagine if it was a Trump campaign fundraiser? Just more fake news from the MSM   Please Donate to The Common Sense Show   PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO OUR [...]

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The Origins of Pizzagate: Was Breitbart Murdered for What He Knew?

Andrew Breitbart   Was Andrew Breitbart and the man who did his autopsy murdered to keep the secrets of Pizzagate secret? Since Breitbart's death, many who knew him felt that this was the case. A tweet, shortly before his death, would seem to indicate that he had his sights squarely on PizzaGate. Certainly, [...]

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Congress Passes World War III Legislation Despite Trump’s Election

When you voted for Donald Trump, didn't you believe that this was a vote for peace and he would negotiate a mutually beneficial agreement with Russia? Just when I thought the electoral process offered the people hope, I have learned that our vote means little to nothing. The case in point for this new found [...]

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Muslim Somali refugee student unleashes Ohio State attack with a vehicle and a knife… 9 hospitalized… campus was gun-free zone

Monday, November 28, 2016 by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger (NaturalNews) A Somali refugee university student named Abdul Artan unleashed a mass attack on fellow students today at Ohio State. The Muslim radical, who entered the United States under a student visa, pulled a fire alarm then "mowed down evacuating students and staff with his [...]

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Is the ALT Media Dead?

Is the alt. right media dead? The NY Times tried to set me up and trick me into saying I would promote a violent revolution if Trump lost the election. Mike Adams went through the same thing with the Washington Post. Now, the Washington Post is trying to accuse many of us as being agents [...]

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DNC Controlled Agencies Gearing Up for Civil Unrest

Who are the massive amounts of DHS acquired bullets for? The democrats are bolstering their enforcement mechanisms. They are preparing for war against the American people. The Democratically controlled DHS is gearing up for combat. Every Federal agency is now on edge and seemingly ready to explode. What are they preparing for? Clearly [...]

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Prison or the Presidency? Hillary’s Going for Broke

On November 9th, in the early morning hours, I reported that Donald Trump had made a deal with the devil and had agreed to not prosecute Hillary Clinton. When Trump clinched Pennsylvania, it was clear that Clinton could not win, as the story goes, Podesta, "the Pizza man", reached out to Trump's Senior Advisor, Kellyanne [...]

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The CSS Seeks Co-Litigants In Order to Sue the Washington Post for Defamation

  On behalf of DH Communications, the parent company of The Common Sense Show, we are releasing the following statement regarding the allegation that The Common Sense Show is playing the role of Russian Collaborator and the staff at The Common Sense Show is serving as Russian agents in an attempt to illegally interfere with [...]

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