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Agenda 2030 Is Ahead of Schedule-CSS Hr 1- Debbie Bacigalupi

I recently interviewed Debbie Bacigalupi about the progress made by the United Nation’s Agenda 21-30. The proposition is scary and marks the end of all freedom. This tyrannical idea is born out of Agenda 21. This is a frightening interview, one that will cause you to share this with your friends and neighbors.



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  1. Stan February 26, 2019 at 10:48 am

    UN Agenda 21/UN Agenda 2030 is just another name for Communism. Once it is totally implemented in this country (by the year 2030, just around the corner) then you will be able to fully see Communism come to rule in the United States of America. Only it will no longer be called the United States of America. It will be just another country who has given up sovereignty to be controlled by the globalist elite and their UN totalitarian (communist) government. Here is the problem. The U.S.government has fully , 100%, signed on to UN Agenda 21. Think about that for a minute or so……what that means is the U.S. is IN FAVOR of UN Agenda 21. Put another way the U.S. is in favor of Communism to rule this country. Who is in favor of it? Well George Herbert Walker Bush who signed us on to UN Agenda 21 in 1992 at the United Nations Conference on Environment & Development in Rio De Janeiro. Bill Clinton who moved it forward. And all the Presidents of the U.S. who followed. That’s right, all of the U.S, Presidents and most of Congress and the Senate are in favor of UN Agenda 21. And UN Agenda 21 is moving forward towards full implementation at break neck speed. That means really really fast. It is being implemented in every State, county and city in the United States and NOTHING is checking it’s hand or slowing it down even the slightest bit. You will never hear the President even mention UN Agenda 21/2030 at all. It’s like it does not exist although it is gaining ground very quickly all throughout America. While Americans are sidetracked with border walls, the Mueller hearings etc. etc. the real issue of concern is completely ignored. That is UN Agenda 21. Think of it this way. Once UN Agenda 21 is fully implemented here we will be under the complete control of the UN. When that happens you won’t have to worry about a border wall any more. There will be no border. Under UN Agenda 21 all borders will be removed, and there will be no sovereign nations will exist. There will be no place to run to as all nations of the world will also be living under the rules of UN Agenda 21. That’s right, 178 nations besides the U.S. are fully signed on to UN Agenda 21. Who are they. Well let’s just say all of the big ones. Russia, China, EU, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, India, Japan, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Iran, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, you pretty much name it. All support UN Agenda 21. So yes, UN Agenda 21/2030 is the problem of the ages. It is my problem. It is your problem. And it is not going away, it is only growing. So get ready for it. And who runs UN Agenda 21? It is the globalist elites at the top of the pyramid. The banksters, black nobility, etc. They are the true rulers and they will use the UN to rule humanity. Of course they will live like kings while the rest of humankind live in stack and pack apartments in city concentration camps. That is where we are going right now at an incredible pace. Warp speed. By the way, the green new deal? Oh come on. Rosa Koire wrote a book called Behind the Green Mask. It tells how UN Agenda 21 is just using the green movement to hide what they really are. The try to make their communist agenda palatable by tying it to the green movement. It is all a fraud. And Dave are you aware of the number of 403 errors that happen when people try to comment on your articles? Enough said for today. Over and out.

  2. Justin Douziech February 27, 2019 at 1:06 pm

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