There Are No Virgins In Virginia

The term "virgin" is a term which refers to being of, or in a pristine and undisturbed state. There is nothing pristine or undisturbed about the conduct of many of Virginia's public servants. After reading these representative accounts of the conduct of various Virginia's officials, you will quickly conclude that there are no virgins left [...]

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Dave Hodges Appears On the Weekend Vigilante: (Help Save 5 YO. Dylan Wesolowski)

  Dave Hodges appears live on the Weekend Vigilante from 6-8pm (Pacific) on 6-28-2014.   Tonight, from 6pm-8pm, Dave Hodges appears with Sheila Zilinski on the Weekend Vigilante Show To listen to tonight's show simply        click here Dave and Sheila will be discussing among other current events, the case of Monika Wesolowski [...]

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Dr. David Lewis By: Roger Landry (TLB) WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW CAN & IS HURTING YOU !!! What follows is EASILY the most important discussion I have EVER had for The Liberty Beacon Special program. If this recorded discussion does not scare the hell out of you, make you insanely angry with good reason and [...]

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The Number One Reason Why We Cannot Defeat the New World Order

Dave Hodges The Common Sense Show June 24, 2014 Thanks to modern-day researchers, we know about the rash of dead bankers. Thanks to Steve Quayle, and others, we know about the all the dead scientists and the dire implications with regard to chemical/biological attack. However, hardly anyone is talking about the all the dead leaders. [...]

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Dylan Wesolowski: The Making of Another Justina Pelletier Case?

Susan Knowles Stand for Truth June 23, 2014 Reprinted with permission by The Common Sense Show "THE STATE HOLDS ALL THE POWER UNLESS THE PEOPLE #StandForTruth"   EDITOR'S NOTE: Please allow me to introduce to the readers and listeners of The Common Sense Show, to the fabulous investigative reporting and advocacy work of Susan Knowles. [...]

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Did Israel Just Start World War III?

Dave Hodges The Common Sense Show June 23, 2014 Doug Hagmann and I have been very consistent in stating that World War III would begin in Syria. Further, my military sources have been telling me for 15 months that war in the Middle East, and possibly World War III, will commence in Syria for a [...]

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