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After dying, some people really do go to Hell… and some have returned to tell the tale


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(Natural News) Supposedly, 13 million Americans (or around five percent of our population) had undergone a near-death experience (NDE) by 1992, with around 200,000 people reporting such a phenomenon annually. “Coming back from the dead,” as it were, is a popular topic in media and has intrigued scientists for quite some time. Even extending beyond science, the thought of “something other” than what we perceive in this dimension is fascinating. It calls into question the concept of an “afterlife,” or at least makes us take a look at the fundamental laws of physics a little bit closer. No matter how you spin it, these NDEs are imbibed with spiritual or religious undertones. Many survivors of these experiences talk about what they saw and how these visions (for lack of a better word) changed their perceptions of life. (Related: Life after death is real, concludes scientific study of 2,000 patients.)

Quite interestingly, a paper entitled, “The Mystical Impact of Near-Death Experiences,” which recorded the encounters of residents in both the United States and India, found no direct relationship between religiousness and deathbed visions; “although they did find that an individual’s belief system influenced the interpretation of the experience,” the paper concluded.

Reading through a thread on Reddit may provide a unique insight on what happens when we “die” (or are pronounced clinically dead). These reports range from peaceful to the more horrific. User juninkun writes that he actually visited Hell and the experience left him believing in the afterlife. He recalls, “about twenty years ago, I purposefully OD’d on a lot of meds

[sic]. I’m not sure if I died during my sleep or what, but I remember being in hell. The devil was a giant fire ant walking on lava…which is strange because I was never really afraid of ants except for a time when I was like 5 years ago and fell in a fire ant bed and was in the ER for shock. I’ve only shared that memory with three or four people in my life. I think it would scare most people to think I know I am going to hell because I know there is an afterlife. [sic]”

Scary though this vision was, several other Reddit users downplayed his conclusion of an afterlife. User mom0nga attempted to soothe frantic people by telling juninkun, “I don’t know what, if any, religious beliefs you subscribe to, but maybe that dream/experience was merely a warning to avoid hell, or maybe it was just a dream. Either way, I wouldn’t assume that you’re going to hell just because of that vision.”

Other reports are less hair-raising. For the most part, survivors talk about seeing nothing but feeling incredibly peaceful. Some are given a choice to stay or go back, as with user JimmiDog. “I realized I was being given a choice between staying in that place forever or going back to my parents. I wanted to stay in this beautiful peaceful place but I chose to go back,” he wrote.

A similarity among all these stories, however, remains that all of them report believing in an afterlife after their NDE. This complete change in thinking (for some) prompted drastic changes in lifestyle and personal habits. This is not so surprising, says author of the previously mentioned paper. “NDErs describe themselves as more religious than they were before…[and while] NDErs did not report any change in their religiosity as a result of their close encounter with death…there is a heightened inward religious feeling…which does not seem to require a conventional religious format for it to be manifested.’”

According to Raymond Moody, the psychiatrist who coined the term in the 1970s, there are 15 elements that are usually present in a typical NDE: hearing oneself pronounced dead, ineffability, hearing unusual noises, a feeling of peace, seeing a dark tunnel, meeting spiritual beings, encountering a bright light, being out of the body, a panoramic life review, cities of lights, a realm of knowing everything, seeing bewildered spirits, witnessing a “border” between dimensions, a supernatural rescue, and coming back into the body.

The two stages of dead

Almost all NDEs occur when a person is pronounced “clinically dead.” This is the first step in the process known as death. Clinical death lasts for around four to six minutes and starts when the person stops breathing and the heart stops pumping blood. Organs such as the kidneys are still alive during this stage.

Biological death is the second stage and begins when the body begins to degenerate. The brain begins to shut down as it runs out of oxygen.

Read more stories like this on MindBodyScience.news.

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    Nothing new . .
    Just go to w w w . v i c t o r z a m m i t . c o m.
    Wealth of info on the topic.

  2. Vlad August 23, 2017 at 12:30 am

    all gaps removed, of course

  3. Mike August 23, 2017 at 4:07 am

    And the serpent told Eve “Surely you will not die.” Any door left open for the adversary is an opportunity to deceive. Going strictly by the word of God, death is a sleep. No place in the bible is the word soul connected with the word immortal. Eternal torment is satanic, and should not be attributed to our Father. Eternal RESULTS of the final punishment is another matter. But there are multiple verses that describe death as a sleep, and the last burning as a finished deed. The devil himself will be ashes under their feet. Even Jesus said Lazarus is sleeping. His disciples mistook His meaning and said let him sleep. Jesus reaffirmed His meaning and said “Lazarus is dead”

  4. gene August 23, 2017 at 4:52 am

    I know there is a battle between good and evil God is go0d ,take 0 from good leaves a positive feeling of live. d-evil is a liar offering everything with a catch , our soul is what evil is after. I can live a simple good life avoid temptation and hopefully spend eternity in gods graces. Find peace love the Lord JESUS.

  5. Jay Gillespie August 23, 2017 at 5:24 am

    You might want to read Dr. Eben Alexander’s “Proof of Death” book available at Amazon naturally.

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  7. Jeanne Heib August 23, 2017 at 9:50 am

    Thank you so much. I listen daily and have learned so much. I turned my tv – direct tv,off 3 years ago, what a drain the fake news was.

  8. Photonic August 24, 2017 at 3:32 pm

    Ignorance, lack of knowledge and a lack of a real desire for truth among the bulk of the masses worldwide is used by politicians, industrialist, bankers etc (i.e. the Elite ruling class under Satan) to manipulate human kind on virtually all aspects of life and reality. For ruler-ship, money and power due to their deceived mindset of offerings promised by their god Satan, who still poses as Lucifer the shinning light and dawn of beauty. Their personal and collective visions of power, glory, grandeur and ruler ship so that their Will be done, based on an eternal scale, blinds and enslaves them under Satan’s luring false promises. These pitiful individuals are already dead and they do not know it. They actually need our pity, sympathy and our empathy, for they are truly in a zombiotic state, the walking dead. All this research and illusions/visions/delusions of life after death when the body is in a state of dying is in reality just one aspect of the lie that is called the World. One cannot love the World and also love the One True GOD, as the two are incompatible and completely opposite, diametrically apposing in all aspects of the reality of the cosmological truth; that GOD alone is Truth! And all others are lairs who and where ever they contradict GOD. The scriptures speak of GOD having giving up HIS SON to save “humanity” who is made in HIS image, not the World, which is Satan’s fabrication. Therefore, if one wants TRUTH, the scriptures are the ONLY source. Yes, the scriptures call death a sleep, even after the soul decays to dust; the soul in scripture refers to flesh and blood, and also is applied to animal life of all sorts. the reason being that GOD is able to resurrect that dead soul back to physical life; whether one recently died and still not buried or if one died a year or a thousand years earlier. But, unless GOD resurrects one he stays dead. How does GOD resurrect one back to how he/she was? By the spirit in man that contains all that is that man, memories and all. Man in the scriptures refers to women and men when used in a generic context. The Holy scriptures also refer to at least three resurrection, the first one to Spirit for HIS Church, one back to flesh for the Great White Throne Judgment for salvation for those who have not known Christ, and the third back to flesh for those destined for the lack of fire; and to two deaths; the first physical death, from which one can be resurrected for the Great White Throne Judgment, and the second eternal death (dust/nonexistence) for those who are destined for the lake of fire (where consequently Satan is forever imprisoned). These individuals comprise the incorrigibly wicked and foul beings, and those who commit the unpardonable sin (those who reject the Holy Spirit after it has been given to them, and deny Christ). Now, the scriptures clearly tell, the dead know nothing!! And for them time does not exist. And when these individuals on the point of dying see visions etc, actually are hallucinating in a dream like state(or worse influenced by demons) where passage of time is unrelated to the outside world, just like when people are sleeping and dreaming what seems to be long dreams, which is in reality only minutes long (as shown by research, for those so inclined to hear). GOD(and Scripture) = Truth, World = Lie.

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