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Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and Jeffery Epstein-What Is the Truth?

 The Hill reported as late as December 6, 2018, that prosecutors working for a private investigative firm that also has been looking into the Clinton Foundation and their potential crimes. The firm, MDA Analytics LLC, reportedly has contacted the IRS, the Justice Department and the FBI’s Little Rock office with evidence from its own investigation. The Hill also reported that a whistleblower report handed over to the FBI and IRS in August 2017 included internal legal reviews, related to mingling of private and charity funds related to the Clinton Foundation activities conducted between 2008 and 2011. Those whistleblower reports raised serious legal issues related to compliance to IRS charity law and the exploits of the Clinton Foundation. However, this investigation has opened up a can of worms. After reviewing the following evidence, the readers will be forced to answer two questions:

  1. Are the Clintons and Donald Trump connected in nefarious activities related to Jeff Epstein, a convicted child molester?  Or, are the Clinton’s falsely blackmailing Trump into preventing him from acting against them?
  2. Is the aforementioned connection between the Clintons, Trump and Epstein explain why Trump has not prosecuted one member of the Deep State? Is Trump being falsely blackmailed?

Will Evidence of Epstein Island’s So-Called Shadowy Exploits Surface?

The CSS was contacted by an inside source which stated that Bill Clinton flagrantly comingled Bill Clinton’s “party funds” with the so-called charity endeavors of the Clinton Foundation and that some of the comingling was related to Bill Clinton’s “excursions” to Epstein Island in which it is rumored that a child brothel is maintained for the use and pleasure of the elite traveling to the Island. Does that sound far-fetched? Please consider the following from Vox:

Jeffrey Epstein could have gone to prison for life.

The money manager was accused of sexually abusing dozens of underage girls at his Palm Beach mansion between 2001 and 2006. But as Julie K. Brown reports at the Miami Herald, he ultimately got just 13 months in a county jail, thanks to a deal signed by Alexander Acosta, then the US Attorney for Miami and now President Trump’s secretary of labor. On Tuesday,Epstein settled a lawsuit in which some of his accusers were expected to testify, avoiding yet again the prospect of facing the women in court.

Epstein has said that any encounters he had with his accusers were consensual, and that he believed they were 18 at the time… (Editor’s Note: It is hard to not put an emphatic LOL on this last statement! When is it an appropriate defense to claim that a pedophile did not know the age of victims of sexual crimes?)

His (Epstein’s) friendships with famous people have led to speculation that they, too — most notably Clinton and Trump — might have participated in his abuse of girls. But because Epstein was able to keep all the details of his prosecution quiet, it’s impossible for the public to know exactly who else was involved in his crimes. By protecting himself, Epstein may have been able to protect his famous friends as well.

“Might has participated in the abuse of girls “is not proof of wrong-doing on the part of President Trump. This may be an attempt to implicate the President with weak circumstantial evidence in order to falsely blackmail Trump into not prosecuting the Clintons. Or, this President may actually be a pervert of the highest order?

The FBI Epstein’s deal, called a “non-prosecution agreement,” granted immunity to “any potential co-conspirators,” meaning that if any of Epstein’s powerful friends were involved in his crimes, they would face no consequences. And Acosta agreed that the deal would be kept secret from the victims, preventing them from showing up in court to try to challenge it.

The Epstein deal clearly protects the Clinton’s from prosecution over Epstein’s nefarious exploits involving 14 year old girls. However, one has to ask if the deal implicates Trump? Or, is Trump implicated by Clinton Foundation sources to prevent the President from acting against the Clintons. Or, is Trump’s failure to indict even one Deep State criminal compromised by his sordid past? After all, he did pay off a stripper to silence her from telling about her sexual encounter with the President. This begs the question, does the Deep state have the goods on President Trump? Why hasn’t this surfaced? The answer is clearly connected to the fact that Trump cannot be implicated without first implicating the Clintons and risk exposing the Deep State. I am extremely uncomfortable reporting these facts, but I am just following the data trail. Could the data trail between Trump and Epstein been fabricated by the Deep state to blackmail Trump into inactivity? Perhaps, but how did Epstein’s judge, Judge Acosta become the Secretary of Labor? That is a very disturbing development.

From the AP:

We know that Clinton is a pervert!

Records show that Bill Clinton flew to Epstein’s Island over two dozen times…

Again from Vox:

Clinton would go on to fly multiple times on Epstein’s private plane in 2002 and 2003, according to flight logs obtained by Gawker in 2015. Gawker also obtained and published Epstein’s address book, which included politicians, actors, and celebrities…

However a search for Trump’s travel records to Epstein’s Island produced nothing of value.

…Epstein’s plea deal, called a “non-prosecution agreement,” granted immunity to “any potential co-conspirators,” meaning that if any of Epstein’s powerful friends were involved in his crimes, they would face no consequences. And Judge Acosta agreed that the deal would be kept secret from the victims, preventing them from showing up in court to try to challenge it.

Both the Miami Herald and Vox both asserted that Epstein counted both Bill Clinton and Donald Trump as his friends. In a very damning piece of evidence, today, Epstein’s trial judge,  Judge Acosta, is now the Secretary of Labor for President Trump in what appears to a quid pro quo deal.

How many times has candidate and President Trump led crowds to chant “Lock her up, Lock her up”?  In Presidential Debate number two, Trump said he would lock Hillary up if he were elected. Maybe we know now Hillary has not been touched despite the fact that she represents very low-hanging fruit from a legal perspective since her email criminality was fully exposed by the FBI.

Is Donald Trump a compromised President? Is this why he has not moved on Hillary despite promises to do so? I don’t want to believe this but all I have done is to follow the evidence trail and there are some very disturbing findings that need a full explanation.  Well,  a more full explanation is provided below in what could be a massive cover-up of sex crimes against children in which both the Clintons’ and Trump.


More Evidence of a Cover-up

Zero Hedge was one of many outlets to report on the FBI’s recent actions which clearly constitute obstruction of justice. Why would the FBI, now clearly under the control of President Trump illegally raid the home of a Clinton Foundation whistleblower in violation of Federal law? It was illegal for the FBI to raid the home of a whistleblower. Is there evidence in the Uranium One Deal that implicates both the Clintons and Trump to Epstein? I am certain that this will be the next topic of investigation.

Also during the 2016 Presidential race, a woman going by the name Katie Johnson sued Trump, saying he had raped her at one of Epstein’s parties when she was 13, the Daily Beast reports. She later dropped the suit. This does not constitute proof of wrong-doing by Trump, but it certainly adds another log to this fire.


The evidence against wrongdoing by the Clinton Foundation is strong and the implications that Bill Clinton benefited from the child sex trafficking exploits of Epstein and these funds were comingled in the Clinton Foundation are also strong. The evidence against Trump is weak, however, the appointment of Acosta to the Labor Secretary needs some explanation. I am left wondering if this is the next wave of charges that will be levied against the President. However, this exposes the Clintons as has been pointed out. May we live in interesting times.

I invite the readers to follow the data trail. What conclusions can be drawn? Right now, the Clintons are in big trouble. Hillary cancelled her tour. Are they preparing to gbo to a country with no extradition with the United States? And what conclusions will future investigations reveal about any potential involvement of Trump with Epstein, if any?


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  1. bob December 13, 2018 at 7:19 am

    Maybe trump’s one of them after all…

  2. Daniel Staggers December 13, 2018 at 7:30 am

    The only thing I’ve heard about Trump in this, is he physically threw Epstein out of Mar a Lago because he was hitting on underage girls at the resort.

  3. DB December 13, 2018 at 8:00 am


  4. Barbara Hanmore December 13, 2018 at 8:40 am

    Gordon Duff, an editor and writer of Veteran’s Today, has been claiming that Trump’s investigation of pedophilia and sex trafficking has been a ploy to cover up or divert attention away from his own involvement in both. I take everything that Duff says with many grains of salt but the fact remains that not one of the most powerful elites facilitating this horrendous slavery has been indicted or arrested. In fact, the whole issue has slipped into oblivion.

  5. Vietkonggook December 13, 2018 at 9:49 am

    When are these criminals and the rest of them be locked up and pay the ultimate price ? remember Ethel Rosenberg !!

  6. Pat December 13, 2018 at 9:56 am

    Don’t feel alone. The seemingly inability to prosecute any of the deep state, even with the obvious crimes, are making some of us question everything. I hate feeling like I’m being lied to by my Hannity news, Laura Ingraham news but for two years it’s been just around the corner but nothing appears. There was a purpose for Donald Trump becoming President and I believe part of it was Jerusalem. More and more it seems we are near if not in the beginning of the tribulation. If so, political figures will be setting up the end chess match and all of us need to keep our eyes open to the real game, not the smoke and mirrors we are being shown on the world stage.

  7. Jay December 13, 2018 at 4:58 pm

    Psalms 92:6

  8. Daniel H Benson December 13, 2018 at 5:00 pm

    I have said all along, Trump is the Deep States man to ride out the collapse and bring in martial law. In the CFR there are a range of political views it’a just on the left but also the Neo-cons. They don’t care about the politics of a person as long as you do what they want. The #1 goal is to collapse the global economic system and bring in a limited controlled war with a false flag threat of Armageddon. Their Hegelian Dialectic approach is manipulating the world to a deal Trump will lead to bring in global hybrid economic and political system. The EU will become the new USE, UK will be independent and the USA will be very different. The deal will be either we kill all of us or we accept the system that has a little for everyone. Plus they will get a little help from on high and you will not only see this alien technology help remake the world you will get to know our good friends from on high wh o have come to help us save ourselves. Read Rev. 10.

  9. Franco Liberti December 14, 2018 at 1:04 am

    Trump and Epstein both have houses in Palm beach and have been pictured together at a charity event, First Lady Roslyn Carter was pictured with serial killer Wayne Gacey at a similar event, this does not make either one guilty of crimes.

  10. James Robert Calvert December 14, 2018 at 4:33 am

    If anyone doubts that pedophilia is rampant among the upper echelons of society and government, then I suggest that they read the following 3 books: The Franklin Cover-Up by John W. DeCamp; Epidemic: America’s Trade in Child Rape by Lori Handrahan; and Trance Formation of America by Cathy O’Brien.

  11. Jasper December 14, 2018 at 4:54 am

    Looking at the list, David Linley is the son of Princess Anne, hence Prince Andrew’s 1st cousin. Charles Althrop is Diana’s brother William Dartmouth appearing on the list did surprise me, he’s one of my M.E.P.s and I subscribe to his newsletters. I hope that doesn’t mark me !!

  12. Connie Smith December 14, 2018 at 5:16 am

    Dave I have gone to ITunes megaphone and can not find any of your last couple of months worth of your Sunday night programming. Are you still recording shows on Sunday night?

  13. Mary December 14, 2018 at 8:36 am

    Trump’s inaction is just infuriating to those of us who gave up a lot to support Trump, even through his many missteps over the last two years. It’s beginning to look like dereliction of duty to many of his base & supporters.

    Maybe there is something to see here.

    It has been so obvious lately that he has been protecting the Clintons & Bushes. He refused to unredact & release parts of the 911 & JFK docs. I guess those were the parts that implicated the Bushes.

    And he has gone after the whistleblowers & truthtellers, such as Assange, who have more info on the Clintons. Yes, it is Trump’s DOJ that’s doing this. He needs to own that DOJ because he let it happen.

    And I don’t think Deep State Barr is going to be the answer to the Deep State DOJ corruption. After all, he was the fixer for these deep state criminals.

    Trump promises to do something, but he always seems to BACK DOWN! Something or someone is controlling Trump.

    Maybe he was involved with Epstein. Both men openly acknowledged their friendship at one time. Blackstone Intelligence reports that Trump first hired the girls for his Mar-a-lago Club to vet them for Jeffrey Epstein. This would explain a lot.

  14. Jeff Gerst December 14, 2018 at 10:31 am

    The pieces are starting to fall into place. I’ve come to the conclusion that there aren’t any indictments and if there were someone got ahold of Trump and stopped them in their tracks. We should have seen the likes of Clintons, Comey. Podesta’s, Obama’s and countless others in stripes a long time ago. The rule of law clearly only applies to us and why is Mueller being allowed to ruin peoples lives for no apparent reason? I have come to the conclusion that Trump is working with the deep state and the republicans aren’t any different than the Democrats. They’re sitting on their thumbs while the liberal left does anything they wish and it;’s been that way since Obama was in office.

  15. KCK December 15, 2018 at 7:08 am

    Dave! Read that 13 year old’s story and tell me just how plausible it is.

    She gets on a bus from OK and rides to NYC then visits several modeling agencies before heading back to the bus station dejected. There she meets a woman who asks her what she is doing and when she tells her, she says she knows some people. I can’t remember if she was then taken to a party and then flown home of if she took the bus back…but does it matter at this point? She then received airline tickets IN THE MAIL from the same lady in order to come back TWICE to NYC where, supposedly, the sexual abuse from DT was getting worse until the last time she was allegedly raped by him and she went home in tears……on an airplane….from NYC to OK…..at 13….ALONE….and to top it all off, her parents NEVER KNEW ABOUT IT!!!….. No. Something is not right there.

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