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Are Mexico and Russia Starting a Modern Day Cuban Missile Crisis?


Are the Russians amassing tanks in the jungles of Mexico in preparation for a “Red Dawn” type of invasion of the American Southwest. In the history of The Common Sense Show, has such an allegation gained such traction among the rank and file followers of the Independent Media.

Have the Russians engaged in  a substantial military buildup just south of our border? Is Russia receiving help from Latin America? These are the topics of this article.

What Is Known

The following are well-established facts previously published at the CSS.

  1. There are substantial terror cells residing inside the United States including ISIS which has a cell in all 50 states- James Comey the Former FBI Director, stated on July 4, 2016.
  2. In the 2008-2015 time frame, the Russians engaged with a type of lend-lease of military weaponry to Central and South America. What follows in this article is a report of thousands of Russian tanks in Mexico. This could be a true report. However, the operators of these tanks may just be Honduran or Nicaraguan.
  3. The Sanchez-Parades Drug Cartel (AKA the Peruvian Army and national bank, which is now known as the Shining Path) is the conduit between Middle Eastern terror groups (ie Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, ISIS, et al) and the Central American drug cartels (eg MS-13, Sinoloa Cartel, Juarez Cartel, etc). This is a significant contingent of te Red Dawn invasion force.
  4. Together the Middle Eastern terror groups train at base camps primarily in El Salvador and in Honduras. Thanks to Kathy Rubio for providing much of this documented evidence.
  5. During the previous Central American invasion of the United States in 2014, it was revealed by US Border Patrol to the CSS, that MS-13 were being captured and ordered release by personnel from DHS and the United Nations for points unknown inside the United States. Please note that MS-13 is used as the hit men for the drug cartels.
  6. It is a well-established fact that the Communist Chinese military has a strong presence inside the United States. The Port of Long Beach is well known among the researchers in the Independent Media (IM) for being controlled by the Chinese and being seen as the conduit for covert Chinese troop deployment. Further, it has been a well-established fact that the solar energy farms are run by front groups controlled by the Chinese military. California Governor, Jerry Brown, and former President Obama, allowed the Chinese to occupy the inland ports in California. With regard to the Calexit movement, the Chinese have come to dominate California agriculture and are one of the primary forces behind the move to separate California from the United States and place the state under the protection of the US. The presumed purpose for such a move is provide a Chinese, or a potential Chinese-Russian-United Nations take down of the US.
  7. Paul Martin’s covert sources, as revealed in a recent interview on the CSS radio show, established that there are predetermined weapons caches that would be available to 5th column invasion forces at a critical time, such as the commencement of a Red Dawn invasion force. Presumably, these forces would be used to carry out political assassinations, infrastructure disruption and attacks upon key military installations to prevent a full mobilization by US military forces in opposition to a Red Dawn scenario that would follow.
  8.  As revealed in a series of interviews of the CSS and Paul Preston, the President of the New California movement, revealed that the previously discussed Shining Path, was suspected of being engaged in a plot to assassinate President Trump in a visit planned for April of 2018. As covered on the CSS, it was also revealed that following the President’s canceled visit to South America, he began to fortify the border with military assets this past April. Subsequently, it is safe to say that the President has actively been preparing for war on our Southern border for the past seven months as previously documented on the Southern border.

The CSS has provided 419 links to the abovementioned topics over the last 4.5 years.

Let’s Just Let the People In

Despite CNN’s Acosta’s unprovoked and wholly false claim that the the journo-terrorist made while he disrupted a recent White House press briefing, that the so-called caravan was hundreds of miles away is no longer true. The vanguard of this force showed up at the Tijuana border in the past 24 hours. And now that Acosta’s lies have been publicly revealed, that hasn’t stopped the liberal mantra that we should let in anyone who wants to come here, terrorist or not. Here is a short video reporting on the first of the caravan that has arrived on the border.

Granted, there are some immigrants in need of asylum, but they are being used by numerically superior forces to further the goals of an invasion force. How extensive is this invasion force?

Some claim to have seen thousands of Russian tanks in the jungles of Mexico. However, the source is not credible. However, there is an informant I use that say its possible, because Russia has already assisted Mexico in the development of their defense industry including the manufacture of  tanks and airplanes. This claim, however, remains an open question. Would I be surprised if it were true? I would be surprised if it were not true. I believe that Putin is hedging his bets and playing both ends against the middle.

Russia’s Potential Role in the Red Dawn Invasion

Before heading down the path of proclaiming that “the Russians are coming, the Russians are coming”, it is important to note that Putin has been extraordinarily patient with the United States and their Deep-State inspired provocations of the Russians.

The CSS has extensively covered Putin’s threats made toward the globalists in which he recently threatened to nuke them. It is clear to me that Putin wants to partner with both China and the United States against the globalists. If one doubts the veracity of this claim, then please provide an answer to the claim that the EU, and in particular, French President Macron, has stated that a Euro army is necessary to fight against China, Russia AND THE UNITED STATES.  This was a verbal declaration of war.



A few days later, the European Union stated that they needed to act more like an empire. The culmination of these facts clearly indicates that a war is brewing between nationalist nations and those beholding to the creation of a New World Order. And this fact unmistakably establishes the fact that this division is what underlies the differences in America  which could lead to a civil war.

Despite the fact that it is clear that Putin desires a coalition to fight against the NWO and he sees China and the US as his potential partners, he also knows that the US is on the verge of being taken over by a Deep State coup in which elections are stolen and Deep State implants are internally destroying the government while the media promotes the kind of division that could lead to a civil war. Putin must have his doubts as to whether he can ally or must fight the United States. It is the belief of the CSS that if Putin determines that Trump cannot control his own government, then he must attack the US because the US would be his most adept adversary should be have to fight globalist-serving nations. In light of this fact, the CSS presents the following as to how Russia may have determined that an alliance with Trump would be meaningless.

On one hand, we have the known belief and the fear of the globalists that Putin wants to ally with the US. On the other hand, we are getting reports of massive Russian tanks in Mexico. Further, I received information yesterday that states that Russia is building factories in Mexico to manufacture war planes and tanks. If true, this would be a prudent move because a Cuban Missile Crisis type of interdiction of war material coming out of Russia to this hemisphere could be interdicted. However, if true, this is very much a Cuban Missile Crisis.


It would be a brilliant move to hide military intentions behind the distraction of an invading immigration force. In all the confusion, a formidable mechanized force could stream across our border. However, it is clear that Putin’s actions have alerted the Europeans as to his anti-globalist intentions and desire to align with Russia and China. Which is true, are we going to be invaded by Russia or are we going to be a partner with Russia. I don’t think Putin is one of the purposes of the knows yet. However, if he determines that Trump cannot get his government under control, he will attack as he is a leader that is clearly hedging his bets.

As a concluding and cautionary note, we must guard against forming false conclusions created by false flag propaganda. Ask yourself, what is one of the purposes of the Mueller’s Russian-Delusion-Collusion investigation? It is undoubtedly designed to keep America and Russia apart. Can we really discount the false flag scenario that could be present here with the objective to create mistrust among the two nations?Which is true? I am not sure, however, I know we are not going to have wait long to get the answer.


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  1. Brycen November 15, 2018 at 12:22 pm

    If all these gatherings beginning to start why hasn’t the NSA started extracting their cell phone data?

  2. Robert November 15, 2018 at 5:19 pm

    We already know that Russia wants war. Didn’t they plant their country next to all our bases? Oh! This is a conservative website and I can speak the truth. We gave the right to Russia to have bases in Cuba and Mexico. We broke Ronald Regan’s promise that NATO would stay out of the countries in Russia’s influence. Instead we have put bases in Eastern Europe that is a lot closer to Russia than Cuba is to us. Do unto others how you want them to treat you! Why is it a surprise when we get treated the same way we have treated others!

  3. Samuel Honnold November 15, 2018 at 6:38 pm

    Dave, I hope you continue to bring attention to the threat of MILITARY invasion on our southern border…because that is the plan! I have much more information on this, but please watch this playlist to start. The videos are short and the third one details the military equipment propositioned there in Mexico.
    -Pastor Sam

  4. Pine 4 Better Daze November 15, 2018 at 10:19 pm

    Some years ago in the Bayside Prophecies (1970-1994) ( http://www.tldm.org ), a number of the prophecies gave us warnings that there would be an ‘Invasion of the U.S. from Nicaragua through Mexico’.—
    From the apparition on June 18, 1987, Our Lady said, “My child, let the world know that Nicaragua is a center point for the capitulation of the United States of America and Canada. Already there are plans afoot, and in the making, with missiles and all dire instruments of destruction. … …”

  5. Dan November 16, 2018 at 7:06 pm

    Missile are useless unless you are willing to use them. We have no will. We will not secure out border. We want evict or deport illegal. The Left prays on the uneducated and weak. There are no consequences for there Imorality .So why would the Russians use missile. The US will self destruct and they can walk in ..

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