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All the President’s Men Are Named Benedict or Arnold


We have fighting in the Middle East that is being ignored by the MSM. The President is silent. Israel has grabbed the military mantle of power in the Middle East and only the Independent Media is reporting any of this.

The President’s staff is in chaos. He is undermined by Deep State traitors at every turn and the Americans wonder why Trump is so inconsistent. He is inconsistent because almost all of his advisers are named Benedict, Arnold or Jared Kushner.

The chaos of this administration was foretold in very accurate terms 7 months ago after the last Syrian false flag attack.

The CSS printed this following section back in May of this year. Please look at the emboldened text and count how many of these prognostications came to fruition?

The Art of Deal: How Central Banking Compromises World Leaders

Rothschild to Netanyahu:  Benjamin, you are a criminal of the highest order. Your criminality parallels Hillary Clinton. You are headed for impeachment and imprisonment. Your people have had enough of the declining standard of living. There is a way out for you.  As you know we need to preserve the Petrodollar for the good of Western banking, just long enough to where we can gain near total control over the world’s economy. Iran is at the center of blocking our goal of a one-world economy by selling oil for gold. Iran must be taken out by any means possible. Syria must be neutralized first before Iran can be taken out. The collapse of Iran will effectively end the BRICS rebellion against the Petrodollar.  We would prefer to take down Syria and Iran without a full-scale invasion. That could invite Russian and possibly Chinese intervention. We would prefer a “death by a thousand cuts” approach which would consist of surgical strikes and economic sanctions designed to cripple the two nations. We want to reduce both countries to to the point where they are no longer a benefit to Russia and Russia will come to recognize the futility of continued military support which is destroying their national budget. However, if this approach is not successful in the near-term, we will have to create an incident, a false flag event, and launch an invasion. Should Israel prevail, you and your country will be richly rewarded. If you do not cooperate, the only thing that you will soon be ruling over is the toilet in your prison cell. The choice is yours. Do you want to be a national war hero, or a disgraced and imprisoned leader??

Rothschild to President Trump: Mr. President, I will not be calling that much longer if you do or play ball with us. We can fix it so that your midterm elections are rigged, courtesy of George Soros and friends, and you will subsequently be impeached and maybe even imprisoned. Or you can give us what we need to make every nation a member of the central banks controlled by the Bank of International Settlements. We can make you look like a hero, or you can be a dead man walking.  All we want to is unseat Assad and stop Iran from selling oil for gold. Israel will carry the water militarily speaking, but you must supply logistical support. You must be on board with every false flag created excuse for war we create in the Middle East and you need to let Putin know you will nuke his country if he resists. In the meantime, Mr. President, we will make you the hero of the Korean crisis, Your economy, in the short-term, will continue to show signs of life. The millions that you put back to work will sing your praises. You will be re-elected and we will even allow you to prosecute some criminals from the Deep State which will greatly increase your popularity at home. This all ads up to the fact that you can be a tw0-term president. Russia will back down if you remain resolute and we will destroy the BRICS, they will collapse and capitulate.

Or, Mr. President,  the Trump Towers can have more 50th floor fires, your daughter could really be in danger next time she opposes the Kushner/Soros agenda, and we will not interfere with the autonomy of groups like the Shining Path who want you dead. Also, if you do not cooperate with the Middle East initiative, we will create such havoc from our 5th column forces embedded in your country, thanks to Obama, we will unleash holy hell in your country. The UN will have their excuse to enter the country under the Kigali Principles and you will preside over a bloody civil war where your head will be the number one prize. The choice is yours, Donald. Oh, by the way, part of your Korean agreement must contain a provision where N. Korea becomes a member of central banking.

It is the Israeli’s which started the fighting in Syria. We know that Netanyahu is compromised and is facing potential indictment in his country for corruption which can be made to go away if he just does what the globalists want. My sources tell me that Israel’s action constitutes a probing action of Russian air defenses which are being utilized by the Syrians. When, not if, Ukraine is attacked these problng attacks on Syrian forces in Damascus will provide invaluable data on how to get around Russian air defense in both Crimea and Ukraine. These are the two areas that I am told that NATO will attack Russia first in a planned unprovoked attack.

In April, the President did go along with the Syrian false flag. However, Trump did not play ball with the UN on the border/migration issues and the President’s level of misery is increasing exponentially which explains why the globalists put Trump’s attorney, Cohen, at the heart of more allegations against the President and my prediction of holy hell being unleashed in America is nearing fruition with even more Soros/UN sponsored caravans coming this way.  if my sources are correct, we are about ready to see horrific terror attacks on our soil. Trump will be bent to the will of the globalists. The borders will be open and nobody will be safe from the terrorists streaming across the border. The UN peacekeepers and the Chinese will provide the vanguard of this occupation.

Russia Does Not Trust US

Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Maria Zakhargova is on record as having stated that the beginning of the American troop withdrawal is on the right track. No one European news report say this, but a combination of reports makes it clear that the Russians now see America as trying to diffuse the situation in Syria by announcing a withdrawal. But Zakhargova stated that US has made false promises before along these lines before. It is not that Trump is not trustworthy, it is his advisers.

Benjamin Friedman, a Senior Fellow at Defense Priorities sums it up even better when he said on Fox News that it seems as if the President has two defense policies, his own, and that of his advisers. This is something that I have been say all along. Trump would be better off if he appointed Steve Quayle as the Defense Secretary, Doug Hagmann as the Secretary of State, Paul Preston as the National Security Adviser, Paul Martin as the head of the Joint Chiefs, and Bob Griswold as the head of Homeland Security just to name a few. Why these men who have no real professional experience, they would be a marked improvement over what we now have which a regroup of Deep State serving loyalists dedicated to the globalization of the United State. Because my choices for the President’s inner circle are intelligent, reasonable, loyal to the preservation of the Constitution and dedicated to the empowerment of every American regardless of gender or racial background, etc., they are a marked improvement over what we presently have.  If these men were in charge, the MS-13, ISIS and Muslim Brotherhood interlopers presently in our country would be rounded up, for both their current and past bad acts,  and would be immediately deported.

Please allow me to use Jared Kushner as a case in point. As previously covered on the CSS, he is in business with Soros. He owes Soros a lot of money. Soros is behind the voter fraud and the caravans attempting to invade our country and Soros’ closest ally is allowed access to the White House?

Friedman hit the nail on the head when he strongly implied that the President has people, close to him, who are dedicated to the globalist agenda which runs diametrically opposite of his policies.


It seems that all the President’s men are named Benedict, Arnold or Jared. And as long as the President maintains a stable of insider advisers, America is going to keep falling to the globalists.

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  1. Vietkonggook December 26, 2018 at 9:04 am

    Just like what Dr Ted Broer mentioned during his interview last weekend, the zionist NWO globalist will not stop until they have their antichrist messiah in the Third Temple masonic ceremony . This is their awaited anti christ messiah believed to transform them into gods and goddesses on this earth. And they will reign kings for the rest of the ages to last a thousand years.. The same mind set of Adolf Hitler and the black magicians of the past.. They all worship the dark entities and lucifer. Its as simple as that why they are so obsessed maniacal in controlling and dominating the planet we live in..

  2. David Carswell December 26, 2018 at 9:29 am

    A very fine piece of journalism, Dave….I mean….YOU NAILED IT…..AS IF A FLY ON THE WALL WEARING A TINY AUDIO TRANSMITTER.

  3. WeepforUs December 26, 2018 at 9:39 am

    First, Merry Christmas Dave and all the best in the New Year. You nailed it Dave, we have traitors everywhere and we have been sold out by them. When Trump tweets that he is alone in the White House for Christmas, I believe he is signalling exactly what you have written about and that is he is literally ALONE in every facet of the current state of America. I believe that that tweet was a distress call an emergency alert to the patriots of America. Trump needs help and I believe that the time has come for us, his supporters, to start putting the heat on every elected Republican senator and congressman. That goes for Carlson, Hannity and every other so-called “conservative” MSM personality. Call them every day and push them to speak up and demand that all the documents from the corrupt and traitorous deep state operations regarding the 2016 election be made public. That means releasing the FISA warrants, 302’s, texts and everything else related to their treason. And second to tell these idiot congressman and senators to speak up and demand the shutdown to Mueller’s B.S. investigation. This will get the ball rolling to finally expose these traitors. One last observation for any Nationalist, America First individual looking to run for President in the future (if there is one), have a team ready to scout out potential like-minded patriots who will be able to fit these cabinet positions (like you said) and have these people ready to go on day 1. Right now and for the last 40 years there is only a pool of Clintonites or Bushites to choose from as they have infected every aspect of our government and they are not patriots.

  4. John December 26, 2018 at 10:19 am

    I guess old “Don” Donald just wasn’t smart enough to pick good ones…….just like all that money he had just “fell” must have fell from the sky on a stupid man.

    Nonsense. You have been “had” person who puts his faith in ANY man aside from Jesus, for REAL, as is that isn’t obvious by now.

  5. nam marine December 26, 2018 at 2:30 pm

    President Trump should surround himself with U.S. Marines…….SEMPER-FI.

  6. Keith R. Starkey December 26, 2018 at 4:39 pm

    I’m afraid it’s quit clear that no matter who is the President’s cabinet or advisors, they’d be taken ot long before they could enact any decision of significance.

    We are way, way past turning around this country, anymore than the occupants in a car having driven over a thousand-foot cliff can reorient the trajectory.

    No one, absolutely no one, save God, can stop where this country is heading. Sadly, but such is the case.

  7. Nemo December 26, 2018 at 5:15 pm

    Spot on, as always.

  8. Dan B December 26, 2018 at 5:22 pm

    Do you see how deep the deep state goes? King Solomon said it well, there is nothing new under the sun, what was, is and will be.
    Trump’s nievite is their advantage. EXAMPLE, Turkey’s Erdogon just played Trump to get the US out of the way of his plane to be the king of the califate. This will not end well

  9. Carol Hudak December 27, 2018 at 7:19 am

    Thank you, Dave, for your spot-on, brilliant insights. The comments above are sharp and intelligent. Kushner, and Ivanka are sold-out kaballah Jews, Jews of the deep occult; praying
    to dead rabbis. Frightening. Don’t forget, Kushner is also best buddies with MbS, the murderer of Jamal Khashoggi. Not just a bullet to the head in a dark alley. No. Chopping the body
    up and removing it in 15 suitcases. What kind of person has a rabid murderer for a good buddy?? Look at the influence Kushner and Ivanka have on our president! Also frightening.

    This is the demonic stronghold on Donald Trump’s presidency. Evangelical Advisory Board are Zionists, worshipping Netanyahu and unsaved Israel. I can say this, since at one point I
    thought everything Israel was of God, and they could do no wrong. Thank God I Woke Up!!! Thank God.
    Dave, I pray Almighty God will bring your article (and website) to Pres. Trump today.

    Dave, you and the independent media have guts. THANK YOU. Fellow posters, thanks again for your first rate comments. I learn from all of you.

    Carol from CT.

  10. Miriam December 27, 2018 at 8:37 am

    I’d like to know what the source is for the Rothschild comments to Netanyahu and Trump. There is more than one Rothschild. Not that I have any doubt that they would not do this. They have been controlling world wars and scenarios for decades making more money for themselves. I just like to get what I am reading.

  11. PCUSARMY December 27, 2018 at 9:14 am

    Really doesn’t matter anymore. If this is the way God wants it, then it’s hopeless. Only He can intervene to stop it. Only question I keep having to the Lord is, why did you save Noah and his family knowing that it would ultimately come to this if you did not remove satan and his demons from infecting mankind, once again?

  12. Gordon Grbavac December 27, 2018 at 10:33 am

    The Moon, The Sun and The Truth cannot be hidden. Unknown

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