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Before Edward Snowden, There Was Joseph Nacchio

What would you sacrifice to defend liberty?

What would you sacrifice to defend liberty?

Before Edward Snowden, there was Joseph Nacchio. Before there was Verizon’s betrayal of its customers trust, there was the 2001 version of Qwest Communications steadfast loyalty to the Constitutional liberties of its customers and its refusal to give in to the tyranny of the federal government.

As the world marvels at the integrity and courage of Edward Snowden, most have never heard of Joseph Nacchio.  nacchioNacchio is no less courageous, no less honorable and no less of a hero than Snowden. Both men are/were willing to go to prison rather than to submit others to unwarranted tyranny at the hands of the NSA and the criminal federal government. 

Meet Joseph Nacchio

Joseph Nacchio was the son of a New York City longshoreman and a bartender. Nacchio blazed a different trail than his father and received his BS in electrical engineering from New York University in 1970 and later he earned an MBA from New York University and a Master’s degree in Management (SM) as a Sloan Fellow from the MIT Sloan School of Management in 1986 .

 In the late 1990’s, Nacchio rose through the ranks to become the CEO of Quest Communications. He had very early success in his role as CEO as Qwest acquired their rival, US West, in a hostile takeover action under Nacchio’s leadership. Life was good as the stock of Quest reached a high of $38 per share.  However, Nacchio’s charmed life was about to take a dramatic turn for the worse.

nsaIn February of 2001, the NSA approached Nacchio and demanded that he turn over Quest’s communication records of its clients. Nacchio demanded a court order and NSA withdrew its demand. Shortly thereafter, the federal government also withdrew ALL of its lucrative federal government contracts from Qwest Communication and the stock plummeted from $38 dollars per share to $2 dollars per share. The investors ousted Nacchio citing the bottom line.

On the heels of bringing Quest Communications to its knees and causing Nacchio to lose his job, the corrupt federal government demanded more as they wanted to make an example out of Nacchio to serve as a warning for other heads of the telecom corporations who might otherwise not give in to their bullying and intimidation tactics.This is where the subject of stock option payments for CEO’s arises and this would prove to be Nacchio’s downfall and will cause him to lose his freedom. As an aside, my wife used to be the executive head of the corporate owned McDonalds restaurants in Arizona. When she retired to become a full time mom, part of her compensation package continued after her retirement in the form of corporate stock options which we cashed in for the next several years. The practice is perfectly legal. In a more dramatic example of this routine practice of compensating executive heads of corporations with stock options, former British Petroleum CEO, Tony Hayward, dumped his stock in BP a few weeks prior to the Gulf oil explosion.  Although it is clear that he had foreknowledge of the event and financially prepared to profit from the explosion, his stock option award from BP was perfectly legal. Conversely, part of Nacchio’s compensation package consisted of stock option payments as a direct incentive to grow the corporation. When the federal government withdrew its major contracts from Qwest Communications in February of 2001 for Nacchio’s refusal to break the law and permit the NSA to spy on Qwest customers , stock plummeted as a result of the federal government’s actions.

 If the story stopped here, we would simply have a case of extreme revenge against a CEO and his corporation for refusing to break the law and violate the civil liberties of Qwest customers. However, the federal government wanted its pound of flesh as they eventually prosecuted Nacchio, thus, accusing him of orchestrating a pump and dump scheme and personally profiting from his stock options, while Qwest Communication investors took massive losses. The massive losses were the result of the withdrawal of federal contracts and had nothing to do with Nacchio’s stock option payments.

The payment of stock options, either on the upside of the market or on the downside of the market, is standard industry practice and is legal. Yet, Nacchio has served nearly six years in federal prison on these trumped up charges of “insider trading” in nacchio conviction overturnedretaliation for his refusal to participate in this Mafia style federal government protection racket. And there’s more as members of congress, particularly the leadership, routinely engages in insider-trading. Nacchio did not insider trade, and he goes to prison. Congress insider trades all the time and nobody goes to prison.

Originally, the government convicted Nacchio of insider trading but his conviction was overturned. However, one does not say no to the federal government mafia and they kept coming after him until they found a corrupt judge to convict him in a subsequent retrial.

The following clip partially illustrates how common Congressional insider trading has become.

So much for protecting the investors from the evils of insider trading. But wait, there is more, far more to this case than the government  merely abusing its power and breaking the law on several occasions.   

Stunning Revelations

If one were to ask any seemingly knowledgeable person, when did America begin the journey down the road to become a full blown police state? Most people would quickly answer “after 9/11,” and most people would be absolutely wrong. Remember the NSA approached Nacchio in February of 2001 seeking Qwest Communications records. This was seven full months BEFORE 9/11. Subsequently, the installation of the police state surveillance grid was well underway PRIOR to 9/11.

Joseph Nacchio is ultimately the most important figure in the unwarranted government surveillance and data mining of its citizens. More importantly, his case cuts to the heart of the myth that the government must take away our rights in order to protect our rights against evil terrorists who are hiding behind every corner. These resulting implications about the motivations behind the war on terror cannot be overstated.

The Nacchio case is critically important for two reasons: (1) It illustrates why more people are too afraid and not willing to just say no to the NSA  and refuse to participate in the installation of the American Stasi because they are afraid to go to prison; and, (2) More importantly, it exposes one of the biggest governmental lies of all time as this case clearly demonstrates that the installation of the police state surveillance grid was not due to the government’s desire to protect its citizens from terrorists in a post 9/11 world. 

If the installation of the tyrannical police state was not due to 9/11, then what is the impetus for this phony war on terror? The answer to this question should make everyone re-examine why the federal government is establishing a police state. If it is not to fight terrorists, then who are they preparing to fight? Given these facts, shouldn’t  we all reconsider the topics of FEMA camps, threat Fusion Centers, the NDAA and Executive Order 13603?

Recently, I was listening to a Fox News radio report which stated that half of surveyed Americans thinks that the Verizon/NSA spygate scandal is acceptable because it protects the people from terrorists. What do you think these same ignoramuses would say if they knew that the establishment of the American version of the Stasi started well in advance of 9/11? 

One of the conclusions that I have also reached as a result of learning about the Nacchio case is that I think it is likely that one of the many reasons that 9/11 was carried out as a false flag event was because there were too many Joseph Nacchio’s and the federal government needed to move more quickly, under the pretext of 9/11, to establish a tyrannical police state.

Lowell McAdam, CEO of Verizon. "What was his price to betray his customers?"

Lowell McAdam, CEO of Verizon. “What was his asking price in order to betray his customers?”

Today, when communication industry heads, such as the CEO of Verizon, Lowell McAdam, are confronted with complying with the desires of the federal government  to spy on its citizens, don’t you think that the federal government does not remind CEO’s, like McAdams, of the fate of Joseph Nacchio?


The inescapable and most important conclusion of the Nacchio case is that the illegal spying on the American people has nothing to do with the events of 9/11 and the federal government’s desire to protect its citizens from terrorist attacks. The war on terror is a CIA creation and a lie. Simply Google “Osama Bin Laden and the Mujahedeen” and you will learn how they later morphed into the Taliban and al-Qaeda. This is unquestionably the source of most terrorism on this planet and it was funded and controlled by the CIA and the timelines of the Nacchio case demonstrate the lie that the American people now live under.

In reality, you and I are the terrorists and we are funding our own demise.  

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  1. Banderman June 14, 2013 at 4:03 am

    I doubt seriously anyone in Washington, D.C. could consider the actions of politicians over the last several exactly ‘patriotic’. Let’s include a definition here, shall we? Patriotic: Feeling, expressing, or inspired by love for one’s country.

  2. David June 14, 2013 at 6:39 am

    As H.L. Mencken so wisely said – “The average man does not want to be free. He simply wants to be safe.” This seems to be especially true of Americans. To be honest, I didn’t know the full story of Joseph Nacchio before reading this story. It is sobering to read about someone who is principled enough to stand up to the leviathan. Most Americans have bought into Leo Strauss’ ‘Noble Lie’. As documentary filmmaker Adam Curtis said of his film – “The Power of Nightmares”, “”Strauss believed it was for politicians to assert powerful and inspiring myths that everyone could believe in. They might not be true, but they were necessary illusions. One of these was religion; the other was the myth of the nation.” By in large most people here think America is a great nation. What they do however is confuse power and affluence with nobility and virtue. And America is not a noble or particularly virtuous nation. Today we are seeing the noble lie in action with how the press is treating Edward Snowden. He is being vilified much like Nacchio was. After all, what could a high school dropout who was dating a stripper have to say, right? Furthermore, most have bought into the noble lie that we must sacrifice much of our freedom in order to be safe. It has nothing to do with the fact that this country’s military-industrial complex runs roughshod around the world and if we’d simply stop sticking our noses in others business then maybe we would be safer. Would be that more Snowden’s and Nacchio’s emerge in the coming days to expose the lies.

  3. Anonymous June 14, 2013 at 6:46 am

    I enjoyed your article and agree with the conclusions, except here is a needed clarification regarding 1980s mujahadeen and Bin Laden and CIA:



    “Peter Bergen who conducted the first television interview of bin Laden in 1997:

    The story about bin Laden and the CIA — that the CIA funded bin Laden or trained bin Laden — is simply a folk myth. There’s no evidence of this. In fact, there are very few things that bin Laden, Ayman al-Zawahiri and the U.S. government agree on. They all agree that they didn’t have a relationship in the 1980s. And they wouldn’t have needed to. Bin Laden had his own money, he was anti-American and he was operating secretly and independently.”

    ” The groups we [USA] supported were defeated by the Taliban in the civil war that followed Soviet withdrawal. The Taliban and Usama bin Laden were supported by the separate “Sayyaf” group of Mujahideen supported by Saudi Arabia and Deobandi fanatics in Pakistan.

    The confusion has been cleared up often enough that knowledgeable people should know better.”

    Thanks for your good work.

  4. jim June 14, 2013 at 7:12 am

    A poll was taken after the Snowdon fiasco started, and almost two thirds of the US sheeple wished to be monitored 24/7 in order to protect them from the Arab boogey man. The fact that over 80% of adult US citizens are not completely aware that 911 was an obvious inside job is astounding enough, but to allow and even encourage the creeps in the District of Criminals to “peep” in on your life is most disturbing. Honestly, do these folks deserve the Fourth Amendment?

    Look at how millions of losers cannot wait to expose their every sick behavior on Fecal Book, or destroy the English language on “Twit”ter using their illiterate skills and obscenity. Only 10% of the US is at all awake, and they should throw their cell phones and be careful what they do on the intranet. The cell phone microwaves your brain, GPS tracks you, and is greatly overused by most people, so having your conversations monitored upon it is only the tip of that iceberg.

  5. Bloodstock June 14, 2013 at 9:54 am

    Even as a child we wish to be free from grown ups so we can frolic and play without parental eyes stopping our every move. Believers in God or a higher being know free will. Believers in freedom yearn to be free. The polls are b.s.

  6. Mark S.McGrew June 14, 2013 at 10:00 am

    Victims of Qwest securities fraud get little back
    Posted: 05/04/2012 08:43:42 AM MDT
    Updated: 05/04/2012 09:05:03 AM MDT
    By Andy Vuong
    The Denver Post

    12 Qwest ex-execs sued; Nacchio among defendants
    “Massive financial fraud” alleged; “Culture of fear” detailed
    Kris Hudson and Tom McGhee
    Denver Post Staff Writers

    EDITOR’S NOTE: You missed the point. Nobody is saying that people did not lose money who invested in Qwest, they did. However, the reason that they lost money is that the federal government withdrew every single federal contract from Qwest when they would not put up with the bullying tactics of the NSA and provide customer records. That is why they lost money. And, respectfully, you have a lot to learn about the establishment press. The Denver Post is owned by Gannett. Gannett is major player in the defense industry (eg they own Lockheed Martin). Federal surveillance is big money. So, of course this establishment newspaper is going to vilify Nacchio and other Qwest officials for not playing ball with the NSA because it was costing their corporate conglomerate big money. The articles you cite here mean and prove absolutely nothing except that it is the federal government which tries to promote a culture of fear for the next CEO that they try and intimidate. And as far as Nacchio’s character, I cannot comment and it is not relevant. What is relevant is that the NSA tried to strong arm him prior to 9/11 which proves that the war on terror is nothing but a ruse because the establishment of the police state surveillance grid was well underway prior to 9/11, with the Nacchio case serving as the poster child example. The war on terror, if it is not being directed against Middle Eastern terrorists as a result of 9/11, then it is being directed against Americans who serve as an obstacle to the establishment of global governance.

  7. bobd76 June 14, 2013 at 11:35 am

    For nearly twenty years I have investigated the actions of the US government and their associates around the world that have been creating this “New World Order” thinking that it was all being done to create a society of mind controlled slaves. I realize now how wrong I have been. I have been questioning the motives of my betters who are, I am now convinced, trying to keep me safe from a world filled with violent maniacs who hate me for my freedom. Mea culpa. Mea culpa. I will never question the actions of my betters again. They are in the positions they occupy because they are the beloved of God. They can feel free to listen to my every word. I will now log off of this evil machine and spend an hour or two in self flagellation.

    PS To the NSA agent reading this; can you please remove my name from your shit list now? Pretty please?!!!!
    I really mean it, I’ll be good! Please don’t shoot my ass!!!!!!


  8. arizona June 14, 2013 at 4:55 pm

    I would say to all,how many have been killed trying to alert america to the coming danger,yet they insist on arguring ,about mole hills,WOULD you rather have a RUSSIA BAYONET up your ass,STOP acting like 10 year olds,and WAKE UP, you have a shit storm coming at you,and their landing at every military base in america for the last three weeks,FOREIGN TROOP TRANSPORTS,FULL OF NATO TROOPS,…..RED DAWN…..your being INVADED AS WE SPEAK,are you waiting for CNN ON VOMIT VISION to tell you to GET READY?…………………..

  9. Chris Kitze June 14, 2013 at 11:23 pm

    I have personal knowledge this was going on since 1997. On a tour of our colocation facility, we were told point blank “that the NSA room and they are copying all email and website visits that go through this facility”. 1997. Four years before 9/11. This police state has nothing to do with 9/11.

  10. Avi June 16, 2013 at 11:14 am

    Hey, anybody tell me why the White House IP Adress is Located in Germany …


  11. alan wilson June 16, 2013 at 9:36 pm

    for the last time, yes, the nsa story is true, so is the accounting fraud. they are completely unrelated. don’t try and connect unrelated dots here.

  12. curmudgeon June 17, 2013 at 7:40 am

    As the prosecuting attorney will always say: “Follow the money.” The person who is making all of the money is the origin of the offense. Who is making all of the money? I nominate Goldman Sachs, Wall Street, and the Federal Reserve. The Fed hides $4 billion daily from the auction accounts of Treasury securities. Those accounts are handled exclusively by the FRBNY. The only possible (hidden ) destination is the Fed BOG. The accounts are not audited nor are they reported to Congress as required by law. All profit of the Fed belongs to the government as statutorily established. Hiding money from the government is embezzlement.

  13. sbenard June 24, 2013 at 5:28 am

    As a former employee of US West and Qwest, I must speak out. Joe Nacchio’s conviction by the SEC had NOTHING to do with his refusal to cower before the tyranny of the NSA. NOTHING!

    I was working for Qwest while Nacchio was the CEO. He was dishonest, repeatedly manipulating accounting and sales from one quarter to another in order to manipulate Qwest’s stock price higher for his PERSONAL benefit. He was a shyster of the worst order. Contrary to the implied story title at the bottom of this article, Mr. Nacchio is still in federal prison for his crimes, and deservedly so! He was also fined more than $60 million because of his dishonesty. NONE of this had ANYTHING to do with the NSA! It had EVERYTHING to do with the fact that Nacchio was a CROOK in a CEO’s suit!

    Because of his destructive leadership, Qwest’s stock price plunged to just $3/share at one point. And since all Qwest empoyees received their 401(k) payments in the form of stock, it affected ALL of us. But Nacchio didn’t care! Qwest, and before it, US West, is/was considered to be the bastard child and pariah of the Baby Bells. NONE of the other Bell Operating Cos wanted to merge with Qwest because of its dark past and poor financial condition. It has been a pariah in the telecom industry. Much of this is due to Nacchio’s corruption and dishonesty.

    EDITOR’S NOTE: I have heard from a number of people who decry Nacchio’s leadership and integrity. You are probably correct. But respectively, you are missing the point of the article. After Nacchio refused to play ball with the NSA, Quest lost federal contracts. This was the primary cause of the crash and the confidence call on that was 100%. This did indeed happen and the point of the article was to illustrate if a corporation refuses to play ball with the corrupt, criminal government, they are made to suffer greatly. I did not cast Nacchio as a hero. Perhaps his lack of integrity would have come to roost on the Quest investors. Perhaps, the only reason that he did not play ball with the NSA was because they did not produce enough bribe money. However, I stand by the timeline and the documents I possess. The federal government attacked Quest investors to effect a change in leadership and then went after Nacchio for insider trading when the stock plummeted. By the way most CEO’s are crooks and there are lots of studies which shows their sociopathic tendencies.

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