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Back-Door Martial Law Will Follow a False Flag Pandemic Release

The CDC has granted itself new draconian powers which severely violate civil liberties with regard to the spread of an ever-growing list of maladies.

The loss of civil liberties, for the ill, is extremely broad and could be used to falsely imprison people under the guise that they are ill. In the new policies, the Director has extremely broad powers and the position is an at-will position solely subject to the whim of the President.


Its new incarnation is similar, but perhaps even broader in scope. It covers “public-health emergencies,” which are defined as any “communicable disease event” that the Director thinks could spread or “is highly likely to cause death or serious illness if not properly controlled.” (The Director can be changed by the President at any time without Senate confirmation.) During such events, the CDC could screen people at airports and other transport hubs, apprehend those they suspect of being ill for three days, and potentially quarantine or isolate them pending a medical review.

Excerpts from The Atlantic (a consistent mouthpiece for the Trilateral Commission)

It (CDC) is already authorized to detain people suspected of carrying diseases like plague, Ebola, and (somewhat improbably) smallpox. But the new rule does away with a formal list. It extends the same powers to any “quarantinable communicable disease,” and uses wider range of symptoms (from a list that federal agents can update as the need arises) for defining “ill” people.

 ….  James Hodge Jr, a professor of public-health law and ethics at Arizona State University, …feels that the “CDC risks sacrificing personal liberty at the altar of flexibility and expediency. The rule allows the CDC to move on somebody based on some belief that they might pose some amorphous risk to others,” says Hodge. “That’s not a standard that survives constitutional scrutiny. For a start, the rule is sparse when it comes to due process. It allows the CDC to detain travelers indefinitely before deciding whether to quarantine them, saying only that the agency “doesn’t expect” such apprehensions to last for more than 72 hours. It doesn’t make provisions for legal counsel if people can’t afford a lawyer themselves. And it puts any reviews of the agency’s decisions under the auspices of its own employees, rather than a neutral third party. Using the rule, “a future administration could hold travelers in government custody for days or weeks without providing an explanation or an opportunity for the individuals to challenge their detentions,” write Emma Roth and Kyle Edwards from Yale Law School.

The rule also gives the CDC ultimate authority to carry out medical tests and treatments, stating that “the individual’s consent shall not be considered as a prerequisite to the exercise of any authority.” That’s medically unethical, says Hodge, since informed consent has been a bedrock of medicine for decades. “If you don’t get it, you could have additional quarantine, but you don’t get to force informed consent on people.”…

 These revelations from The Atlantic are concerning enough. However, the new CDC policies are simply expanding the power of medical martial law and when one examines the fine points, it is a license to remove “undesirables”, “deplorables”, and political opponents from society and can do so under the guise of protecting the public. This is where America will truly learn the finer points of FM 39.4 (ie FEMA camps) as the issue of medical martial law was decided under the Obama administration.

The United Nations and Medical Martial Law

As Ebola is beginning to spread throughout Africa, the Atlantic would have you believe that the CDC is scambling to come up with containment and legal policies designed for quarantine, etc. Nothing could be further from the truth. The issue was decided in 2014 when the CLC.

The new policies are draconian and they represent the back-door implementation of martial law and the removal of undesirables. As previously referenced, multiple times on The Common Sense Show, that thanks to Obama, the United Nations can unilaterally impose a state of “medical martial law” and assume control. In fact, the smoking Resettlement regulations (ie FEMA Camp Army regulations), known as FM 3-39.401-5 states that foreign troops will eventually occupy FEMA camps referred to as resettlement camps. This section of the paper is the smoking gun for medical martial law as per the UN takeover of handling a medical crisis.

FM 3-39.40 1-5

Straight from the Internment/Resettlement article ( FM 3-39.40 1-5) it states the following:

“…I/R operations may place Soldiers in continuous contact with or near insurgents, terrorists, or criminals who will exploit every opportunity to escape and kill or injure U.S. personnel or multinational partners“.

Army document, FM 3-39.40 1-5, speaks clearly to the fact their is absolute intent to use foreign military assets to imprison American citizens.

How will these foreign assets be utilized?

When Ebola, or some other pandemic strikes, the changes in the handling of Ebola patients have already been planned for through a series of legal actions, most of them are Executive Orders. For example, the Executive Order, entitled Revised List of Quarantinable Communicable Diseases, amends Executive Order 13295, passed by George W. Bush in April 2003, which allows for the, “apprehension, detention, or conditional release of individuals”, and Ebola is specifically mentioned.

Even though President Bush specifically mentioned Ebola as an illness which would permit the authorities to utilized forced quarantines, Obama takes this portion of the Executive Order to a whole new level. Obama previously had granted his administration the authority to detain, in any manner deemed necessary, any person who demonstrates any degree of respiratory distress. This means people with noninfectious asthma could be detained.

When the forced transport of Ebola patients begins to occur, relatively healthy people will be joining them in this death parade march to camps being run with foreign assets.

It is my belief that Ebola will be the impetus to send people to camps, however, this is by no means the end game. These camps will quickly morph into martial law detainment camps for American dissidents. I would imagine that many alternative media broadcasters will develop asthma over the next several months.

As I have previously reported, I  found evidence supporting these claims in a federal document entitled  Emergency Support Function #8 (ESF #8) – Public Health and Medical Services Annex 

This document is exceptionally obscure, but is can be accessed in the following manner”

This document can be accessed by putting the following into a search engine, “ESF #8″, and you will arrive at the following listing and a PDF will appear.

[PDF]Emergency Support Function #8 – Public Health and Medicalwww.fema.gov/…/emergency_s…

Federal Emergency Management Agency

Medical Services include responding to medical needs associated with mental health, ….. assistance are executed by ESF #8 in coordination with DHS/FEMA. … primarily for communications, aircraft, and the establishment of base camps.

More Operational Details of the HHS Sponsored Camps

These camps could indeed begin as FEMA detainment camps for Ebola patients, but quickly morph into other more nefarious and lethal purposes. Here are some examples of what I am speaking about.

Segregation of Civilian Detainees

I have previously been told my military sources that when families are transported to the I/R camps, husbands will be segregated from wives and children from parents.

“Detainees may also be segregated by ethnic and family groups and further segregated to protect vulnerable individuals. Additionally, detainees may be categorized by behavior (cooperative, neutral, or combative) to accurately resource guards and facilities”. Juveniles within the I/R population are typically segregated from the general population. (See DODD 3115.09.)”


1-40. External involvement in I/R missions is a fact of life for military police organizations. Some government and government-sponsored entities that may be involved in I/R missions include—

International agencies.

International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

International Organization of Migration.

U.S. agencies.

Local U.S. embassy.

Department of Homeland Security.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Federal Emergency Management Agency.


These are pretty much the same agencies which are identified to be involved in the HHS Ebola detainment camps. There are absolutely no medical organizations, such as the CDC and NIH involved in the oversight, staffing and maintenance of these camps. These are FEMA death camps, plain and simple.


It is increasingly clear that the Ebola crisis will be used to impose medial martial law. Ebola infected people, those exposed to Ebola infected people and those with any type of respiratory distress will also be transported to these death camps. And now, thanks to new CDC regulations which greatly expands the power of medical martial law, expect a major false flag in the near future as all the necessary pieces have been put into play.



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  1. GrayEagle48 September 9, 2018 at 10:05 am

    News Article “Scientists Describe How 1918 Influenza Virus Sample Was Exhumed In Alaska”
    Matthew 24:7 For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places.
    Most likely a terrorist biological attack.

  2. Toejamicus September 9, 2018 at 2:22 pm

    Meanwhile, under the “UN refugee resettlement program”. refugees from Black Africa are flown at night into the US, without vetting,. Many are walking vectors of pathogens known and unknown to modern Western medical science. Upon stepping off the planes they are given passports, SS numbers, cash and then scattered across the American countryside many times in medium sized towns put up most likely in HUD housing.
    Here is the perfect setup for the Hegelian Dialectic: 1. Back-Door Pandemic Release using non-vetted UN “refugees” as vectors in low income housing to help spread the pathogens set up by the US government.. 2. Public-health emergency followed by Martial Law and round up as outlined by Dave. 3. The UN comes to the “rescue” to save us all from ourselves created in the first place by the “Deep State” and the UN refugee resettlement program.
    Conclusion: Causing a pandemic by just releasing pathogens into the environment will most likely not achieve the desired results. African human vectors already laden with disease (welcomed with open arms by the American boob) are the way the self proclaimed world improvers will be using to gin up their pandemic and population reduction. As simple as 1-2-3.

  3. Nigel September 9, 2018 at 3:59 pm

    Always save one bullet for yourself but also use the other 15 for 15 of those m’f’k’ers who participate in this as traitors to the American people.

  4. gene September 10, 2018 at 5:51 am

    Power of prayer is needed to stop the insanity in the world today

  5. Joe S. September 10, 2018 at 7:09 am

    One of my relatives works in a hospital. Illegal aliens are breaking into the country with 3rd world diseases. Some are in there for 3 1/2 months with TB.(and we’re paying for it while elderly Americans are forced to go without medications because they can’t afford it. My relatives in health care have had the elderly crying. So why did our pharmacist tell us that immigrants get all their scripts paid for with American taxpayers footing the bill?) They’ve had aliens who don’t want to remain in the hospital and leave and go back into the public! Where is the CDC on this? I know people have reported this to the CDC yet nothing was done and the illegals continue to leave the hospital with TB and other diseases. That is where the epidemic is going to come from. All the illegals flooding in.

    Another critical issue: the CDC has instituted severe restrictions on the medication of chronic pain patients. Some doctors have tapered Americans completely off of all pain medication even though they have serious disorders such as cancer. Drugs are flooding into the country on the trucks rolling in from Mexico. The epidemic began after NAFTA and DEA agents knew it yet remained quiet on orders of Clinton. So American patients in severe pain are being denied relief all the while ILLEGAL DRUGS THAT ARE REALLY BEHIND THE EPIDEMIC ARE ROLLING INTO AMERICA THROUGH THE UNSECURED BORDER. WHY? I surmise that they’re TRYING to kill off Americans. They want Americans killed off so that all that will be left are pliable Mexicans and Guatemalans. That’s what has been reported. The Kalergi plan.

  6. Uncle Lizard September 10, 2018 at 1:28 pm

    In New Zealand yesterday, an airliner from Australia which carried passengers who originated in the Middle East was quarantined in Auckland.
    Temperatures were taken, exams performed by St. John’s Ambulance Service (Knights Hospitalliers) and people were released into the general population.
    Then, we read of a super swine flu in China, to the point that the Chinese are quarantining the pigs…
    If ‘Aviation Experts’ can rig-up jet fuel with a Chem Trail additive, I wouldn’t put it past them to release a super bug in the cabin.
    & if you think that you will be carrying aerosol cans of Lysol, or even wipes, they’ll insure that you will be criminally charged!
    After all, the average American now commits three felonies a day, by design, without their knowledge!
    Wear surgical masks if at all possible if you have to fly!
    Uncle Lizard still flies his 60 year old Cessna 172 with fresh air streaming in thru the vents…that way I don’t get charged extra for ‘quarantine fees’ or taking up two seats…!

  7. Michael September 10, 2018 at 5:26 pm

    12 Monkeys starring Brad Pitt and Bruce Willis? I may be wrong but seem eerie similar.

  8. MadMagyar September 10, 2018 at 9:07 pm

    They don’t have to use anything exotic as an excuse. From the CDC’s own website: https://www.cdc.gov/flu/about/disease/us_flu-related_deaths.htm

    “CDC estimated that from the 1976-1977 season to the 2006-2007 flu season, flu-associated deaths ranged from a low of about 3,000 to a high of about 49,000 people.

    On December 9, 2016, CDC posted estimates of seasonal flu deaths from more recent seasons in the United States. CDC estimates that from 2010-2011 to 2013-2014, influenza-associated deaths in the United States ranged from a low of 12,000 (during 2011-2012) to a high of 56,000 (during 2012-2013).”

    Resurrecting the (now weaponized by Ft Detrick) 1918 flu would be enough. But hey, Ebola’s much more scary (like certain rifles), so why not let a few vials break open in a bathroom at some busy airport, say Atlanta, O’Hare or JFK? With blood coming out of every orifice and a 50% death rate, we’ll have people ratting out neighbors if they just have watery eyes and sneeze from seasonal allergies. If the interned victims of government zealousness aren’t infected before they go to a camp, they will be within a day.

  9. mary September 11, 2018 at 11:55 am

    It seems that llife is becoming like the night of the living dead. It looks like the powers that be are planning on using health pandemics as an excuse to detain and imprison people. It’s apparent that globalists will do whatever it takes to control, ruin and rule over the lives of others. From what I hear. Most modern day health pandemics are caused by genetically engineered cocktail viruses created in labs. There is no doubt in my mind that viruses are being weaponizedost more and more with each passing day. Most health issues I hear about are caused by environmental toxins that are produced in everything we eat, breathe, drink, wear, beauty products, household cleaners, etc. I hear that the 5G rollout will be another nail in the coffin.

    The same game plan is being used for terrorism as an excuse to “protect” us from terrorism while abolishing and trampling over the civil liberties of law-abiding citizens in the process. Again, from what I hear. Most terrorists are created, trained and funded by bureaucracies and rogue governments. And that includes virus pandemic terrorists. Don’t forget the problem, reaction, solution doctrine. Don’t expect any solutions on your behalf from the demons that caused the problems.

    And if I one day find myself ensnared in any of the plans of the wicked. I suspect that God will have a purpose. The Apostle Peter mentions in his epistle that it is better that you suffer according to the will of God for doing good than to suffer as an evildoer. Always remember that the tables have a way of turning sometimes. In the Book Of Esther, Haman had a gallows built to have Esther’s uncle Mordecai to be hung from. At the end of the day. Haman was destroyed by the evil he intended for another. Some if not all globalists will have to learn about the laws of sowing and reaping while they are being destroyed.

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