It is 1929 and 1941 At the Same Time

  The world is at 1929 and 1941 simultaneously.  We stand on the edge of an economic collapse caused by our war mongering ways. The two variables go hand in hand. The collapse of America, and the rest of the world may be unavoidable, but your personal collapse may be prevented. Economic Destruction-It is 1929 [...]

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Did You Give Your Consent for the Coming War?

  Obama has successful brought us to the brink of war with Russia. This is insane because Obama has brought our nation to the brink of war. By what authority does he have to conscript your children to fight in a war for banker profit and for banker profits.  Did you give your consent? I [...]

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Can You Name Trump’s #1 Enemy? His Life Depends on Pleasing This Group

President Eisenhower's Farewell Address: "Beward of the Military-Industrial-Complex. Its influence is unprecedented and unwarranted." The number one enemy of President-elect Trump is the military-industrial complex. They select the Presidents' and when they disapproave of President, they act some kind of Pretorian Guard and unselect them with extreme prejudice.      Please Donate to [...]

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Why Threaten North Korea And China? Would Obama Start A War To Stay In Office?

Michael Snyder Is Barack Obama trying to start a war, and will that war be used as an excuse to stay in office once his term is over?  Late in his second term, Obama is starting to become extremely aggressive with the rest of the world.  He just angered China by sailing an aircraft carrier [...]

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The Five Factors Needed to Destroy America

  The plot to destroy America is decades old. When I have recently spoken of the removal of dissident journalists in programs such Boa and Operation Lightening Strike, and we witness the unfolding of the NDAA and EO 13603 in order to control the masses through food and enforce civilian conscription without compensation, we are merely [...]

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Is War in the Cards for 2015?

by Patrick Buchanan   “If you see 10 troubles coming down the road, you can be sure that nine will run into the ditch before they reach you,” said Calvin Coolidge, whose portrait hung in the Cabinet Room of the Reagan White House. Among the dispositions shared by the two conservatives was a determination to stay [...]

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What Does Societal Collapse and Martial Law Look Like?

    According to a survey conducted by the Adelphi University Center for Health Innovation, 55 percent of Americans believe that the government will come to their rescue when the proverbial poop hits the fan because your big brother really cares. Literally, every alternative media outlet could show conclusive proof that an EMP was going [...]

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The Freedom Mask

Barbara Peterson Farm Wars Reprinted with Permission by The Common Sense Show June 20, 2014   Source: Folsom Prison Museum Home of the brave, land of the free. That is what we are supposed to believe. What we are conditioned to believe. Consider this: A rat born in captivity doesn’t know anything else. We could [...]

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The Coming Constitutional Convention Contains the Tipping Point for Revolution

 Dave Hodges April 7, 2014 The Common Sense Show       Pursuant to Article 5 of the US Constitution, if 34 states call for a convention, the convention is required to take place. Last week the state legislature of Michigan became the 34th state to demand a Constitutional Convention in the United States. There [...]

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Blockbuster Show! John B. Wells & John Moore-March 9, 2014

Dave Hodges March 9, 2014 The Common Sense Show   Dave Hodges the Host of The Common Sense Show. THE COMMON SENSE SHOW “FREEING AMERICA, ONE ENSLAVED MIND AT A TIME” Annie DeRiso, the News Director for The Common Sense Show John B. Wells, the host of Caravan to Midnight [...]

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The Road to World War III Runs through Ukraine

Dave Hodges February 28, 2014 The Common Sense Show   For the immediate moment, forget about all the talk about Russian troops training inside of the United States under a series of the Federal Emergency Management Agency Bilateral Agreements with the Russian military as now reported in European publications. For the moment, let's suspend our comparisons [...]

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Attention Veterans: “We Want You On That Wall, We Need You On That Wall”

 Dave Hodges February 21, 2014 The Common Sense Show   Bankers are dropping like flies. There is a power struggle and there is also the beginning of a war behind the scenes which has monumental implications. This is a re-enactment of the old Chicago gang-like style murders, but with far more serious implications. The world [...]

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The Archduke of Iran and WWIII

Dave Hodges February 16, 2014 The Common Sense Show   Hide the Children! The Iranians are coming, the Iranians are coming! The commander of Iran's Northern Navy Fleet, Admiral Afshin Rezayee Haddad, announced that "Iran's military fleet is approaching the United States' maritime borders and this move has a message." Is this a case of [...]

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Why the Church Must Be Abandoned

Dave Hodges February 13, 2014 The Common Sense Show   As a trained researcher, I appreciate the virtue of simplicity. You've probably heard this admonition before: The simplest explanation is usually the right one. Even police detectives use it to deduce who's the likeliest suspect in a murder case. Physicians often ­use the principle to determine the illness behind [...]

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Is a False Flag Bioterror Event In Our Immediate Future?

Dave Hodges January 24, 2014 The Common Sense Show   Please allow me to express a high degree of naiveté in order to set the contextual background for this article. We live in a country which is bound by the rule of law. Our Constitution is immutable. Unlike our European allies who grant civil liberties [...]

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