ACLU, SPLC must be prosecuted for “sabotaging a constitutional republic,” warns author

By Jayson Veley According to his bio on PJ Media, David Solway is a Canadian poet, essayist, and author of the book The Big Lie: On Terror, Antisemitism, and Identity. Recently, Solway published a two-part piece on PJ Media titled “Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures,” in which he explained that certain groups, including the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) [...]

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The REAL Robert Mueller: Docs show he let four innocent men rot or die in prison to protect a mafia source

By JD Heyes Special counsel Robert Mueller has received plenty of criticism regarding his “witch hunt” investigation into allegations that then-GOP candidate Donald Trump “colluded” with Russians to “steal the election” in 2016 and then obstructed justice to hide it. These allegations are nothing more than Deep State fabrications and Mueller knows it. Everyone involved knows [...]

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Google now claiming Republicans are Nazis … Search engine giant launches propaganda war on America

By Jayson Veley Remember the good old days when the liberals stuck to words like “racist” and “bigot” when describing their conservative counterpart? Now, in the age of Trump, they have graduated to more nasty and vicious terms like “fascist” and even “Nazi,” even though the President and the Republican Party are about as far from [...]

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Homeland Security rolling out “information warfare” nuclear option to silence independent media

By Jayson Veley Wouldn’t it be nice if independent bloggers and journalists could do their work without constantly being harassed by social media giants and federal departments claiming to be combating fake news? Perhaps one day this will become a reality, but not today. Last month, Big Law Business reported that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security is [...]

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Home of scientists who discovered contaminants in vaccines RAIDED; documents confiscated for the “good of science”

By Isabelle Z. Vaccines are one of the most hotly debated topics today, and their defenders often ask those who voice concerns about vaccines to furnish evidence that they’re bad. While there is no shortage of studies showing the harm they cause, a recent incident reminds us that there is likely a lot more information out [...]

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Former DARPA exec to head shady Facebook project called “Building 8” centered around augmented reality and brain-scanning technology

 By Ethan Huff As if things weren’t already bad enough for Mark Zuckerberg’s baby, Facebook (the world’s least trusted company at this point), now they are apparently working on a secret project behind the scenes that has nothing to do with social media, and everything to do with scanning people’s brains as part of a sinister artificial intelligence [...]

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YouTube restores Health Ranger video channel without explanation as tech giants feel the heat from censorship backlash

by: Mike Adams   (Natural News) YouTube, an authoritarian techno-cult run by deranged lunatic Leftists who despise free speech, has restored the Health Ranger video channel without explanation. Upon restoration, almost 100,000 subscribers were stripped from the channel as yet another “F##k You” from YouTube to content creators like me. The message from YouTube is clear: We can ban you [...]

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California state senator who pushed vaccine mandate now seeks to CRIMINALIZE “fake news” about medicine, politics and government

  by: Mike Adams    (Natural News) In the latest stunning assault on the freedom to think, California state senator Richard Pan — known as the “Mercury Joker” super villain for pushing mandatory vaccines into law via SB 277 — now wants to criminalize all bloggers and independent journalists who dare question the official narratives on vaccines, medicine, politics and government. The quest [...]

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BREAKING: YouTube bans pandemic preparedness video that teaches people how to survive a deadly outbreak

  by: Mike Adams   (Natural News) The latest censorship insult from YouTube has just arrived: YouTube has just issued a strike and banned a Natural News video entitled, “Pandemic Preparedness FREE Online How To Course Episode 12.” The video, which you can see at this link (or watch below), teaches people how to survive a [...]

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“Hitler Youth” student gun control march invades Washington, follows in the footsteps of Nazis who disarmed the Jews before the Holocaust

 by: Mike Adams   (Natural News) The “Hitler Youth” invasion of Washington D.C. took place today as young fascists-in-training were corralled into the nation’s capitol to demand that government authoritarians strip away the civil liberties of all law-abiding Americans in the name of “gun control.” Just like Hitler Youth enthusiasts, these fascists-in-training are told they’re “saving lives” for [...]

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How the Deep State Lost Control and How They Plan to Get It Back (Part One)

T The Deep State minions, former President Obama and Hillary Clinton were to provide the old "one-two punch" to knock America out. Why does America need to be taken out? Former President Ronald Reagan told us well over a generation ago. America is the last bastion of freedom and if America were to be detroyed, [...]

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