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Alien contact may not be that far off; listening to radio signals may enable contact this century


 How long will humanity have to wait for alien contact to occur? According to one famous theoretical physicist, not long at all. In fact, we may be hearing from aliens within this century.

That was the answer given by Michio Kaku, one of the co-founders of string field theory, in his Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) on Feb. 21, 2018. MalachiNorris, a Redditor or Reddit user, posted this question in Kaku’s AMA: “Dr Kaku, if we make contact with alien civilizations, then what? And how will we talk to them?”

Kaku responded with: “Let me stick my neck out. I personally feel is that within this century, we will make contact with an alien civilization, by listening in on their radio communications. But talking to them will be difficult, since they could be tens of light years away. So, in the meantime, we must decipher their language to understand their level of technology. Are they Type I, II, or III???

“And what are their intentions. Are they expansive and aggressive, or peaceful? Another possibility is that they land on the White House lawn and announce their existence. But I think that is unlikely, since we would be like forest animals to them, i.e. not worth communicating with.”

Another Redditor, WaltherHanson, added to MalachiNorris’ question by asking about the moral and philosophical standings of such a highly advanced alien civilization.

To this, Kaku answered: “I get asked if the aliens are evil and want to destroy us. Maybe, but I think in the main they will be peaceful because they have had thousands of years to resolve sectarian, fundamentalist, nationalist questions. However, they still might be dangerous if they simply don’t care about us and we get in the way.

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“In War of the Worlds, the aliens did not hate us. We were simply in the way. In the same way that a developer is a threat to forest animals because he can pave the first, the danger there is from someone who sees that we are just in the way. But for the most part, I think they will be peaceful, but view us like we view forest animals.”

Of types and radio signals

These categories described by Kaku are from the Kardashev scale, explained Science.com. The Kardashev Scale was conceptualized in 1964 by Russian astrophysicist, Nikolai Kardashev. He believed that the technological advancement of a civilization was equal to the amount of energy said civilization could harness and utilize. The more energy manipulated, the more advanced the civilization, and vice-versa.

A Type I or Planetary Civilization is able to make use of all the available energy of its home planet. This type of civilization would be slightly more advanced than our own. A Type II or Stellar Civilization can control the total energy potential of its star. A Type III or Galactic Civilization possesses energy equivalent to that of its own galaxy. (Related: Universe potentially ‘cosmic zoo’ filled with complex plant and animal life, theorize scientists.)

Beyond these are Type IV or Universal Civilization and Type V or Multiverse Civilization. The former would be an intergalactic culture that can access the power of billions of stars. The latter, the highest known type, is said to be able to move between multiverses due to having extraordinary powers and abilities.

As for his word choice of “radio communications,” Kaku may have been talking about narrowband radio signals. These types of radio signals are the ones that alien hunters look out for due to them being regarded as inherently artificial. In other words, narrowband radio signals cannot be generated by any natural sources.

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  1. Stan June 20, 2018 at 3:46 am

    Scientists say…..oh really. Well the scientists also say we went to the moon 6 times between 1969-73. Which any thinking person knows is a complete fraud, a hoax. Many scientist’s say on 911 the WTC was brought down by 2 planes hijacked and driven by 19 kids with box cutters, which we also know is a complete and utter lie and an impossibility. Scientists say you need vaccines for nearly everything and the mercury won’t hurt you. Another wrong ‘opinion’ by scientists. Scientists say that what Monsanto is doing with seeds and glyphosate is really good for us and won’t hurt us at all. Scientists say that hemp is an awful plant that must be banned. Wrong again. Scientists said for many years that eggs were bad for you and would cause heart attacks. Wrong again.. Scientists say that chemo therapy is the best treatment for cancer. Once again, wrong. Scientists say that we have global warming that will cause all of our cities to be flooded and bring many catastrophes upon the earth. Well, once again wrong. Scientitsts say that nuclear power plants are harmless and nothing for us to worry about. There they go again, wrong. Now scientists say we are hearing signals from space that are coming from aliens. Well……do you buy that? If you do, better think again. Don’t let wishful thinking get in the way of common sense. This is another hoax. Why would they do it? They want us to believe in aliens because they have a fake alien invasion planned soon. Holograms overhead in every major city and buildings coming down with lasers and directed energy weapons. HAARP, DARPA and all that stuff. We know they can do it. And if it can be done it will be done. Don’t doubt it. They have a plan in the works Project Bluebeam that says they will do this very thing. It might not go exactly as Bluebeam says it will but something similar is coming. Why? To direct the people to follow their orders. Do what they tell you, go where they tell you. They will protect you….so they say. The reality is more like you will report to a FEMA camp as directed so you can be better protected. Only problem…you probably won;t come out of the camp. Just think about that. Anyway we have been warned about this and below are some links to short videos. One was from Werner Von Braun warning of the fake alien threat. Take a look.




  2. mary June 20, 2018 at 7:43 am

    If there are alien forms on other planets. My sole interest would be for them to put an end to globalist rule once and for all. I think God has reserved that role for Himself though. If there are any benevolent aliens. The globalists would work night and day to control, deceive, oppress and destroy them in the same manner they treat humanity.

    God help us if the globalists made contact with malevolent aliens. I think we know how that would end. The globalists would have an additional pack of weapons to deceive and destroy the rest of humanity who are not part of their club. Don’t expect anything good from these people


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