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The Elite of Seoul Are Secretly Evacuating

In April, President Trump evacuated 300,000 Americans from South Korea. In the same month, the Japanese did the same. However, the evacuations took a dramatic turn this week as word has leaked out that the elite of Seoul are being secretly evacuated. This is a very bad sign and these events are explored in more [...]

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Tens of Millions of Americans Will Die When the US Attacks North Korea

ear The Pentagon is busy issuing false assurances that our nation's defenses can bring down incoming enemy defenses. However, there are many experts that doubt that the U.S. can perform such a feat. This calls into question the U.S. government's ability to defend the country from the revelations that North Korea has a sophisticated ICBM capability [...]

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The Latest Economic Numbers Scream Civil War and World War III

    The news headline should be, today, that Senator Dick Durbin and Bernie Sanders had direct contact with Hodgkinson prior to his assassination attempt upon the Republican congressman at the Congressional baseball team practice according to the AP. Durbin is refusing to make his email contacts with Hodgkinson public. However, as dramatic as is [...]

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Chinese EMP Hit the Fitzgerald-Nimitz Racing to Scene As War Is Close

I publicly stated, on June 21, that the USS Fitzgerald was hit by an EMP. My belief is rooted in several factors which will be discussed by the end of the article. However, the foundation for my belief comes from a two-year-old declassified intelligence report. The Chinese Make EMP Weapons a Priority A 2015 declassified intelligence [...]

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