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The Chinese Military Is Surpassing the American Forces

Part One

This series on the new-found capabilities of the Chinese military began with an analysis of the present set of circumstances in Korea, the conflict with Taiwan and the open seas conflict in the South China Sea in which China is clearly posturing for war.

This installment of this series examines the new Chinese military which is being built to challenge the United States as well laying the ground work for conquering the Middle East and the Far East.

It Is a New World

While the people of the United States rested on the laurels of past military dominance, the world has changed and you awakened this morning into a world of competing technologies and military philosophies that are each capable of conquering/destroying the planet.

The Chinese are posturing to become our masters.

The Chinese Military Has Arrived

Military experts at the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS), state that China, not Russia, constitutes the biggest military threat to the United States. China is indeed the new benchmark against which the Pentagon now judges the capability requirements for its own armed forces.

This is especially true in terms of air and naval forces, which is the focus of China’s developmental efforts.

This trend has been documented in the Military Balance, the annual assessment of global military capabilities and defence spending, published by the IISS, which has maintained a comparative strength military analysis since 1959.

Of course the arms race between the Chinese and the American military has been in process for decades and at least goes as far back as when Bill Clinton and Al Gore sold US missile technology in exchange for under the table money for their DNC Presidential re-election run in 1996.

The emerging military prowess of China is of concern to everyone, not just the United States. China now constitutes a grave threat to its neighbors and anyone who would get in the way of the expanding Chinese industrial machine.

History Does Not Repeat but It Sure Does Rhyme

The above subtitle is a paraphrase of a famous Mark Twain quote and the message, here, applies to our time.

China is building an economy based on military spending. The following graphic captures the nature of Chinese military spending.

From Sipri Trends in Military Spending-2016

Please allow for one digression with regard to this chart. Under Obama, US military spending decreased. China’s military spending increased by 120%. The importance of this spending gap cannot be overstated. We now live in a time when these differences are coming into fruition.

The understated fact is sitting in front of us like the unmentioned 800 lb. guerilla in the room.


Where have we seen this before? Building an economy based on military spending is how Hitler revived the post-World War I German economy which had descended into hyperinflation and utter chaos, and we know how this turned out.

This historical analogy also extends to pre-World War II in Japan. The Japanese Empire, as it is today with the emerging Chinese sphere(s) of influence, also built an economy based on military spending. The Japanese lacked essential natural resources and turned to conquering their Asian neighbors to accomplish their financial goals. The 2018 version of China is in a very similar situation, but unlike 1930’s Japan, China is building a brand new set of alliances that most of the world is not even talking about and they are accomplishing this goal through the low-cost use of artificial intelligence.

Chinese Emphasis on Artificial Intelligence

Warfare is rapidly expanding to the artificial realm. The Chinese land-based military capabilities are substandard compared to the United States. However, their major advancements have been in three areas: (1) naval based applications; (2) Air Force based applications; and, (3) space based weaponry.

The Chinese  are totally committed to AI applications as evidenced by their command and control overrides with regard to their newer nuclear attack submarines.

It is clear that the Chinese are basing their future and to a large degree, their national future on dominating artificial intelligence phase of naval and air warfare and they are building a massive set of alliances through the spread of the UAV market.

From the BBC:

…according to IISS experts China tends to win on all aspects of the deal. Typically Chinese weaponry will give you 75% of the capability of the available Western technology for 50% of the price. In business terms it’s a strong offer…

The cost effectiveness of the Chinese AI military industry is allowing them to build a series of low tech, third-world allies, that can pack a mighty punch

The Chinese are not only threatening the military dominance of the AI military world, but they are in direct competititon with the profits of United States military industrial complex. This is the stuff that wars are made of. Add to the fact that the Chinese are moving to a more gold-backed trading endeavors, this puts them into conflict with Western bankers, primarily in the Federal Reserve. This is also the stuff that wars emanate from.


Take a moment and go back and look at the map of the drone exports being conducted by the Chinese. This map tells you where Chinese expansionist goals are headed. The Chinese plan on invading the Far East and the Middle East. They are building a path of militaries in third world countries based upon the low-cost use of artificial intelligence.

In the next installment of this series, China’s growing conflict with India, which stands in the way of Chinese expansion into the Far East. This will be the world’s next hotspot.

On a final note, one has to wonder where Russia is at with all of this? I have often written that Russia has been extraordinarily patient with the United States. Why? Could it be that Putin sees the day coming where the Russians and the Americans will fight together against the Chinese? Or, is the master-chess-player, Putin, waiting for the right time to get involved on China’s behalf.

If Russia was one day planning to combine forces with the United States, this would explain a lot. The Deep State, desiring war which will culminate with the installment of global governance, would try and and keep Russia and America apart in the pursuit of this objective. Subsequently, the manufactured Russian-Collusion-Delusion becomes the dividing force keeping America and Russia apart in terms of countering a menacing China. China is clearly the globalist choice for the World’s Policeman in the 21st century.


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  2. Piner February 15, 2018 at 7:01 am

    Or is this 1984 thirty some years late where two global powers hold the whole world hostage in fear and surveillance?

  3. Stan February 15, 2018 at 11:47 am

    Well ya gotta hand it to the U.S. They helped China achieve this. Bill Clinton gave them the technology. But if your going to bring about a world government you first have to weaken the U.S. There’s that nasty UN Agenda 21 again.

  4. Savannah February 15, 2018 at 3:27 pm

    The Chinese Elite are the real enemy of the world, of freedom, of all Americans–their forces are taking over key American cities, areas, etc….that is, along with the darkside evil globalists, and the Islamic caliphate jihadies. Yeah, it’s such a fun world.

  5. Jackie Puppet February 15, 2018 at 5:23 pm

    China’s conflict with India means that BRICS is effectively dead; the “B” & the “S” are too weak to contribute to the other 3 countries.

    And we have Slick Willie to thank for enabling the Chinese to skip a generation in their military aircraft, and rapidly close the gap between theirs & our military aircraft.

  6. juanisaac February 15, 2018 at 8:40 pm

    You forgot all the Chinese espionage done by their immigrants.

  7. Uri Katsav February 16, 2018 at 6:51 am

    Dave, how come you didn’t mention that the US military spending is $886 billion? That is 8 times the money China spends.

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