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America Is Being Conquered Through the Corporate Control of Water

Dave Hodges

April 25, 2014

The Common Sense Show

water shortages

Millions of children under five die every year due to toxic germ-infest unsafe drinking water. This mean that almost four babies a minute die from a lack of water according to UN-Water’s estimations.

In the 2014 World Water Report released on the eve of World Water Day, the UN said that 768 million people do not have adequate access to  water, 2.5 billion do not have access to improved sanitation.
Such coordinated policies, according to the UN, include revising pricing practices to ensure that water and energy are sold at rates that reflect their real cost and environmental impact more accurately. Furthermore, the UN argued that the massive scope of investments needed to develop durable infrastructure requires that the private sector play a major role in supplementing public expenditure.


Essentially, the UN argues that if we do not allow the corporations to control water and price gouge the customers, that the world will continue to see massive death related to a lack of clean, usable water. In short, the UN is advocating for corporate control over all of water.

America is under attack in so many ways, it is difficult to count.

Along these lines, there is presently a three pronged globalist plot designed to subjugate the people of this country. These three elements include: (1) controlling the nations water supplies by creating massive debt forcing governments to relinquish control over its water supplies; (2) private individuals and corporations are acquiring and hording massive amounts of water; and, (3) the Environmental Protection Agency is presently engaged in activities, on behalf of the UN’s Agenda 21 policies, to use the control of water to also control food production and eliminate private property ownership.

The Path to American Totalitarianism

If a totalitarian government desired to control the people of the United States, garrisoning the country with an army of occupation would be extremely difficult, if not impossible. The United States has 315 million people which own 300+ million plus handguns and the country occupies a good portion of a continent. These are daunting challenges to occupying the United States.

Most military strategists will tell you that it takes about one soldier for every 50 citizens to effectively garrison a country. This means that an army which would effectively garrison this country would have to be over six million strong! Even for the Chinese, this would be a difficult task. There are simpler and more efficient ways to control a country than military occupation.

How to Successfully Occupy the United States

History tells us that to successfully occupy the United States, one would be better off controlling essential life-sustaining resources instead of attempting to garrison the country. What are these essential resources?

Controlling America by controlling essential resources.

Conquering America by controlling essential resources.

To control a population such as the United States, one would have to control what Abraham Maslow called the essential elements for survival, namely, food, water and shelter. How best to control food, water and shelter than to reduce the diversification of ownership over these resources and history has produced an effective model to describe how to effectively control these essential elements of survival.

As the Roman Empire declined in influence and power, Feudalism replaced the nation-state government. The feudal lord was one of the few employers in the fourth and the fifth centuries. The feudal lords owned most of the land and nearly all the resources. Today, the specter of feudalism has shape-shifted into a global corporatocracy headed by the central bankers, the United Nations and their Agenda 21 policies. The global corporations are constructing this brand of neo-feudalism right before our eyes.

The following lays out how the banksters, through their corporations will control humanity by controlling water. 

Phase One: Debt Enslavement Leads to Control of Water

Both history and current events demonstrate that the more debt a country acquires, the more at risk that country is to losing control over its infrastructure and in particular, its water supplies to private interests.

What do countries do when they are being strangled by debt? The answer is simple, they simply borrow more money. As America’s aging infrastructure falls further into disrepair, the various levels of government will be forced to borrow more money in order to keep its water supplies safe. This has been done before and the results were devastating to the country borrowing money.

The World Bank and Bechtel's control of Bolivian water led to massive civil disobedience and violence.

The World Bank and Bechtel’s control of Bolivian water led to massive civil disobedience and violence.

Bolivia, in 2000, is the poster child for what happens to a country when it borrows money to fix its water issues. The Bolivian case in point is exemplified by the fact that the country borrowed money from the predatory World Bank in order to fix its water issues. The World Bank brought in Bechtel Corporation to fix Bolivia’s water issues, however, Bolivia predictably defaulted on its World Bank loan obligations and their water supplies went into receivership as prices skyrocketed by 400%. Further the Bolivians lost the right to trap rainwater and reuse irrigation water.  

The exact scheme is also underway in Lima, Peru, where the typical poor family pays private vendors up to $3 per cubic meter to collect contaminated water in buckets while the elite pay 30 cents per cubic meter for treated water that pours out of taps in their homes. Also, in India, some families spend a quarter of their income on water. Debt manipulation, for the ultimate purpose of controlling water, is not just in play in the third world. Very soon, America’s crushing debt load combined with a quickly declining water infrastructure will lead officials in the US.

Massive protests were held in Peru over the privatization of its water supplies by the UN and its corporate minions.

Massive protests were held in Peru over the privatization of its water supplies by the UN and its corporate minions.

The derivative debt has paralyzed the economies of Europe and the United States. Debt default, followed by the banker bailouts will lead to private entities controlling our essential resources.

How long will it be until the globalists have to bail out the American economy while we continue on our trek towards unsustainable debt? When America’s economy falters, the bankers, armed with their central bank printing presses, will come to the rescue. The price for their intervention, judging by what happened in Bolivia, will be the total control over our infrastructure. Collecting rainwater and purifying stream water to drink, have already become illegal acts. As the UN has recently called for, all water will eventually be obtained through the public private partnership corporations and you can bet, as history has set the precedent, the price of water will get very expensive.

Illegal to conserve. What ever happened to Agenda 21's conservation movement?

Illegal to conserve. What ever happened to Agenda 21’s conservation movement?

States like Colorado, Utah and Washington have already made it illegal to trap rain water and use these resources for such purposes as drinking and irrigation.

In Douglas County, Colorado, just south of metropolitan Denver, engineers conducted a study on how rainwater collection affects aquifer function and health as well as groundwater supplies. The study revealed that when private parties collect rainwater on their properties, this serves to reduce the demand on local water facilities and improves conservation efforts. Based upon this research, trapping rainwater should be encouraged. However, conservation is not the goal of modern day water management, political and personal control of the citizenry is the final objective.

The Bolivian water experience is already underway in the United States. Did we really think that this was only going to happen in Bolivia? Similar projects are underway in Manila, Pakistan and San Francisco. Yes, this is correct; Bechtel now has a contract with San Francisco’s city government to upgrade the city’s water system. Bechtel employees are working side by side with city workers in a privatization move that people-in-the-know fear will lead to an eventual take-over of San Francisco ’s water system and create a fiasco similar to the one in Bolivia. The wolf is at the door as massive debt will soon cause the US to lose control over our water. This is all part of an Agenda 21 plot to control the water of the United States in order to subjugate the people and to make a lot of money in the process.

The Inbred Relationship Among the Government, Bechtel and the United Nations

bechtel corruptionHow interconnected are the global corporations to the United States Government, the United Nations and Agenda 21? Before the cries which will challenge me to don my tin foil hat before writing about a water conspiracy, I would ask that you please first consider the following list of Bechtel employees who have moved into major policy making positions both in the United States Government and the United Nations.

Bechtel’s CEO, Riley P. Bechtel, served on the President Bush’s (43) Export Council (4/24/03)

George Schultz. Shortly after assuming his new position in Bechtel, President Reagan recruited Schultz to Washington to serve as Secretary of State.

Reagan’s Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinburger was a former Bechtel general counsel.

W. K. Davis was a Bechtel vice-president for nuclear development before he was appointed as Reagan’s Deputy Secretary of Energy and administrative head of the Atomic Energy Commission.

William Casey a former Bechtel consultant served in a number of government positions including chairman of the SEC under Nixon,  head of the Export-Import bank under President Ford, and director of the CIA under Reagan.

Richard Helm, who later became a ‘consultant’ to  Bechtel, had earlier been a CIA director under Nixon.

William Simon, Nixon’s Treasury secretary, was hired by Bechtel as a consultant.

Ross Connelly, CEO of Bechtel Energy Resources  Corporation (retired), was appointed by George W. Bush (41) in June of 2001 to the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC). The OPIC has  strong connections to the United Nations privatization projects.

Stew Burkhammer, a current Bechtel executive, is presently a member of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s  (OSHA) Advisory Committee on Construction Safety and Health.

Marie-Françoise of Bechtel (France), Conseiller d’Etat, From 1979 to 1980, she was Consultant of the United Nations Asian and Pacific Development Center.

bechtel war profitsThe connections between these groups can be further exemplified by the following: United Resolution 1483, from the UN Security Council in 2003, approved the occupation of Iraq by American and British forces, thus making Iraq into a de facto colony. As such, this opened door for a corporate feeding frenzy by companies such as Bechtel as they lined up to “repair” Iraq following Gulf War II. Subsequently, Bechtel received a $1.03 billion contract to oversee major reconstruction of Iraq‘s water and sewage. In spite of Bechtel’s promises, Iraqi families continue to lack access to clean water. The company made providing Southern Iraq’s potable water one of its top priorities in which Bechtel promised delivery within 60 days following the commencement of the project. Within a year, Iraqi people still were suffering through epidemics of water-borne illnesses (e.g., cholera, kidney stones and diarrhea). Bechtel failed to live up to its word, but they did make a lot of money. And some people think that the United Nations is merely a benign and benevolent organization which is essentially neutral on all areas of politics and finance. Today, the stock holders of Bechtel have the United Nations to thank, in large part, for their good fortune


Let’s be very clear. Debt is being used to control water by taking advantage of various levels of governments which are defaulting on financial obligations. This practice is in the process of being implemented in the United States. The United Nations, the World Bank and globalist corporations (e.g. Bechtel) are waiting in the wings to subjugate our people as our crushing debt will undoubtedly open this door.

Conquering America Through the Control of Water

America can indeed be garrisoned through the control of water. And the control of water will, in large part, be facilitated through the controlling of the America’s debt.

If this were the sole extent of our water challenges, our collective existence would be imperiled, but it gets worse. We now know that when the globalists invade a country, they do so on multiple fronts. When members of a community cannot afford or obtain drinking water, where will people have to go to obtain these resources…?  Please allow me to give you a hint.

Got Water?

Got Water?

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  2. Craig Mouldey April 25, 2014 at 5:10 am

    It is really coming down to a ‘them or us’ scenario. When these evil parasitic control freaks demand us not to collect rain water it is time for all the citizens together to revolt. This cannot be allowed to stand, Period! For anyone to try to claim ownership over water that falls from the sky is the height of arrogance and must be challenged.

  3. iwitness02 April 25, 2014 at 5:49 am

    I see this happening in my life. The county that I live in is near bankrupt and we are having water issues. I think the county is just about ready for Fed. help. I can see it coming.
    The many fronts against the working man is hard to believe. If I were not seeing much of this with my own eyes, I wouldn’t believe it. The treason and betrayal is so mega huge that it can be hard to see. It encompasses every facet of living. Cradle to grave control and extortion. This is a really swell set up it you happen to be from the right family lines. Not many are.
    On another note; I see the demonization of Cliven Bundy is underway at the NYT.
    You Know what that means. As Harry said “it ain’t over.”
    There was, or still is, a need for camo netting at Bunkerville. Shade is needed.

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  5. Kurt Morrison April 25, 2014 at 7:47 am

    Hi Dave. I live in NW Indiana and have read 2 articles lately that really got my attention, unfortunately I didn’t save the links. The first one was about a month ago detailing how Nestle corporation is pumping 2 million gallons a day out of Lake Michigan, putting it in bladders on barges and floating it over to sell to the Chinese. Supposedly the pumping plant is hidden in the woods so the residents don’t complain about stealing our water.

    The other one was a brief little blurb that the Great Lakes is currently at the lowest level in the last 30 years. Coupled with yesterday’s article I read that 60% of China’s ground water is too polluted to drink, it’s looking a little… ominous?

  6. […] Dave Hodges is the Editor and Host of The Common Sense Show. […]

  7. NW Native April 25, 2014 at 9:38 am

    Because of the government’s attempted takeover of his ranch, Wayne Hage with the help of his brilliant daughter wrote the book “Storm over Rangelands: Private Rights in Federal Lands (Jun 1994)
    Check out the prices on Amazon for Hage’s book

    “One of America’s largest ranches, Pine Creek stretches over 1100 square miles (approx. 760,00 acres). From the time Hage and his family bought the ranch in June 1978 until today, they have battled the US Government and various environmental agencies over the grazing and water rights, ultimately prevailing at the US Supreme Court level, but faced with appeals and continuing litigation. It became one of America’s landmark property rights cases and is studied in law schools today. Part one of two parts is Hage’s fascinating account of the events that transpired on his ranch. Hage passed away shortly after these interviews were conducted and we believe that this was the last time he went on camera. I didn’t know until I interviewed Wayne that (according to Wayne) much of the water in the United States is owned by United Water, which is in turn owned by the Suez Company located in France but owned by the United Arab Emirates, whose mission is to be the largest water company in the world. This interview is unedited (except for my questions, which were taken out, leaving only Wayne’s voice). Part Two follows: vimeo.com/9776367
    It is a fascinating look at the challenges of ranching life in America. No editing – just Wayne.”

    These are must listen to grasp the evil that is destroying this nation. As Dave says its all about the water.


  8. Coach April 25, 2014 at 9:42 am

    The one thing that everyone needs within about 3 days in order to survive is clean drinking water. The only element of more importance is oxygen to breathe. So how long can you survive without water? Humans in average shape and perfect conditions (not too hot or cold) can probably live for three to five days without any water if they’re not physically exerting themselves. Healthier people can live a day or so longer, while those who are unhealthy or exposed to particularly hot or cold weather may not survive as long.
    So the leverage of the need for water is truly one of the most effective ways to round people up as Dave has suggested. However, what must be considered is the truth that God provides for His people. When the children of Israel were crossing the wilderness He provided for their need for water as well as food and protection from their enemies. Just read Psalm 78 to see how much God will provide for His believers.
    We should NEVER lose our faith in God and His power of deliverance. We should ALWAYS remain thankful for His many blessings and not continually turn away from Him as the children of Israel did and suffered the consequences of doing so. Unfortunately, this country as a whole has abandoned their thankfulness and respect for the true God. So this country is rapidly declining and falling into tyranny.
    Fortunately, God respects the believing of just a few who are faithful and will deliver those few from evil when they look to Him for their needs in continued thankfulness, faithfulness and respect.

  9. Keith Howe April 25, 2014 at 10:23 am

    The US government is sending our water (Great Lakes) to China because of the tremendous debt it has incurred. Where is the 38 million gallons of Portland Water Company really going? Are they really going to dump it because one young man urinated near it, or is that an excuse to pull a Harry Reid and give it to China?

  10. Seen2013 April 25, 2014 at 10:35 am

    The essential needs of Maslow’s scale including security are also effectively on a civilization scale; these make up the pillar’s of civilization. In terms of military occupation at worst case scenario, the military force tends to seize control of the water, agriculture, energy, communications, and the main routes of travel; the US would be interstates, highways, and waterways. Most cities by urban development have a tendency to design these travel systems into a bottle-neck fashion making them readily contained by digitized monitoring and physical checkpoints, and they certainly want as many people to urbanize as possible.
    I’d pay close attention to the Sudan-South Sudan conflict as well because this also impacts Egypt who ousted the Muslim Brotherhood’s Morsi from power, and the Nile and tributaries are governed by a treaty among multiple nations that South Sudan to the best of my knowledge has yet to join. In essence, they can cut the flow of the Nile to dangerously low; I’m not even sure if the Blue Nile can reach Egypt with South Sudan capable of cutting flow of the Nile and its White Nile tributary.

  11. Diogenes Shrugged April 25, 2014 at 11:29 am

    Dying of thirst in the middle of the desert, a man might trade all his gold for a drink.
    It’s all part of the plan.

  12. don trendle April 25, 2014 at 12:27 pm

    Great Article Dave!
    You always write about these big explosive stories. Control of water is possible I suppose if it ever stops raining. Why not write about control of information?
    I didn’t know you were involved in a lawsuit in Maricopa County?
    Isn’t that the most corrupt county in the USA – as you always point out?
    I didn’t think you lived there.
    I thought you lived somewhere else.
    Apparently you are being sued by someone who says they MADE your website.
    This web site!
    And they still own the name “Common Sense Show.com”
    That explains why your URL is http://thecommonsenseshow.com
    You still owe her $5000 according to the documents…so I guess that’s why she isn’t giving you your URL.
    Is this why you filed suit in Maricopa? Why, if it is so corrupt?
    If it is so bad then you wouldn’t stand a chance.
    What’s wrong with your home county?
    So what gives?
    Why don’t you write an article about this?
    Anyone who wants to see it for themselves just has to do a search in a search engine.
    This is a big story. You should write about it and expose it if you are being wronged!
    You expose all kinds of conspiracies all the time…how about your own?
    I can’t wait to see how this turns out!
    I’m going to post it around.

  13. NW Native April 25, 2014 at 3:50 pm

    For those haven’t read Hage’s Strom Over Rangeland here is a website that one of his older daughters is part of. Paperback for only $10. get a copy while they last.


  14. Ann April 25, 2014 at 7:22 pm

    Florida has the most high magnitude springs in the world, and Nestles has control of them!

  15. dact April 25, 2014 at 10:29 pm

    WWIII will be the result of the Bundy standdown and the preppers. america ie financial vassal america having realized that they can’t get rid of everyone as quickly as they like have decided instead to attack russia and china together. this they hope will finish americans off a little quicker – its logical, and beautiful in its simplicity

  16. iwitness02 April 26, 2014 at 6:18 am


    Hi Everybody,

    That Christ Jesus died for the sins of the whole human family is very apparent from the following passages: John 1: 29, 36; 3: 14-17; 11: 51, 52; Rom. 5: 18,19; 1 Cor. 15: 3; 2 Cor. 5: 14,15,19; Gal. 4: 5; Col. 1: 20; 1 Tim. 2: 6; Heb. 2: 9; 1 John 2: 2. The Bible speaks of His death as His giving Himself a Ransom for all men (Matt. 20: 28; 1 Tim. 2: 6). The word ransom is the translation of the Greek word antilutron, which is compounded of the two words lutron, price, and anti, instead. It means a price instead of, i.e., a corresponding price. The figure is that of a business transaction. In the figure God is the creditor, Adam and the race in his loins the debtor, and Jesus the Purchaser. The Creditor requires the payment of the full debt, no more and no less. The debt is the human all of the perfect man Adam. The purchase price to redeem the debtor must be the exact equivalent. Jesus became a man and laid down this exactly equivalent price by His death, when in offset of Adam’s debt He gave the all of His perfect humanity. Thus as the perfect Adam’s human all involved his right to life, as well as all his perfect human life-rights, which when he sinned had to be surrendered in death in payment of his debt, so Jesus as the corresponding price had to lay down His human life and all His perfect human life-rights. Both being perfect human beings, of exactly equivalent rights, the life and life-rights of Jesus are a corresponding price for those of Adam. Hence, as the Ransom, they are an offset before the Creditor to the complete debt of Adam, which by heredity involved Adam’s entire race, yet in his loins at the time of his sin. The Ransom, therefore, implies in God’s “due time” ( 1 Tim. 2: 5, 6) the complete deliverance of the entire human race from the Adamic sentence. Now, by an imputation, this corresponding price cancels the sins of Jesus’ followers (Heb. 9: 23; 10: 14; 1 John 4: 10), and thus gives them an opportunity to gain everlasting life. By and by, through an application, as a gift, it will cancel the sins of the whole world ( 1 John 2: 2). Hence the world, then free from the Adamic sentence, will be given an opportunity to gain salvation from all the effects of that sentence; for if it was just that through the forfeiture of the human life and life rights of Adam they by heredity became involved in his ruin, it is just that through the substitution of an equivalent of Adam’s debt they be freed from the sentence, in order to deliverance from every vestige of the ruin. Accordingly, the Ransom guarantees an opportunity for everybody to be saved. Therefore those who did not enjoy that opportunity in this life will have it in the future life. Thus we see there is hope for the unsaved dead who did not have such an opportunity in this life.

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  17. James Denton April 26, 2014 at 7:12 am

    Nice article very good research. As many as 25 years ago I often wondered why are we and other nations building desalinization plants to make drinking water from sea water…..with 20 of these plants we could renew our fresh water resources and sustain our farming and industry. After all we do it for other nations why not for our own???

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  19. mary jacobs April 26, 2014 at 7:48 pm

    I have an ark of living wood, in the wilds of Maine. The water I drink there is from the sky. I went
    there years ago, because i was told a flood of fire was oncoming, and I needed an ark, an ark not of dead wood, like Noah’s,
    but one of living wood.

    If it were not for the Holy Spirit guiding me I guess I would be drinking corporate water nowadays.

    I have done one other thing: I have deliberately had only one child, because I did not want to crowd nature with excess human life. For this, I hope for God’s mercy, when overpopulation causes want and death.

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