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America’s Date With Genocide (Part 2)

Part One

This is the second and final part of the application Stanton’s eight stages of genocide to the present environment in America. The first four stages were covered in Part One. Stages 5-8 are identified here.

Stage 5-Polarization

“Genocide proceeds in a downward cycle of killings until, like a whirlpool, it reaches the vortex of mass murder”.

Violence begets violence. Most of the time, the murders of one group are followed by revenge killings. However, the stronger side (ie the government) prevails and the killings begin in earnest.

Early in the process the killings are aimed at the resistance who oppose the new regime and this is best characterized by the systematic elimination of moderates who would slow the progress of the new regime. Subsequently, the first to be murdered in the unfolding genocide are the leaders of the resistance. In today’s world, the perpetrators would be the social media tech giants. They are not murdering people, yet, because they do not fully control the government. However, they are seeking the elimination of all philosophical resistance. And they seek to polarize the contrasting philosophies through radical alienation and systematic polarization. In today’s social media, one risks getting banned for expressing views of Christianity, conservatism and support of America and her citizens. Social media is presently burning books, so to speak. And where they burn books, they will soon burn people.


Even the family members have something to worry about as in Rwanda, the violent extremists targeted BOTH moderate leaders and their families.

Stage Six-Preparation

“Preparation for genocide includes identification. Lists of victims are drawn up. Houses are marked. Maps are made.”

After national ID cards are issued, the businesses are branded and destroyed (social media censorship). In America, we are seeing the early signs that white, male Christians will be targeted as evidenced by incessant rhetoric from the left with regard to this group. White professors who do not espouse extremist leftist ideology are driven from their tenured positions. We have several Soros groups calling for the open murder of whites.

Stanton states the following regarding this stage:

In its most extreme form, it even includes construction of extermination camps, as in Nazi-ruled Europe, or conversion of existing buildings – temples and schools – into extermination centers in Cambodia. Transportation of the victims to these killing centers is then organized and bureaucratized.

To my long-term readers, how many articles have I written about American FEMA camps, with documentation (eg FM 39.4)? How many articles have I talked about with regard to the conversion schools, malls and stadiums into FEMA camps? The trap has been set and the path is unfolding.

Stanton goes on to say the following:

Preparation also includes expropriation of the property of the victims. 

I have personal experience with this unfolding trend in America. When John McCain and his band of merry globalists tried to confiscate the property of myself and 300 neighbors, South African style, this inadvertently launched my media career as I led the resistance of my neighbors against this tyranny behind the Central American Free Trade Agreement and the subsequent Canamex Highway. If the liberals had been totally in charge of the government when this started in 2004, our 300 families would have been exterminated in the same fashion as to what happened  in Rwanda. And if it could happen to me, it could happen to you.

Stage Seven- Extermination

The seventh step is the execution step literally and figuratively. It is often called the final solution. It is mass extermination. these previously dehumanized people are genocided and then taken out with the garbage. It is not murder, because the victims are not considered human.

The Holocaust, the Stalin purge, the Mao bloodbath, the Rape of Nanking, the ethnic cleansing of Bosnia and the soon-to-be genocide in South Africa, are prime examples of this philosophy.

Methods of mass murder are perfected and carried out with impunity.


“Every genocide is followed by denial. The mass graves are dug up and hidden. The historical
records are burned, or closed to historians.”

During the genocides, the reports of the events are dismissed as rumors and propaganda. the complied death lists are categorized as “unconfirmed” or “alleged”. This is because the reports do not originate from official sources (eg CNN, ABC). The social media purge of conservatives is not just about censorship, it is about covering up genocide after the fact. When the communists actually take over, the real purge will begin. And as the man who launched Obama’s political career proclaimed to FBI undercover special informant, Larry Grathwohl, “we will have to murder 50 million people”.


In the near-future of America, the death march of liberalism is not just about ending Christian conservatism, it is the murder Christian conservatives, their families, their religion and their families. This is a prerequisite to the ushering in of the transhumanism era and that spells the ultimate genocide, the end of humanity as we know it.

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  1. Iowa Man August 24, 2018 at 6:14 am

    Dave, I live in a county in north central Iowa in which we were mailed a letter from our county assessor earlier this summer. The letter informed us that the county had hired a company that would be coming to our homes and asking to come in to do a quick look around to ensure that our homes were being properly assessed for taxation purposes. Well, a local attorney wrote a letter to the editor in our local newspaper and laid out what the Constitution has to say and basically said, “like hell they will.” A young man (I’m guessing early 30’s) came to our home a couple of weeks ago and asked to come in to look around our house as outlined in the letter from our county assessor. I politely told him I was aware of the letter and that I was declining to let him in. He asked me if he could ask me a few questions about our house. I told him I didn’t want to answer them. I then asked him if he had been met with similar resistance around town and he said yes. I also know from conversations with other folks around town that these representatives of this company were sometimes borderline if not actually bullying some homeowners. The man I talked to was fairly professional but I’m guessing these folks dealt with differently with various homeowners based on whether they were elderly, female, or male. I could be wrong on that, but I heard stories that some elderly folks who refused were badgered and berated by these representatives. I’ve told family and friends that I’m fairly certain that our county has been selected as part of a beta test to see how small town Iowa is going to react to further govt over reach. And from all that I’ve heard in our community, there is still plenty of fight left in the heartland. Thank God for that. My prayer is that it not only holds but increases around the country.

  2. elida weiss August 24, 2018 at 7:08 am

    this cannot happen here in America, Trump is here to protect us, that is why we chose him

  3. WB August 24, 2018 at 7:21 am

    America is one major event away from this program being carried out. Imagine what would happen, if God forbid, Barack Obama was assassinated? Almost half the nation’s voting population would start rioting. What many conservatives refuse to see is just why the left loves immigration so much. Yes, it gives them heavy leverage at the polling booth, evidence suggests without the massive cheating that goes on by allowing illegals to vote, they would control only a handful of states and cities. California would certainly be returned back to the GOP. The real reason the left loves the illegals is this is how they get their drugs in and their military assets from the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, and Asia. Nobody knows how many are actually here because government intelligence agencies refuse to investigate or prosecute. There could be 10, there could be 10 million, nobody knows. The feds know of the 37 camps across the country that train Muslim terrorists here at home but absolutely refuses to investigate, let alone take any concrete action. While America is being distracted by the sideshow that is Washington DC the communists are busy putting the final plan into place. The reason people don’t talk and reveal what they know is simple, the plotters are paid very well, sometimes ten times what their profession could normally give them, and fear. They know and have seen how the Clinton’s and Obama’s have gotten away with murder and that they too would easily be killed and forgotten. People who are picked are extremely vetted and must be members of the secret groups and already be loyal to the cause. Many of these people also have issues that were they exposed would mean heavy criminal penalties, not just the fear of being assassinated. Let’s put it this way, if Bill Clinton sent word to you that you would be dead by morning, i would have to take that bet. The American people have no idea how compromised the FBI, TSA, DHS, and CIA are. You are looking at agencies with at least 60 percent left-wing bias. The DHS is worst all all, with a full 90 percent of this agency being pro-communist. Notice i said communist and that is what they are. So you see, Obama has already created his civilian national security force. Most of the leadership have issues like drugs or pedophilia in their backgrounds. This means when the orders come they will move heaven and earth to carry them out. Combine these agencies with help from Muslim extremists, Chinese, Russian, Mexican, Venezuelan, Cuban, and Nicaraguan infiltrators and the American people won’t know what hit them. Were the United States become involved with a war in the Middle East or North Korea, the plan would be implemented even easier and faster as the majority of our combat forces would be deployed far from our shores, too far away to stop the coming assault. When this plan happens, when not if, it could start Friday afternoon and by Monday morning it would all be over. First, there would be no more from media sites, second the power would go out, third, all air traffic would be brought to a halt, fourth, all bridges and highway access would be cut off. Fifth, water distribution systems would be shut down.There would be roving patrols everywhere. People would start disappearing at the checkpoints and from their homes. They will concentrate on the cities first, not so much to fight in them but to cut off escape avenues so that thirst and hunger will do its job. People seem to think it would take millions upon millions of forces to accomplish this. Not so. The armaments will be such that a city of Chicago could easily be controlled by a force of 50 thousand or less. Arm up the Chicago PD the way military units are and the control of the population could easily be established, especially if there were no ground rules concerning targeting of civilians. Major areas of countryside that could be crucial are already under their control or could be done so immediately by airborne and standing forces already hidden among the civilian population. Fear of course would be their biggest ally as many people would instantly go behind locked doors as they see their neighbors hauled off or shot in the streets. They would not want to get involved. Rape and mass murder does that to a population. Statistics show that in such a situation about 10 percent of a population would have the means and desire to fight back.From what i have see that figure is way too high. We certainly did not see those numbers in Iraq or Afghanistan when we invaded and both nations were more heavily armed than even the United States, plus Islam is a far more cohesive force than our already weakened religions. Both coasts would have to be seized first because of their ports and major airports. The bridges over the Mississippi would have to be seized as would mountain passes in the West. By controlling the highways invading forces from overseas could quickly spread out to overwhelm areas of heavy fighting. What people fail to understand is how disastrous a UN force would be. The UN has a very brutal track record in Africa. They don’t abide by the Geneva Convention. People also love to claim the Chinese could not possibly invade because they lack the Navy. They do however have the largest merchant fleet on the planet. If America cannot control their borders now, there is no way we can even search all the ships that come here on a daily basis, what makes people think they could stop and armed and fully equipped invasion force. I know, people out there say what about our military? Well, most of our forces here are rear echelon troops, with at best light armor and infantry style weapons. What about our Air Force and Navy, surely they will put up a fight? Maybe. Trouble is with all the base closures most of those forces are concentrated on a small list of bases, easily disposed of by a first strike. The enemy does have smaller nuclear munitions designed to target such areas while limiting blast and radiation damage to nearby cities. The Navy subs on deployment could launch their missiles, if, thanks to penetration by enemy agents in the Pentagon, their locations are still secret at the outbreak of hostilities. Air Force bases are so lightly defended a gang of heavily armed Bloods or Crips could take over most of them. There are of course those large missile fields in the Dakotas. However, the effects of EMP weapons overhead could eliminate their use or perhaps the leadership would prefer to fight it out on our soil rather than risk nuclear Armageddon of our cities. There again, our Achilles Heel of our population is that we have no civil defense program for our citizenry. Where are you going to go when you learn, if you learn, of an upcoming attack that at best gives you 25 minutes to evacuate. The resulting chaos and gridlock would insure you are not going anywhere. Now, Americans may ask, if this was ever going to happen, hy hasn’t it until now. Simple answer to that, just who do you think built and financed the Chinese, Iranians, North Koreans,and Russians? We did. Or rather their communist allies on Wall Street and at the major banking institutions. These are not wild speculations by easily provable by a quick search of their own records. See, once the planned economic collapse takes place, the powers that be cannot hang around and take the blame. They value their necks and the idea of a rope stretching it out make it that much easier to turn traitor. America is broke folks, so our use has been in effect, used up. We can no longer support the New World Order program and continue to foot the bill, so we as a nation and people are no longer needed. However, the assets must still be counted and America still has outstanding farmland, mineral wealth beyond belief, most of the world’s fresh water supply, untapped and as of yet undiscovered pockets of oil and natural gas, not to mention minerals, coal, and gold. So, here is the plan, start a civil war, retreat to their bunkers, launch an invasion that will finish off anyone that dares fight back, then systematically eliminate the American population and bring in their millions upon millions of willing slaves. The price for the elite’s treachery, so they have been told, is that they will emerge and rule over what is left of us.

  4. Vietkonggook August 24, 2018 at 8:24 am

    The fear the globalist NWO is a second 1776. They know they wont be able to stop it and could end up being executed on the spot. Thats why they have to dumb down the American people, divide and pit us amongst each other in terms of race, ethnicity, political affiliation, political correctness, religion, etc. Its the classic divide and conquer strategy. Unless the people wake up, then we are heading into a class war incited by the deep state propagated by the CIA Mockingbird Lie Media. This is all by design.

  5. Captn.Jack August 24, 2018 at 8:43 am

    Bring it on, I will take as many as I can with me.Trump can have fun making his “DEALS”, While the Country goes down the drain While the Commies run wild destroying everything we hold dear he brags about how much he has accomplished . He is a Pu##y,he has the Military on his side plus most all of us old combat Vets,still he won’t do anything to the Commies.He should be defending the Country from these animals not making his “DEALS”

  6. Retired Officer August 24, 2018 at 12:56 pm

    Elida Weiss… are you for real, or just someone trying to create controversy? No one can be this naive and/or stupid! I’m sorry, but really? Trump is going to protect us? He is just a man dear, just in case you haven’t noticed.

    In reality, I don’t fear death as I know the One who gives eternal life! Let the heathen rage… they will meet their end when we return with Jesus and He sets up His kingdom. We win! End of story…

  7. CivilWarImminent August 24, 2018 at 1:08 pm

    A couple of the comments on this article, show people dont have a CLUE as to what is going on.

  8. Stephen Jones August 24, 2018 at 2:26 pm

    There are alot of us who see whats going down. I have to keep reminding myself we are in a battle for our souls.Read Eph chapter 6:10. We win in the end.It will only get worse..

  9. Hymie Kablotz August 25, 2018 at 2:15 pm

    Trump has voiced his support of Is-Ra-El.He has earmarked BILLIONS OF U.S. TAXPAYER DOLLARS FOR THIS, while ignoring the massive amount of homeless Veterans who are forced to sleep on the streets and are CRIMIKNALIZED for it!!!!
    Hillary and the Zio-Communist Conspirators are still running loose….
    Trump has NOT taken control of the biased media and shut it down, nor repealed DOS and take-downs of Conservative Journalism by the Technocrats running Fascbook, Twatter, Dinked-In, etc
    The US Law Enforcement at ALL levels are murdering and maining US Citizens en-masse; Why? Because they are trained by Is-Ra-El!
    Freedom to boycott Is-Ra-El is now a felony offense!
    Speak out against AIPAC, the American Zionist Society, the JDL, SPLC etc. and you are labeled ANTI-SEMETIC, EVEN IF YOU ARE JEWISH!!!!
    Hence, I will be voting for Andrew Basiago, a non-Zionist and positive futurist!

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